How well do you know your menstrual Cycle?

How well do you know your menstrual Cycle?

I wanted to share some of the things that I wish I had known growing up when it comes to relating to my menstrual cycle. And then I am going to share the four menstrual cycle phases that I wish for every woman to know.

What I wish I knew about my menstrual cycle when I was younger…

I wish I was taught about and my menstrual cycle a way that was empowering. Not the kind that you learn one time in a science class. 

That my menstrual cycle is a spiritual journey into self discovery for the WHOLE month and not just the time of bleeding. 

That my blood and phase of bleeding in my menstrual cycle was a sacred and holy time. 

That each month was different and how to harness the potency of each phase of my menstrual. 

That I didn’t have to feel shame around my blood, or that it is something disgusting. 

I wish that I was shown another way to the pain. That I didn’t have to quickly fix myself by going on the pill or quickly take a pill to diminish the pain. Instead it is a time to really turn inward and listen to the pain and what she is wanting me to hear and learn from it. 

That I was going to feel differently every day and every moment and there is nothing to feel shame about. 

That there are days where I will feel full of life and other days I will need to take it easy. I am not here to keep up with men. 

That it was important for me to listen to my body and rest at certain times of the month- not just during my bleeding phase or the menstruation phase. 

I wish I learned the power of saying no, especially during my bleeding.  

I wish I was celebrated each time I was entering my moon phase, in my family of women. 

That each phase of my cycle is a message of the moon. And that I am deeply connected and one with her and the earth. 

That I am going to have sex differently depending on where I am during my cycle. 

I wish I had sacred moments to learn from my elders about moving from menarche into menopause. 

The greatest blessing in my life is that although I didn’t have these learnings growing up, I journeyed on this path to realize that my learnings and teachings are held within me. And in all of us.

I am grateful that all of this led me to desire to know how to connect with myself, my body and my inner rhythms more intently. To deepen my relationship with my inner moon. 

Here is where I realised that we are cyclical beings. And we are here to embrace the fluidity of the feminine. And it is here I started to drop into my own wisdom. 

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy

Where I tune into the pain, into the subtle whispers of my womb… I have learned how to trust myself and because of that, I am here remembering. 

The last 8 years for me have been about remembering this pathway of my womanhood. Of diving down and understanding that my period pain has so much to say to me and a lot to do with how I was listening and slowing down or not. 

This is why I have created Feminine Remembrance where we devote a whole week to know ourselves through our menstrual cycle. 

Where we understand that so much potency occurs in spaces of women. As we connect through our blood. 

The four menstrual cycle phases

Here I will share the four phases of the menstrual cycle and what they mean for you. By knowing and forming a relationship with your menstrual cycle, we realise that our menstrual cycle is much more than the menstruation phase/bleeding phase.

It carries your ancient wisdom.

It is how we know ourselves deeply.

It is where so much healing occurs.

It how we return to our womanhood.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy

Menstruation Phase- Inner Winter- New Moon

Your bleeding phase is a time of retreating inward, to reflect and let go of what was. A time to nourish yourself by renewing yourself and resting. Something we don’t often do as women. It is important to honour this time and what you have just moved through.

Your holy blood carries the codes of your soul. So it is time to listen. This is a moment to draw in and connect with your darkness. Your connection to spirit is strong in this time. This is a very feminine energy as we tune into the dark corners of the unknown.

How you relate to yourself during this time will determine your creativity and energy for the month- setting the tone for how you will feel.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy, menstruation

Follicular Phase- Inner Spring- Waxing Moon

During the Follicular Phase, you are slowly increasing in energy and feeling a sense of renewal. You can think of the energy of spring time. This menstrual phase brings a sweetness, child-like innocence into your energy. We start to feel the fullness of life and potential awaiting. We begin to find our feet on the earth to dance and be playful with our new and creative ideas that are getting ready to bloom. We feel outward and playful, ready to take on new projects and bring them to life. We are asked to not get carried away and remember to stay anchored which the menstrual cycle would have taught you- although you will have many dreams and ideas that you desire to bring to life, it is important to be grounded with them.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy, follicular

Ovulatory- Inner Summer- Full Moon

During the ovulatory phase we enter our inner full moon phase. Think of the summer time.

Life is blooming all around us and within us. We feel alive. Emanating a radiance and glow, feeling into the full pleasures of life.. This is a masculine energy where we are bringing our dreams and desires into fruition. Really harnessing the creative energy. But only if we have rested during the menstrual phase, we feel revitalized, fresh, energized. Otherwise this is when we start to feel burnt out, if we haven’t honoured the time to rest.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy, ovulatory

Luteal Phase- Inner Autumn- Waning Moon

The veil becomes thin and we return inward slowly during the luteal phase. This is when we begin to meet with the darkness of our holy womb grail. We begin a spiral of “winding down” to prepare for rest which leads us to our menstrual phase again. We are geared towards noticing the small details, making this phase to slowly gather all the loose ends. We naturally feel our emotions intensify as we are asked to slowly meet with the dark feminine.

Feeling emotional, moody, or depressed may be stagnant emotions trying to work their way up to the surface to be released. So we can really tune into our womb and listen to see what these emotions may be Asking from us. And moving them through us in a healthy way. This is how we bring them to light to find the meaning of their presence.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy

I have created Feminine Remembrance, a 10 week group immersion to provide the space for women to come together, to slow down, listen and cherish the codes of our wild woman.

