What Are Sensations and Why Do They Hold the Key to Healing?

Sensuality is about being really intimate with your sensations of your body.

In this blog I will discuss why it is so important to harness sensations for healing your body and mind. And some feminine practices that you can start implementing in your life for a way of ease and happiness.

Are You Hiding From Your True Power? Awaken to the Feminine Truth That Lives Within You

Your Feminine Truth doesn’t exist outside of you. Truth is felt through your body and your embodied experience.

Embodiment is Healing to The Soul

Embodiment: A new theme we are hearing more often these days,

Has become the next mindfulness perhaps?
We are hearing embodiment as embodiment dance, or embodiment as a dance or being in the body, but it is so much more than that.

Healing shame around sexuality- become empowered

Healing shame around sexuality- become empowered

There is so much shame around sexuality and how we think and feel about it. We carry this shame, and it is instilled within us and carried within our womb. When we carry shame around our sexuality this manifests in ways that affects our self worth and how we stand in our truth. We also feel shame around our self expression. We feel shame in speaking our boundaries in and out of the bedroom.

5 possible reasons for Pain during sex

5 possible reasons for Pain during sex

Have you ever had pain during sex?
If you experience pain during sex or have experienced pain in penetration, you are not alone. This is very common amongst women. Maybe it has become worse over time and you don’t know why. I invite you to continue reading as I discuss 5 reasons you might experience pain during sex.

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