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Dec 5, 2023Sacred Femininity, Sexuality

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Exhaling, slowing down, feeling the pulse in the heart and the womb. Slowing down to feel my body. This is the voice of my yoni through my sensuality. To feel myself, to drop in, to live in an embodied way is to live from sensuality. So you can breathe in life, so you can feel life, so you can make love with life. This is the gift of sensuality.

Exhaling, slowing down, feeling the pulse in the heart and the womb.

Slowing down to feel my body.

This is the voice of my yoni through my sensuality.

To feel myself, to drop in, to live in an embodied way is to live from sensuality. So you can breathe in life, so you can feel life, so you can make love with life.

This is the gift of sensuality.

What is Sensuality

Sensuality has different layers to it. But in a simple way, sensuality is about being really intimate with your sensations of your body. Really intimate with sense of hearing, movement, touch, emotions etc. so its level of sensitivity to the way your body moves through this world and a willingness to really listen to it. And within that when you listen to the way your body works you start to form this love affair, this wild love language with life that is authentic and true to you.

So sensuality is the intimate expression of senses through your feminine flow. 

If you desire to know more about sensuality in a simple way, check out my episode about connecting with sensuality through the senses.

As women, we already are feminine, we are sensual. We are in this feminine body and our natural essence is to be feminine and sensual but what happens is women become disconnected to our body, to our natural essence and natural senses of body,

The lack of presence to the body, to its inner rhythms, to its needs and desires, to the way we root down into the pelvic floor, to feel and sense our inner world, seems to become a chronic problem of our modern times.

Most women who come to my work, generally have the same intention and desire.

“I want to connect with my sensuality.”

When I receive this.. I have such a sense of relief. 

“Another woman who is ready to gently receive and activate her senses, to slow down and unwind. To feel safe to be seen and to know her own magnetism.”

On a collective level, we are not supported in ways that support our sensual nature, our deep sense of feeling and openness to receive our own breath, our own softening, our own melting in. We are moving head first, we are striving to do all the masterclasses, to quickly learn and make sense.

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But the key to sensuality is dropping in, melting in, feeling safe to feel.

The question here is not necessarily why disembodiment is an issue (although, too much ‘thinking’ is part of the disconnection anyway), but rather how it can affect us and how we can reverse it.

From a body—heart—mind perspective, disembodiment can translate to…

Physical symptoms such as fatigue, pain in the belly, period pain, dry or a tight vagina, inability to feel pleasure, etc.

Emotional numbness, or a feeling of being disconnected from our emotions—negative AND positive. This can lead to difficulty regulating emotions, as well as a sense of disconnection from others. And a disconnection in how you are responding to life and situations (including challenging ones).

Disconnection from the body can even contribute to issues such as anxiety and depression. And feelings of un safety. Not feeling safe to really honour the body’s sensations and body’s signals. This is because the body is an important source of sensory input, with rippling effects in many areas of our lives.

What happens here is we stop attracting people and situations that make our heart feel safe. Because perhaps we haven’t cultivated this within ourselves.

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Your body is there to love and protect you. So it is our responsibility to un layer the heaviness, the protective layers that have helped us to survive. So then we can thrive in our beautiful, authentic, non performative sensual self. 

We have so much pressure to “man up,” “to get over it,” “to think before you feel.” To not trust our own sensory nature.  And we are left feeling cold, disconnected, and forgetting how to love our body for more than her physical traits.

We carry the shame and heaviness in our pelvic floor. And this stops us from feeling rooted into the earth, who is there to support your evolution, and support you in the letting go of and shedding.

Honestly I desire for every woman who crosses my path, to love her body in so many deep ways. To come back to her inner power and realize her sensual nature (which is not rooted in what you do and what you put on) but instead for her to experience this great feeling of home in the body. To become so embodied that she trusts herself nobody else can. To have this great love affair with life. Because to tell you the truth, life is always speaking to you.

She is always communicating with you.

And this sense of disconnection with life and ourselves, is how we numb ourselves or stop seeing love and beauty that is right here in front of us.

When a woman really honours her sensual nature and really cultivates this sensuality in her body and it becomes no different to the way she is in embodiment of her daily life, this woman doesn’t need to push her way through life, she doesn’t need to prove herself, she doesn’t look for linear ways of attracting a man. She leads from love. And she trusts life to meet her in this sensual embodiment.

So, how can we reclaim our bodies, juice, and sensual confidence?

How can we feel pleasure and find joy in that?

What are the easiest steps to embodiment?

Immersing yourself in sensual practices.

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3 Reasons you should strive cultivate sensuality Every day

Sensuality helps you relax and unwind.

It helps you to soften and connect. 

It helps you to anchor down into your safety root. 

It helps your know your world and your place in this world. 

It helps you to respond to life from a place of ease, love and compassion.

Practicing feminine rituals that gently activate your senses is one of the easiest ways to slow down, unwind, and deactivate.

Cultivating sensuality increases your vitality.

When opening your senses through regular sensual practices, you become more aware of your needs and desires. From there, you understand what you need and desire, you know what it is that drains your energy and what fuels you.

Sensuality helps you open up for intimacy and eroticism.

It’s only when you have cultivated sensuality and increased your vitality that you can discover and play with your erotic universe and sexuality beyond all the limited ideas around sexuality.

If you are feeling the disconnection with your own body, or feeling unsafe to really feel the depths of your sensuality, and you desire to nurture your body, feminine essence and sensuality more, then read this blog where I share some feminine rituals so that you can…

Feel with your whole body

Bring your sensory capacity to life, and

Prepare your body to pulsate with ecstatic pleasure.

And always remember….

It is your birthright to feel sensual sister.

Let me know by writing to me at jessica@jessicaangileri.com how you felt reading this blog today about cultivating your sensuality.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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