Learn more about Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself, the 10 week group program here

✨We dedicate a whole week to know ourselves deeper. To remember about each phase that we go through as women and how we can fully harness the power oof our energy, so life feels easier, so business feels pleasurable, so our days feels smooth.

So if you would love to learn more about your menstrual cycle and learn to harness your wise woman codes, I invite you to join this immersion. To come together as women and be witnessed just like women did in ancient times.

When you tap into your feminine energy, you invite in a life of ease, pleasure and alignment to your soul.’

To learn more about the power of your menstrual cycle, read this blog here…

How To Be Sexually Radiant: Sex Myths Debunked

How To Be Sexually Radiant: Sex Myths Debunked

I don’t feel sexual. 

I feel afraid to really tell him what I want. I don’t even know what I desire. 

I feel unfilled. 

I have a low libido. 

I am too busy to feel intimate. 

I am very sexual, why do I feel unfilled in my relationships then. 

I have never had an orgasm. 

I don’t believe that I can have that mind blowing sexual experience as I am not as beautiful or sexy as you. 

When he touches me, my body tenses up. 

These are some of the things that women have said to me in the past. And the thing is they have all wanted to feel pleasure. And they think they don’t know how or they think they are not feminine or sexual enough and therefore there either must be something wrong with them or they don’t think they are desirable enough. 

My point to all of this is sometimes we are creating excuses as to why we are not deserving of intimacy, or feeling amazing in the body or receiving pleasure.

These places of resistance are really where your light, your vibrant magic lies. It is just that maybe may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. We feel unconsciously pushed to keep going “push ourselves” into business, life, sex.

And you know what, I don’t blame us…. We are taught how to have sex, how to orgasm, how to be sexual, how to be a woman (even more so with social media now).

We have so much coming at us.. No wonder we feel intimidated and overwhelmed. We feel intimidated at the idea of letting our body go and move in a way that is erotic so we tense up. We fear the judgements. And so we walk around with our pussies asleep, our hips tight, and we are having sex like a man. 

This is why I have created this video to debunk the sex myths that could be blocking your feminine radiance.

These myths around sexuality have come from my own experience and from very similar stories from the women who have come to work with me in my spaces. We need to start restoring our feminine energy and realise some of the stories and beliefs that may be blocking our sexual radiance and sacral chakra. In this way, we start to walk into relationships and life in a more empowered way.

The level to which a woman knows her sexuality is dependent on how she relates to herself. 

So the more you allow yourself and give yourself permission to not only feeling amazing and feel pleasure, but to also know how to feel all of your different emotions, sensations and the different facets of you- messy wild, dark, emotional, all of it, the more you open up your partner and allow him to offer you the world to you. 

If you are desiring to continue to heal and meet with some of your shame or resistance around not only being sensual and sexual, but to expand into your big vibe, I invite you to Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself- the 10 week immersion.

Feminine Remembrance is the path of coming home to yourself. Where you understand connection, intimacy, pleasure on a whole new level.

You will walk away knowing that when you shine in your pleasure and power you are doing it not only for the joy of your beloved but for the joy of all as your deepest Service.

feminine remembrance, online program, divine feminine

In this group immersion,  you will awaken to your feminine essence.

We will start the immersion by building safety within your first through touch. We cultivate a safe anchor in your body as well develop a sensual lifestyle so you can really help your inner feminine to feel radiant and shine from inside out.

And then in this way.. We slowly and gently build up using somatic practices like touch in ritual and slow sensual movements… before we start to dive into the more juicy connective practices like the breast massage, and before we start to gaze at our yoni and touch her with so much admiration and love.  Because this is where the real healing lies. 

Check out this blog about connecting with your YONI.

After this we come together and we unleash our wild woman. And experiment what it really feels like to be free…. 

Beneath the layers, the triggers, the shame, the guilt, the fears, there is a woman who is relaxed, and knowing of her worth. So she knows, so you know, how to walk in life feeling sexually radiant, orgasmic, in love with your desires and not afraid to raise your standards in a relationship.

For more details click here.

10 habits to increase your feminine energy

10 habits to increase your feminine energy

I speak about wellness for women and femininity alot.

When I speak about Feminine energy it’s important to know that we all have feminine and masculine energies within us all. It doesn’t matter what gender. However, women usually have a more dominant feminine energy. And they are usually in their happy place when they are anchored into their feminine energy. When women are anchored in their feminine energy they create with ease, they embrace the darkness and they feel at home in the body.

Feminine energy is usually related to all things in the body, the feelings, the emotions, the love, the being, the receptivity, the connection to the earth and connection with your womb’s wisdom.

Masculine energy is more focused, it is logical, visionary, doing energy, it is about structure and discipline. So as you can see we embody all of these traits in us.

In today’s society, most women however, have an overdeveloped masculine side. And have learned to repress their feminine side. It makes them feel safe and feel seen. Because in the western world, we often praise those who are working at a linear way. That we need to keep going, that a person who is more aggressive is more valuable and to be feminine is often seen as weak.

The feminine has nothing to do with being more of anything. In Fact it is about unlayering, untying those chains and threads that have kept us in hiding, kept us small, kept our voices blocked to fit into what everyone else expects from us. The feminine is in hiding.

I am finding that a lot of women are wanting to come back to their feminine side.  And there is a lot out there that can often make us more confused. So it is my mission to ensure that I guide women onto this reclamation and know that this is not about taking on another role, another way, another mask. This is really about you being you. Rested in your heart. Safe in your body. Thriving in your pleasure and radiance. 

