Tantric Breast Massage And Why You Need It

Jun 19, 2024Healing, Sacred Femininity

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Your breasts, like your womb, are the greatest powerhouse of your feminine body. We carry so many stories within the heart and breasts and when we practice the magical and powerful practice like the Tantric Breast Massage, we have access to so much healing, We open the inner chambers of our hearts and we open to our gateways of infinite pleasure.

 Along with your womb space and your yoni, Your breasts are the most feminine part of you.

Your breasts, like your womb, usually carry a story. By learning how to care for them, we give space to the stories and the past hurts that they hold… and we also access an amazing opportunity to open the inner chambers of our own hearts as well as so much pleasure.

We don’t talk about or touch our breasts enough. But it is my mission to change that.

In Taoism, your breasts are called your bells of love. How beautiful is that?

Your breasts are not just part of your body, they are the extension of your heart energy. So your breasts are the gateway to the heart.  They give nurturing love to those around us. And to us.

Your breasts are also intimately connected to the endocrine glands that produce hormones that are vital for our emotional and energetic, as well as our physical well being.  If we want to cultivate and activate our sensuality, we have to open our heart and start loving our breasts, and as a way to let love flow through.

In order for a woman to feel safe and activated in her pleasure, she has to be connected to her heart. This is how a woman’s yoni opens as well, for the yoni and heart are connected. And the most beautiful, powerful way to connect with your heart space, is through your breasts.

Before we can even think about sex or pleasure, it is important to know that our breasts need to be activated first, well the heart really but the easiest and most pleasurable way to connect with our heart energy is through our breasts.

So you can try it right now, just by simply holding your breasts. How does that feel to hold your breasts?

Take pleasure in your breasts

When we take pleasure in our breasts and body, we feel sexy, we feel into our feminine radiance. We release tension. We feel safe. We feel the abundance and expansive energy of love. Our breasts give loving energy to our lovers and children but that doesn’t mean we need to exclude ourselves from this process.

Giving loving attention to your breasts can make you feel lighter in your heart chakra, as it can replenish your heart. It can amplify your sexual energy, cleanse and stimulate blood circulation and also transforms your blood into life force energy. 

Not only are your breasts special and powerful, but so are your nipples. Your love buds as they say in Taoism.

How beautiful is that?

I imagine a beautiful rose, and within are her love buds that hummingbirds get to delight on.

Your Breasts are so Receptive

There is an energetic “arc line” from nipple to nipple that holds all the imprints of our past lovers? So yes, just like your yoni, your nipples are also so receptive.

Our breasts are like sponges, always receiving everything around us. 

For you to begin dropping into safety and opening your heart, feeling the radiant light in sensual expression, you have to first feel and release any protective layers around the heart that are keeping you from opening, expanding and from receiving what is meant for you. 

When our hearts are closed out of fear, resentment and anger, it is much harder for us to feel and sense the love for ourselves and therefore receive from another.

When you do the breast massage and you are guided in a beautiful sacred way, you can clear the stagnant energy held in the body and heart wall, and you open yourself up to deeper states of pleasure and bliss. Your pleasure becomes an offering to your hard dense emotions. It becomes you beautiful medicine.

Our breasts hold a lot of stuck emotional grief also, of our own & others! 

So any past hurt, pain, heartbreak, unresolved sadness, grief, resentment, energy from past lovers, or unresolved emotions you may have accumulated over lifetimes, we can actually move this through using our sacred touch. This is why the Tantric breast massage is so so special and powerful. It is a great act of self love. sing this self-love tantric massage. If not consciously cleared, this can result in imbalances in our heart chakra & consciousness.

I seriously love how sensitive my breasts are now after doing so much clearing.

This is why the Tantric breast massage is an amazing pleasure practice to practice opening and connecting with your divine love and forever present pleasure. And there is something also so special when we are doing this together in sacred space with other sisters, side by side.

This is why I have dedicated a whole module inside Feminine Remembrance, my online 10-week group immersion to the heart through heart opening, and breast massage, as a ritual to open our hearts further.

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Heart Opening Practices

There are different ways to open the heart, whether it’s through movement, cacao, breathing into the heart, or with sacred touch. The breast massage is my favourite way.

Giving yourself a beautiful breast massage is more powerful than you think and often overlooked. This practice brings in the life-giving qualities of love- surrender, bliss, joy into your being. Our hands are the extension of the heart after all.

Every day I consciously & lovingly massage my breasts & with specific breathing & techniques to remove any energies that are not mine.
My heart is open and my chest is so sensitive now, that if my chest is touched by my beloved & if he is attuned to my energy & present – I can experience heart orgasm. As I always say and encourage all women is , if he can take the time & patience to penetrate your heart …. THAT guy is a keeper ! He is your man.

You can do this tantric practice alone or with your partner for deeper highest levels of pleasure. And orgasms.

flowers, woman, feminine, femininty

I have dedicated an entire module in Feminine Remembrance (10-week group immersion) – to loving our breasts, where we meet in ceremony and engage in a cacao heart opening ceremony with self Tantric breast massage- to clear your nipple arcline imprints of any past lovers, any heart ache, any pain and we infuse pleasure into our being through this alchemisation process.

If you want to lean how to do this practice and let it become part of your daily feminine ritual.. then I invite you to join me in Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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