Unlocking Divine Feminine Wisdom: The Mystic Rose

Jul 3, 2024Sacred Femininity

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"Unlocking Divine Feminine Wisdom: The Mystic Rose and My Journey to Embodying My Authentic Self" "Explore the powerful teachings of the mystic rose as it guides you to embrace your feminine nature and connect with your divine self."

“Unlocking Divine Feminine Wisdom: The Mystic Rose and My Journey to Embodying My Authentic Self”

In this blog, we are going to “Explore the powerful teachings of the mystic rose as it guides you to embrace your feminine nature and connect with your divine self. Learn how to heal and embody the sacred rose lineage, and find strength and surrender in the spiral path of the feminine.”

I Have been drawn to the wisdom and mystical energy of the rose for a while now. 

For me,  she is my greatest teacher in understanding the mysteries of the feminine and how to feel more feminine in my own authentic expression. 

I am inspired by everything about her, her colours, her scent, her magic, her magnetism, her feminine radiance.  And most of my visualizations,  meditations and dances are in guidance of her. 

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EmbodyiNg My Authentic Self

My connection with the mystic rose began as soon as I started working with Mary Magdalene about 8 years ago. It was here that I refound my spiritual connection after such a long depart, due to my religious upbringing. 

I was raised Catholic, and around 16 and as I started to form my own identity I was no longer feeling the resonance, although at the time I didn’t understand why. I felt shame and judgment for walking away.

This isn’t a post about religion or as a way to diminish anyone’s beliefs. I respect all lineages and belief systems, but today I am sharing my own story.

I now know why I needed to walk away, I was feeling the separation of the feminine. The feminine was not seen, she was not heard in the way that felt “right” for me. And it wasn’t until about 8 years ago, that I learnt this. I started to reunite with this mystical aspect myself. I realised that the work of my embodiment of healing and empowerment couldn’t walk alone, without the connection with my divinity. So I had to bring back my connection with Spirit in a way that felt truthful and authentic for me.

Through my curiosity, I was led on this beautiful journey of the feminine and made my way back home. And the rose started to show up for me. Her presence was igniting something for me.

When I started to work consciously with the mysticism of the sacred rose, I was allured by her symbol of compassion, her feminine softness, her richness, and the way she opens and effortlessly drops and releases her petals. She brings me back to my sweet little Jessica days when my grandmother handed me roses from her garden to bring to school to place on the altar in the classroom. I loved this so much. It made me feel loved.

So I have come to know my spiritual connection through her again. 

Wisdom of the Mystic Rose

The Mystic Rose is a teacher of compassion, humility, deep devotion, and the true grace that comes through embracing your organic feminine nature. 

We know the rose to be a flower of romanticism and passion. But she is really the representation of walking the sacred feminine path. Of embodying the feminine in all her forms. 

Her frequency and essence are how we know our hearts and wombs.

There is a reason why we are so drawn to this beauty. 

Her codes are embedded in our yonis (metaphorically speaking). Think of how the rose opens, and so does your yoni, your cervix. She opens to fully receive, only when she is ready. So does your heart, she also opens her petals to fully receive. And she holds herself strong with her thorns as a way to protect herself. So although the rose has her thorns, she doesn’t hold back her wild embodied erotic expression. And this is how she leads us also.

Each of the rose’s elements, the roots, stems, and petals, hold deep messages and transmissions that we can bring into our bodies for devotion and to hold the mysteries of the feminine. The vitality of these elements will reveal to you where healing is needed in your life.

When you Listen, you will see. 

The rose medicine shows us the spiral path of the feminine. That we must travel to different initiations of our womanhood. To return to the connection of the feminine.

 She teaches us the feminine way of surrender and strength at the same time. 

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When you meet with this essence of the rose, life starts to become a path of opening, surrendering and trust. She will send and breathe her messages of softening and surrender through her scent with every breath you take when smelling the beautiful scent.

When you soften and surrender you allow and move with change. You also allow the challenges to come forth, so you can drop away the facades and the pain around your heart. We have to do this to see the vibrancy within us again and again. 

The sacred rose shows us that the feminine way is NOT about playing small and being submissive like we have been shown our whole lives, instead it is about allowing ourselves to move with the currents of life, fully receiving all that life has to offer to us. Magnetising what is called to our natural beauty.

The spiral path of the feminine way that I speak about, asks us to open, blossom, retreat, move forward, rest, let go, release, and rebirth. This is the divine feminine way.

The rose wisdom shows us the way of releasing and surrendering. Instead of resistance.

 The rose doesn’t resist; she holds her anchor into the Earth but she also invites in her movements. Trusting the pathway is already set out for her.

I feel each rose colour holds its own frequency of love, light and sensuality. And as we work with these frequencies we can really bring balance and harmony into our lives. We come to know and embrace our own unique gifts that were given to us from our own Goddess self.

Womb Heart Connection

When I started working with Mary Magdalene I  started to bring healing in the womb. And using the rose frequency, as a way to energetically heal the yoni and womb.

I was guided to create a journey to experience transmissions of yoni and womb healing to create expansion and to embody sacred feminine power in my self and for other women.

I started to receive transmissions which were initiations into the holy womb temple with Mary Magdalene.

I was inspired to work with these energies of the womb and yoni and this began when I received my transmissions from Magdalene. I feel this work is calling for women to work with this beautiful powerhouse of ours. However, it is not something that is often spoken about.

A lot of the time we know we need to work with the yoni and womb but we may not know the journey of moving through this, we don’t feel we have the support or we don’t know where to begin. And this is why I feel so passionate about providing this beautiful, gentle connection in my spaces and offerings like Feminine Remembrance.

Feminine Remembrance is a group, immersive program that takes you on a transformative, authentic journey to bring you into this great connection with your divine feminine wisdom and expand into your WHOLENESS. 

As a student and Priestess of the Magdalene lineage, I fall upon her teachings and wisdom to support you, In awakening your priestess and feminine rose lineage and to anchor and embody the feminine into your being and the world. 

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The Rose Breathes Love into You

Over the years with my journey with devotional feminine practices, I have learnt to be my own anchor, my own strength and my own source of liberation. Here I feel the lineage of the rose all around me and breathing through me whispering her sweet words “STRONG LOVING WOMAN” alive in my body. 

She is alive, she is beaming with gratitude and she is always opening and forever unfolding to slowly emerge from the darkness and places of hiding.

Every time I dance, or I breathe into my heart and womb, or when I am guiding my Tantric Embodiment circles, I can feel the frequency of the Rose light. She spreads all through me and us. I can feel her inviting me to embrace change, to expand and to be a pillar of hope and love for all women ready for this precious work.

Most importantly, to know that I can be tender and strong at the same time, and this tenderness is exactly how I am led to being more intimate with myself and holding the rose temples for other women.

And just like the Rose, I stand strong, soft in my heart, standing tall and humble side by side my other rose sisters, who are here desiring to create more vibrancy and love in this world.

Her medicine is strong in my heart. 

I am rooted in her. 

I am her. 

The Rose is forever healing, blossoming and spreading her light frequency within me and YOU.

Thankyou for receiving this transmission and being here reading my personal sharing of the sacred rose wisdom. I hope that it inspires you to deepen your connection with the mystical Rose.

If you are feeling the heart pulse to deepen into your Womanhood, to listen and receive, I invite you to come journey with me, one-on-one, or in my group container Feminine Remembrance, where we explore the nature of your Sacred Femininity together.

Learn more about how you can be part of the change with me and be supported in such love and safety.

Thankyou beautiful,

Jessica Rose Angileri xxxx

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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