Because the truth is, being in your masculine energy all the time can feel exhausting. It feels forced, it feels like they are always walking uphill. It feels unfulfiling. 

So let’s step into our magnetic feminine being you are. I am here to show you that there is a way of ease, love and bliss.

To start reclaiming this beautiful radiant self. 

To start stepping into your true self that feels authentically you. 

I am going to share the 10 habits to start stepping into your feminine energy. I could have written 100 but for today we will start with these 10.

Feel free to watch the full video here:

1. Creativity

Start immersing yourself in things that make you feel good and get your Creative juices going. Make creativity a part of your lifestyle.

The feminine energy is the place to create and she creates not just things, but a life that is aligned. So when immersed in practices that feel good, you become more intuitive, more aligned to your heart. And you create from that space.

The feminine is the creative energy. Look around you, Mother earth is our biggest teacher. She is always creating life and beauty around her. This is your beautiful power also. You have the power to create a life, the desires, that you decide. 

The feminine is not meant to be on the go all the time.  The feminine inside of you loves to create, she loves to be in her body to tap into this flow state, this place that brings you back to your inner child. This can be in dance, in painting, in creating your business, writing, cooking, flower arranging, making essential oils. 

When we are in this creative state, we are often in the body. We start to open our heart and through this space, we drop from the mind and hear these subtle messages. Make time to do things that light you up. 

2. Embrace your dark emotions

In order to create we also have to allow ourselves to go into the darkness and unknown. Because we cannot really fully create the life that we desire, the relationship that we desire, the healthy relationship with ourselves, if we haven’t learned to let go of the things that are stopping us from doing so, or that keep us in repeated patterns that block our radiance. 

So this means being with your dark emotions, the emotions that we often push aside, the things we feel fear about or doubt, or shame. We feel a lot of shame as women, it is embedded in our feminine psyche. 

So feel your feelings instead of suppressing them. And if you are not used to this or don’t feel safe to do so, this can feel really overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why bringing touch really helps. Bringing in pleasure, somatic practices can help you space space to go into the unknown and feel what is there.

Our emotions are not weak, or make us weak. If we have learned this, we often stuff our emotions down. And when we repress these emotions or haven’t practiced acknowledging our emotions and discerning them, the more we find ourselves feeling blocked in our creativity, in our intuition and we even start to project this into unhealthy ways like frustration or defensiveness. This is not supportive to our feminine energy.

Feeling your feelings is not the same as thinking your feelings. This is where we get stuck in the ego and the mind. This is not about fixing your feelings or finding solutions either. 

So when you feel you your feelings, you can ask…

Where do you feel it in your body? Do you feel it in your heart, your chest, your back, your belly?

What does it feel like? So connecting with your sensations. Maybe airy, open, tight, heavy, dark.

To tap into your feminine, it means knowing how to dive deep into your emotions and not being afraid to go there. There is so much we can learn from them. There is so much that can be birthed from this space. It’s where the growth really occurs, no matter how uncomfortable it might make you feel. 

The best place to start working with your dark feminine energy is through working with the womb and yoni. Check out this blog How well do you know your yoni?

3. Soften to embody your feminine energy

 In order to soften we need to drop into the body.  So often we don’t realize that our body is asking us to soften. To soften the breath, soften your yoni, soften your belly. This is so important. In order for us to receive love, an intuition message, to receive pleasure, we need to soften. Our body cannot feel open and receptive, the feminine is receptive, if our body is contracted all the time. And so often we are contracted because this may have been our default way of moving through life. It might have felt safer to be here. 

But we can take leadership in our life and choose a way that feels gentle and soft. 

So how can I soften or how can I be more gentle with myself? How can I offer myself some loving attention right now?

When I say soft. I don’t mean being a pushover or having no boundaries,  this is about being soft, free, joyful . 

Usually when living in the masculine energy all the time, your body will get used to being tense. Because the masculine is usually about the mind. So if we are in the mind all the time and neglecting our feeling body we are not becoming aware as the body. 

So when we soften, it is becoming aware of the sensations in the body. 

This can mean softening your breath. Or maybe softening your voice. When you soften your voice, you can even see where your breath resides. 

How can you bring ease and this softness into the things you do?

4. Embrace your masculine energy

Your Feminine cannot exist without the masculine energy because if we are constantly in our feminine flowy energetic state, she has nowhere to go. She will be chaotic. She is just this force, this being moving with nowhere to go, no direction, just floating around. 

The masculine part of you, will allow you to thrive.  This is how your feminine part of you shines because she has a structured, a grounding, safe container that can allow her to continue shining. In order to feel this in another person, your partner, we need to know how this safe container feels within ourselves. What does groundedness and safety feel like?

Usually in a relationship, because there is an entity, it usually requires the masculine to take lead and her to relax in her feminine. And these qualities exist within you too. 

When we learn how to be in these two energies and know how to move from one to the other, the masculine energy within you will allow the feminine part of you to feel relaxed, to feel at ease in your voice, to trust your intuition and then take action, to be the integrity of your heart. These two energies work and weave together.

So when you move from your feminine essence and then meet with the masculine part of you, this looks like you being comfortable in your own skin, you showing up in devotion and being committed to this part of you that is flowy and speaks from love. This means knowing your worth and standing and speaking from the place of your heart but with integrity also.

5. Structure

This relates to the previous one. Your feminine will need structure. She needs devotion. She needs some sort of structure that she can feel supported in. 

This might look like a routine. 

