Sacred Femininity

Why you need to cultivate sensuality

Exhaling, slowing down, feeling the pulse in the heart and the womb.

Slowing down to feel my body.

This is the voice of my yoni through my sensuality.

To feel myself, to drop in, to live in an embodied way is to live from sensuality. So you can breathe in life, so you can feel life, so you can make love with life.

This is the gift of sensuality.

Become a Sensual Woman through your senses

Your sensuality is that inner feeling. It is so deep within you. It’s an experience, an aliveness. 

Living a sensual life and becoming a sensual woman means we have the potential to derive pleasure out of every single waking moment. It’s the ability to turn the sensations that would be normally overlooked, into pleasurable enriching experiences. And in this way your sexual experiences become more enriched through your sensuality.

Sensuality, Spirituality and Success are Connected

Being successful, sensual, and spiritual is your birthright. And they work together. One cannot exist without the other. And when we know this, we connect with our true purpose and power. Continue to read inside this blog.

Become the Woman you Desire to be in 2024

Become the Woman you Desire to be in 2024

Becoming the woman you desire to be this year is about becoming the best possible version of yourself, the type of woman you always dreamed of.  And not for anyone else or to impress a man, but for you, so that you can tap into your full potential and start feeling ecstatic. The woman of your dreams is there waiting for you.

4 Tips For Igniting your FEMININE Energy and listening to your feminine wisdom

4 Tips For Igniting your FEMININE Energy and listening to your feminine wisdom

Your feminine is this great gift of our womanhood. And she is here to show you the way of your truth. She is here to show you how to receive your desires and trust your innate wisdom.

The thing is.. the feminine is unknown. And she won’t just give you all the answers straight away and when you are constantly moving from the thoughts.

So it is important to Start practicing being more and more comfortable in leaning into the unknown.

Read more in this blog.

What is Sacred Feminine Awakening?

What is Sacred Feminine Awakening?

The sacred feminine awakening, I like to call it the LOVE AFFAIR with LIFE. Every woman has this sacred feminine within her, which is the life force energy that lives inside her. And when she is awakened and fully met with this, this is where magic occurs in a woman’s life. Many synchronicities occur and life opens up in the most beautiful ways.

The whore and the mother

The whore and the mother

The whore, the mother, the crone, the lover, the wild creatress,, the priestess, the teacher, adventurer, business woman, wife, daughter, sister. She is all. You are all. She is infinite. Her dance hypnotizes. Her voice magnetises effortlessly. She walks in trust...

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