It might look like setting out your goals for the week. 

This might mean ensuring that you make time for you, for nourishment. 

Maybe cleaning your house on a certain day. 

Light structure and discipline is important to allow the feminine part of you to feel supported and that she can relax into this part of her that is flowy. And this will also balance the masculine part of you because you also know that it is ok let go a little, that although you have this structure, you also know that life is not linear and that you can let go. You know how to soften. 

So it’s important to also know yourself, know your cycle, know your energies. And also be flowy and free with that. Otherwise we can often have these routines and structures and not allow room for flexibility and adaptability which can then feel suffocating to the feminine creative essence in you. 

You might also need to organise your home, so your feminine doesn’t feel like she’s running around trying to find things. 

Your feminine needs to feel calm and supported, and not stressed. She needs a sensual environment that supports her energy to feel comfortable. Do what you need to do to feel fully comfortable to be seen in your radiant feminine.

6. know your menstrual cycle

To be connected with your feminine energy, this means connecting with the rhythm of the earth, of nature, of the seasons, of being aligned with the moon as well as your unique rhythm. When we know our menstrual cycle, and our unique rhythm, we also know ourselves. We start to trust ourselves. We listen to our needs. We know when we are feeling more tender, so it is time to be soft, and to retreat in the void, 

You also know when to be more outward, when to be more social.  Or even when you are more creative. 

So when we start to know ourselves in this way, we start to embody a strength, a power. Because we stop listening to the outside world and we become more attuned to the messages and signals of our body. 

As we know we are different from men. But we walk through life thinking that in order to be successful, we have to show up the same each day. And there must be something wrong with us if we feel a dip in our energy levels. We believe that we have to produce consistent results no matter what what we’re feeling and going through in our life

Instead we believe that we are more powerful if we power through pain, through tiredness. Therefore, this proves that we are a strong fierce woman. And if we are not pushing through, we are shamed and judged for not being consistent, or strong or we are seen as lazy and weak. 

We are not machines like robots. And you are not weak if you can’t keep up with everyone around you every day. The more we think we are weak, the more we shame ourselves and then compete with other women. 

This way of being does not serve women, our feminine one bit. 

It is time to start recognising this natural part of ourselves and learn to be in our body fully. 

Because we are cyclical. 

Nature is cyclical 

The moon is cyclical. 

We are cyclical. 

The divine feminine is cyclical 

Check out this video I created about the power of your menstrual cycle

7. Connect with nature

This leads me to the next point- Be in the presence of Mother Earth. She is the ultimate divine feminine. We live in a world that values production, linear way of doing things, perfection, and of output, over beauty, joy, connection, resting, flow. So we can be reminded of these beautiful qualities within ourselves when we connect with Mother Nature. 

It also means we slow down.  She reminds you of this feeling of connection. Of that feeling of groundedness. She helps you to be connected with your senses and to live from that space and see the blessings that are so available to us.

She reminds us of the rhythms, of our inner rhythms and our connection to her cycles as we are water emotional beings. And when we feel down, she will offer you her abundance, her gifts, her natural healing qualities. In this way, our mood changes, we feel lighter, we feel connected to ourselves again.

This can also mean you create an environment that incorporates her qualities, this is how we support our feminine as well. When we create a sensual environment that connects us to the earth, and our senses, we start to feel supported and connected to our self.

We have to start making our connection to the earth a priority. We are not meant to be living in disconnect as this depletes us. We are nature after all, we are meant to be one with her.

8. EmbracE sensuality

Start doing a sensuality check in.

Why? Because sensuality feeds your feminine, your life-force energy, Your radiance, Your Goddess to shine. 

Think about the times when you were having a bad day and then something uplifted you. Maybe it was a hug from your lover, you noticed your flowers on your table and smelled the deliciousness of them. You tasted the hot food that you made, you looked outside your window and felt the sun’s heat touch your face, or you put on your favorite lipstick that just brought so much color to your beautiful face. 

Within seconds, you are instantly shifted out of stress and into softness and connection. In this connection, you became present with what was there. You become open to receiving new perspectives, you become more intuitive, your heart smiled. You relaxed your body’s stress and need to hold tight. This was all because you embraced sensuality.

As you can see sensuality is more than what we have been taught.

It’s about surrounding yourself with beauty that fills up and explodes your senses. It is about being open to the wonderful experience of drinking that beauty in!

Tasting all that life has to offer.  Welcome and being in all of that. 

When we miss out on this presence, we miss out on pleasure, and we get stuck in that hamster wheel, burning your beautiful radiance out. You are beautiful and radiant in your sensual nature.

9. Embrace your wild woman for joy

This society values the pretty good girl. Or even the put together mother. 

We don’t value the messy, the darkness, the unknown of the feminine energy. So we have to bring this in our lives to start taking this power back. To start knowing that there is so much power, so much wisdom in these spaces of unknown, in letting go.

A great way to do this is to practice moving, and dancing in a non linear way. Remember the feminine is moving and flowing, and the masculine energy is stillness, silence, structure. 

So how can I dance that allows me to let go of how this looks and instead practice being in the wild woman? The wild woman that is messy, she is imperfect. This wild woman is what society fears. Because it’s unknown and yes imperfect.

So conscious intuitive movement is a really great way to start practicing being in your body and following your  rhythm. This helps you connect to your heart, that connects you with the wild part of you. A movement that makes you feel sensual and connected. This is not about following steps perfectly, It’s about connecting with your pleasure, with the part of you that feels good and that supports the connection of your heart.

When you dance in a way that is conscious we can also move emotions that often get stuck in the body.

Through this wild nature, we also start to tap into our feminine intelligence which is directly connected to spirit, to the childlike wonder, and we start to see the world differently.

The feminine within you will thrive in this space of wildness, of letting your body go, of rolling around on the floor. We rise in our own worth when we can feel comfortable being here. It may feel strange at first but from this space is where we remember that little girl who loved to open her legs and be free in her body. This embodied presence brings so much joy to our life.

Make space for this. Be devoted to this. This is where we grow. Where we start really stepping into our bigger self, the feminine has been in hiding, she has been playing small for far too long.

10 . Practice receiving

Take time to do you, to be with yourself. And be intentional. The feminine needs this.

Let yourself receive. The feminine is the receiving energy. And in this receiving energy we learn to tap into our Innate magnetic quality. We are often sold this idea that the more we do the more we receive, or we wont receive or manifest unless we hustle and have it altogether. 

When you embrace your sensual nature, your softness, your creative essence, when you are connected to your heart and body, you begin to feel open to receive with EASE.

The universe loves to offer and you receive. 

Now this doesn’t mean we just take a step back and let the universe do everything or that in a relationship we just sit back and he does all the work. No remember the feminine requires the masculine energy of the action piece to take place, but our doing is felt and done in alignment with joy, ease and love.

By you showing up for your heart, you showing up in your energy, in your love, in your sensual nature, in you doing the work to feel into you, you receive.


Make sure to sign up for my FREE 7 day Erotic Feminine Embodiment Program.

This is a 7 day series where you will be offered 7 beautiful, tangible, healing practices to connect with your feminine energy, your pleasure and sensuality. This is the way that you open yourself up for relaxation, ease and to receive what is meant for you at heart level. One of the practices that you will receive is an ancient Taoist Tantric practice to connect with your yoni. This is a beautiful place to be.


If you desiring to deepen your connection with your feminine through the art of pleasure through your body, heart, womb and yoni, make sure you get on the waiting list of Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself. A transformative 10 week group program that will leave you feel empowered, aligned and connected with your most authentic, sensual, vibrant self. We have a whole module dedicated to developing a loving relationship with your yoni.

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Morning Sacred Feminine Self care practices

Morning Sacred Feminine Self care practices

As you know my work is devoted to the sacred feminine and helping her thrive in order to listen to your infinite wisdom that is forever present. This is all about revolutionizing and reclaiming the sacred feminine in a way that feels authentic to you. 

You may also know that my work revolves around inviting women to come home to their own body, as a living temple, a gateway to aliveness and pleasure, and as a navigation system that holds your infinite wisdom. And a way we can really tune into this inner navigation system, or inner wisdom, is to embrace yourself in feminine self care practices.

This world was not designed for you to thrive but my intention is to change that.

Imagine you could ignite the vibrancy, aliveness, and enjoyment inside of your body so that you feel very very good. And when you feel so good you take steps to create the world around you that feels good to YOU!

Perhaps, you have never learned how to stay connected to the wisdom and power of your body and sexuality.

Or, maybe, you experienced trauma and living in your body does not feel safe.

Here is where I come in. To hold sacred space for you, to teach you and guide you how to stay connected to the endless supply of bliss, ease, peace and pleasure that comes from inside of you. I can guide you so you feel alive. And when you feel alive, you feel confident, and on purpose.

Imagine this,

You who is full of pleasure, radiance, and self-worth.

You who enjoys your body.

You who trusts your instincts.

You who feels the love for your beautiful body.

You who has whole body orgasms.

You who experiences intimacy with herself and others.

You who takes care of your mind and body.

You who is fulfilled by your connection with yourself and the God(dess).

Imagine being embraced through your feminine divinity in a way that allows you to live a life that is heart centered, and completely connected with your own path as a sovereign, self sourced woman. Where you listen to your inner wisdom and know how to use your body as a source of healing. 

Taking time to nurture yourself is how you empower this embodiment and how your life purpose is expressed.

candles, journal, gratitude, self care

Connect with love through feminine self care practices

In order for you to be connected to your channel of love which is infinite, you have to indulge yourself in daily feminine self care practices.

Now… I am not really talking about facials and massages, although they are very nice but I am speaking about feminine ritual and sacred feminine practices to start learning how to be in tune with your body’s signals and to begin feeling present. Presence is the first step to realising your highest potential and for listening to your womb’s wisdom and your yoni’s whispers of truth. 

Your potential is your unique soul’s expression. And your soul is you in this body you were given to express her. Therefore It’s essential to balance taking care of yourself and nourishing your temple, while also making sure that you’re tending to all of the things that life asks of you.

Whether you have only 10 minutes a day or a couple hours for yourself in the evening, devoting yourself to the feminine consciousness will help you understand what is your truth and what is not. It will help you understand and become aware when it is your ego (fear, doubts, negative self talk) is playing out and when it is your truth that is expressed through love.

Feminine self care practices and feminine rituals will help you to live from the space of pleasure as a driving force for your happiness. 

Here are some ways to integrate feminine self care practices and spirituality together to feel more nourished, present and relaxed. 

1. Plan your rejuvenating retreat at-home

Make time and space in your day to get into a nourishment practice. You have to do this for yourself. No one else will. And so often we ignore the body’s signals to slow down and to feel nourished. We push through period pain, or pain during sex because we have not allowed self to know ourselves and our body through slowing down in nourishment practices.

So it is important you begin to carve out this space for you and make it a priority. Pleasure is not only your birthright is necessary for a life of ease. 

So clear out your schedule so that nothing can disrupt this time for yourself. (A lot of that is going to be dependent on what your life looks like.) This might mean you need to set boundaries or have a conversation with your loved ones in your household. Especially if you have children, make space and communicate with someone, Hey, I’m going into retreat, I’m going to turn my phone off. If there’s any emergencies, _______ is where I’ll be.” I can recommend you do this at least once a week. And when you are in this moment of retreat, turn off any distractions and start practicing just being with you, your breath, your presence and that is all.

2 : Wake up gently and sensually

Now what do I mean by waking up sensually?

One of the ways to set the positive mood for the day is to connect with your senses. Sensuality involves slowing down and being with your senses. So maybe that means taking some time when you wake up to ground yourself with some breathing, by looking out at the sunrise, or watching the birds.

Watch this video on From Fear to Pleasure

Begin your morning slowly, stepping in your own energy. Taking your time to get out of bed, even brushing your hair, or washing your face – let it be slow, and nourishing. If you drink your coffee in the morning, drink it slowly. Connecting with the deliciousness that life has to offer you.

You might be thinking, I am a busy mother and have so much to do. But here is the hard truth…If you don’t have at least 10 min for you, for yourself dear beloved, then why are we even living? Why are we all even living if we can’t allow ourselves some time to enjoy a little pleasure in our life that is our birthright.

You can cleanse your body with a shower or a bath, washing away anything that no longer serves you. And this is a beautiful way to start the day fresh. And as you get ready, you want to dress up and put on an outfit that makes you feel lovely and beautiful. This is such an important step and one I really encourage in my offerings and programs with women.

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Discover more about Feminine Remembrance here

 We have to set the stage for our beautiful Goddess who here is to thrive and be seen in your natural beauty.

In my Free Program, Erotic Feminine Embodiment. I have a gorgeous pleasure practice that you can do in the shower with your naked body and begin this journey of connecting with your body in a sacred, loving way.

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3: Create a nourishing feminine ritual or sacred morning practice

By having a simple morning ritual you begin your day from pleasure rather than from that rushed, “busy” feeling.

Begin your day with some sort of devotional practice that gets you connected with pleasure and your womb space which is the beholder of your wisdom and creative ideas. In this way, you begin your day from the feminine essence of love and ease rather than getting right in the rush of things.

Sacred morning practices are a foundational element to feeling well connected to yourself, and leading your day from the space of connection and pleasure. It is a simple yet powerful act that allows your peace of mind to be met before you go out and serve the world. You can only be in complete service to others when you are there for yourself. This is a practice of just being. Being with yourself and allowing the softness to settle in…nothing to read, nothing to talk about, nothing to do other than just coming back to your own body, being with yourself and enjoying this act of self love.

A sacred morning practice is designed to allow you to FEEL yourself! Remember inside the FREE program Erotic Feminine, it is filled with practices for you to begin this journey of nourishment, connection and slowing down.

Other feminine rituals and sacred morning practices

Here are a few other ideas to try / add into your sacred morning practice, to begin embracing the divine feminine. In this way, when you do go into your sacred masculine energy which is about the doing, the direction, planning, getting things done… you will be doing this not from that place of scatteredness, or desperation or even exhaustion because you would have already honoured your heart and body. And you would have walked through your “busy” day from that place of centeredness, presence and connection to your wisdom through your feeling body.

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Morning Ritual Ideas: 

  • Cleanse your space using incense. In this way, you clear out any energy from the day before and begin renewed. I do this every morning.
  • Free Journaling ~ this means getting all your thoughts down onto paper. And whatever comes out may surprise you
  • Sensual Movement ~ This is one of my favourites. Inside Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself you will not only immerse yourself in pleasure practices like a yoni massage but you will also embody your sensuality through erotic movement. This is a beautiful way to get in your body and allow your sacral chakra to cleanse, activate, & ultimately guide you through your day feeling more alive and connected. This is how we tap into our natural magnetisim and radiance and turn on our creative powers.
  • Gratitude- Gratitude is helpful to shifting things that are challenging and bringing in a whole new awareness into your being. Gratitude is the most simple and more effective way to move from negative into a positive mindset. Receive your gratitude journal prompts to help you start your day

  • Sacred Ask ~ Adding prayer or using a sacred ask, to your morning practice will help you feel supported by the divine. Prayer is a simple way to ask for the things you want in your life to create ease and peace. And a beautiful reminder that we are always connected with our soul tribe and divine guides. This will lift the stress off your shoulders at the start of your day.
  • Breast Massage- this is not something that has to be invasive or complicated. This is something that I share inside ceremony in Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself. This has been my favorite practice of all to help me practice and start my day from my heart rather than from my thoughts. Your life will never be the same after practicing this beautiful, magical heart massage practice.
  • Drink your tea mindfully. As you make your tea, play some music you love that makes you feel grounded and give thanks to the beautiful herbs/flowers gifted from Mother Earth. This is such a simple and beautiful ceremony to bring you closer to your body and the Earth.

Are you living a sensual life?

Are you living a sensual life?

Are you living a sensual life?

It’s not uncommon that we move in our daily lives walking only in habitual patterns of trying to fit into societal norms, conforming to the expectations of those around us, and trying to be everything to everyone. This is where it has felt most comfortable most of our lives and this is where we have learned to receive love and validation. We have felt more comfortable to operate in the space of doing, in moving fast, in the upward energy. We value hard and strong to be taken seriously.

But here is where we lose sight of our authentic selves and become disconnected from our bodies, inner desires, pleasure, and purpose.

Living a sensual life is about reconnecting with our true selves and finding our own unique path in life.This is the feminine way. And this is all about BECOMING MORE OF YOU.

We have gotten so used to feeling the discomfort in slowing down and welcoming in pleasure and in welcoming openness in our heart space.

Sensuality, pleasure and living a life turned on, is definitely not something modern society has fully accepted as our natural essence as women. Sensuality and putting your “pussy'” in the driver’s seat, or in other words, listening to your intuition is not even considered let alone celebrated. And so we are seek validation and the approval of others or we forget what is truly aligned and important for us at heart level.

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Usually, what I have found when women come to work with me in my spaces is that they have come from a background where they have felt connected to their spirituality, they have practiced yoga, they have danced, they do all the meditations and even done all the self love affirmations. But they know there is still something else. They know, they can feel it in their body, that there is something else missing. And they know there is something missing because they desire more in their life and relationships.

They realise their missing piece which is pleasure

They are wanting to access their radiance. And to also feel safe or comfortable enough to receive this feel good feeling, and to recognize that life has the potential to provide us with so much pleasure if we allow ourselves to slow down. This bliss that I know we all desire to feel.

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When we are turned on to our pleasure in our body, through our sensuality, something switches on. A light that we didn’t know was there. We walk around with a radiance, a confidence, a knowing, a trust, a power that can only be accessed when we are plugged into this pleasure, sensual power of ours. That can only be turned on when we are anchored into the body and we allow this to lead us. Rather than being and moving through life from the space of the mind, which can limit our potential.

When we start connecting with the tingles, the sensations in the body, we switch on our natural radiance because we learn what it means to surrender. We learn how to reconnect with the body. We know that the body is a holy temple for feeling empowered.

What I have seen is most of these beautiful women come to me because they are done with feeling disconnected, with themselves and their partner. They are done with feeding into this idea that pleasure is wrong or shameful and they desire to actually feel good. 

They see it is possible. 

They want to be turned on in their feminine. And allow that to lead their life. 

Fully feeling and experiencing the senses. 

The beautiful tools that each woman has. 

She wants to be so connected to her pussy so she finally trusts her voice and trusts where that leads her. 

When a woman walks through this sensual journey hand in hand with me, they realise that pleasure can be derived from every single waking moment.

It’s the ability to turn the sensation of wetness of your mouth, the air on your skin, the smell of your partner’s neck, the golden sunset that reminds her of her own yoni-  the sensations that would be normally overlooked into pleasurable enriching experiences. 

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So often we feel so disconnected from our body, from our truth, from ourselves because we are so overly stimulated and constantly being shown more information, so as a protective mechanism, we numb ourselves, we shut our senses out as there’s just too much to feel. So when a woman is not plugged into her radiance, into her sensuality, she lowers her standards, she waits for validation, she listens to everyone else’s shoulds and shouldn’ts. 

However, when we go into this sensual journey and we surrender into this feeling of pleasure, we feel and open our hearts and yoni to experience more bliss than you can imagine. And we can sense the bliss even in the moments that feel sad or where we feel frustrated. Yes, I have felt bliss in my most rageful moments. 

When you are turned on and turned into your pussy power then you realize that you can meet any dark emotion and know that you still have the power to switch over into bliss in any given moment that you choose. Yes you choose. This lifestyle of bliss, love and pleasure is a choice.

When women take this sensual path, they realise it’s not the same as sexuality because it also exists outside of our sexuality but sensuality builds on experience of sexuality and builds on the experience of sexuality to pathway to god, divine, universe etc. Yes your sensuality builds on the experience of sexuality which is the pathway to the divine. 

Imagine knowing that’s how powerful you are. 

I think if every woman knew this power she wouldn’t be afraid to say no when she didn’t want it. She wouldn’t easily give her sex away and at the same time she wouldn’t repress it like most women have been taught to do. 

Sexuality is a pathway to God, the Goddess, the Universe.

In Tantra, sexuality is the pathway to the truth of knowing ones path to the soul. It’s a pathway to enlightenment. And when we infuse it with our sensual nature it becomes so much more real and fulfilling.It becomes more pleasurable.

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Every woman’s sensual pathway is different but the root is the same- The great connection to her yoni. Yes her yoni is in charge. And when her yoni is guiding her, it means her sensuality, her turn on for life is switched on. This is how we then take charge of our own life. And this is how we know love. This is how we know connection, intimacy and compassion for ourselves.

I hope this inspired you just a little and if you would love to begin your sensual journey I invite you to join my 7 day FREE Erotic Feminine Embodiment Program. This program is filled with different embodiment practices to help you ignite your sensuality for a life of ease, confidence and self awareness.

How to live a more shameless life? Get naked

How to live a more shameless life? Get naked

One way to live a more shameless life and embrace your power as a woman is to get NAKED. 

Starting developing a love language or love affair with your naked body.

This was one of the very first steps into moving through the shame and getting comfortable with my body. 

This is what I tell all the women who come to work with me. Start getting naked. 


This is the best way to reframe your thoughts about yourself and shift the perspective around them. 

I remember the first time I really got naked in front of other women. I was in a Turkish bath in Morocco  and 22 with a group of women.. We were told to all get naked. I remember being the first one to do it.

Then I spent time naked in Japanese springs. I loved how women would be so free in their body.

Then sunbathing topless in Croatia, Spain and Greece and began to go to nude beaches. 

And then spent time naked in dress rehearsals with my samba sisters. So then I could dance half naked on stage. 

I realized  over time the naked body, the sexual feminine body became my love language. I was made for this.

But the thing is, we women are born to be connected to our pleasure and sensuality but this aspect of ourselves has been denied, it has been shamed. We feel shameful about our body, our sexuality and sensuality. This leads women to feeling less than, or that she needs to do more to be beautiful, or that she must stay looking young to be naturally radiant.

What we haven’t been taught is that our pleasure and sensuality is the gateway to true radiance.

When we feel comfortable and at ease in our naked temple body, something happens, a spark switches on. We realise our power and leadership.

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Getting naked brings self leadership

I say self leadership because this is how we reclaim our power through knowing our worth. And we can embody our self worth through nakedness, through realising our body as this beautiful sacred temple.

Our sensual body leads us to our great leadership because we become connected to our sexuality. We realise how it feels to be comfortable and anchored in our body.

When I realised my leadership through my sensual sexual body, I felt a great rise in my purpose, my mission, my connection to my soul’s contract. My sensual journey led me to holding great space for the great rise in the feminine through the womanly body for other women.

When women feel connected to their body, they feel more love for themselves and their feminine essence. There is so much comfort in our body, granted to us if we allow ourselves to get uncomfortable. The duality.

This comfort that goes beyond everything we know and have been told. It is a subtle resting, like that feeling of “Ohhhh there she is again. There I am. I can breathe. “

Of course there is also a lot of shame around this too, which is why I am all for safety and sacredness. 

You have a choice in how you want to feel

You have a choice to shift how you want to perceive and hold yourself. About How you desire to feel about you.

You have a choice to be connected and fall in love with you.

You have a choice. 

The choice to start embracing your beauty, seeing yourself through all the imperfections. Just seeing it. You don’t have to approve of it. It’s ok. But you have to embrace it. You have to start embracing your strengths just as much as your weaknesses.

The thing we haven’t been taught is that natural beauty is seen through your ravishment of life. In the way you enjoy your sensual pleasures. In the way you experience yourself. It’s about feeling free and alive in mind, body, and soul. And when we free and move fluid with the winds and water, we being to open our hearts more. We feel safe to open our heart. And when our heart is opened, we begin to see ourselves through the lens of the heart, and not the limited mind views that tells us we are not beautiful or young or sexy enough.

Let me tell you… your beauty is NOT all in the outer physical appearance that we have been told.  Your beauty lies in your brilliance, in your radiance. How do we turn on our radiance? When you are connecting with your sensuality.

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman and thought…”wow there’s something about her, she is so beautiful and radiant.”

It’s usually not because she has a flat stomach and a big butt.

It’s her natural glowing radiance.

This woman’s radiance is usually not because of what she does or how much money she has, it is because of the way she carries herself, the way she feels safe to express her eroticism. She is not wearing a facade that hides her authenticity. She lives with an open heart and high standards.

Her eroticism is what ignites her leadership. The leadership is ignited because she is connected to her pleasure and her yoni. When we are connected with the yoni/vagina, we are more free to embrace our beautiful naked body.

So sister, my advice right now is to get naked. 

Do one little thing right now that will connect you with your naked body.

Some ways to start being comfortable naked to embrace your feminine power

🌹Go to nude beaches.

🌹 Walk around your house naked. Start getting used to how it feels to be liberated and empowered in your own skin.

🌹 Dance naked. 

🌹 Allow your partner to see your gorgeous, Goddess, naked body. Believe me he will LOVE it. It’s our true gift. 

🌹 Even lay on your bed naked and just rest there. 

⁠🌹 You can do mirror work- Mirror exposure therapy improves your body image by helping you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

🌹 If that all seems too much, at least take your bra and your panties off. Allow your heart to be exposed and your pussy to breathe. 

Mirror Exposure

Mirror exposure therapy improves your body image by helping you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It is a great way for improving body image and sexual radiance, if done regularly.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

⁠1. Identify the body parts that you are feeling uncomfortable with. This may be a specific body part or the whole body.⁠

2. Practice looking in the mirror whilst naked. Take a few slow deep breaths. You can start with shorter periods of time and increase the time spent in front of the mirror gradually.⁠

3. While you are looking in the mirror, negative thoughts and feelings may arise. It is important to meet with these thoughts and learn to reframe them (this is something you may need some help with, but it CAN be done with practice)!⁠

4. Smile into this. Touch this place on your body. Breathe into it. Through your breath invite in love from spirit.

4. Out loud, say some positive affirmations while you look at your body in the mirror. Things like “I am more than a body” or “My stretch marks are beautiful reminders of my growth.” ⁠”My curves are a reflection of my womanhood and femininity.” “My soft belly is the place where I birth my desires.”

5. Repeat this practice daily, and notice the subtle shifts. And how you catch yourself speaking in certain ways to yourself. ⁠

I invite you to join my FREE 7 day EROTIC WOMAN EMBODIMENT PROGRAM. Inside the 7 days, I have a couple of special practices that will encourage you to get naked. One is a beautiful embodiment Body LOVE practice to start worshipping your body through touch. Another beautiful embodiment practice that will involve you being in the shower and getting sensual and in love with your erotic, sexual being that you are.

Join here.

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