Embrace Your sensuality- Ways to Live A Sensual Life

Apr 12, 2024Sacred Femininity, Sexuality

Embrace Your Sensuality It’s time to learn to love, cherish, and enjoy the wonderfully female body you’re in. Because this beautiful body is a temple to experience pleasure and the divine Goddess that you are.  This is how you experience true oneness with the divine.

Embrace Your Sensuality

It’s time to learn to love, cherish, and enjoy the wonderfully female body you’re in. Because this beautiful body is a temple to experience pleasure and the divine Goddess that you are. 

This is how you experience true oneness with the divine.  

The question is: Are you comfortable in your skin?

 Do you celebrate your body? 

How do you feel about being naked? 

Do you slow down to fully enjoy the beautiful curvy body that is meant to be just that, curvy, all shapes and sizes? Or are you stuck in your mind that tells you that in order to fit in, to be loved and accepted you have to fit into society’s false standards, that a woman must be one certain way.

In order for us to receive love, and pleasure, we must first acknowledge the erotic, beautiful, luscious beings we are.

Most of us are so busy with “life” we don’t take the time to slow down and connect with the sensual goddess inside of us. Who we actually are. And we can really enjoy and acknowledge our beautiful selves through sensuality.

Cultivate Sensuality

Sensuality is the channel that breathes beauty into life. 

So often, the women in my trainings and client sessions reveal that their connection to their sensuality has been severed. We often associate sensuality with what we do in the bedroom and this is all due to the rigid ideas and rules that we received from our parents and authority figures. As well as, severed by the impossible standards that we, as women are expected to achieve.

Our sensuality has been shamed, vilified, and banished by the patriarchal culture that we inherited before we had the capacity to choose what sensuality meant for ourselves.

Take that in for a moment… we haven’t been given the opportunity and safety to create this definition of sensuality for ourselves through our own interaction with life and our body. This has left us fundamentally disconnected from our pleasure, our power, and our capacity to claim our bodies as our own. 

This is one of the fundamental challenges that we face as women.

But we don’t need to face this challenge alone.

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Are you honouring the feminine qualities within?

It is important that if we desire to live a life that is filled with authentic pleasure, bliss and connection, then we have to take responsibility in reclaiming our sensuality for ourselves. And this means rediscovering the strong, yet gentle qualities that is our nature of the feminine.

It’s a journey of reawakening and revitalizing the feminine essence within us and in the world.

Today, the call for the feminine is louder and more urgent than ever. And I’m not referring to the fragile, subdued portrayal of “the feminine” often idealized in the new age, divine feminine narrative. I’m talking about the raw, fierce love that resides in every woman – a force that halts harm, oppression, violence, and disconnection simply through its powerful, embodied presence.

This is the transformation that tapping into our sensuality brings forth within us.

So sister, if you find yourself on auto pilot, constantly pushing against your cycles and inner rhythms always wandering why you feel anxious or why you feel overwhelmed, perhaps this is an invitation and a moment to invite in sensuality as the missing piece to living a “sensual life.”

Read this article I wrote about living a sensual life.

The sensuality piece means we are asked to slow down, and listen with discernment and compassion. To notice if this overwhelm is asking us to honour our own enoughness and where we are not making pleasure a priority through the small moments in our lives.

If you do find yourself closed off and numbing yourself just to keep up with what everyone else is doing, then it is time put yourself first.

Otherwise, yes you might find yourself operating from the space of lack or scarcity or on autopilot. Making decisions from a place of fear and desperation, rather than a soul body yes. You might be trying to please everyone else’s needs but your own.

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How to embrace sensuality?

So what is the way to go from exhaustion to feeling the delight, and sensuality that is your birthright as a woman?

The first thing is to know it is always the smallest actions you take that create an impact in your life at large. 

The other thing is to start understanding where you may be holding onto the patriarchal ideas about sensuality that have been tied into the way you have allowed sensuality to be a beautiful way of life in your life or not.

We must learn to get out of our heads and into our hearts. Living, breathing from this space. So then we bring the mind into play with the purity, respect and compassion of the heart.  This is true self love.

When we connect to the heart space, we start to remember  what brings us joy and passion. When we take the time to do this for ourselves, we awaken our sensuality and create a passionate life on purpose. We start to get intentional about our life and the actions we take.

A beautiful way to do this is through connecting with your breasts.

The breast massage

Your breasts are the most feminine part of you. They are the extension of your heart. When you think of it like that, there shouldn’t be any shaming around them.

So what is the relationship with your breasts?

When we take the pleasure in our own breasts and body we feel sexy, we feel in our feminine radiance. Our breasts, when touched in a way that isn’t sexual, is an offering of love and exploration of what kind of touch we life.

Giving loving attention to your breasts can make you feel lighter in your heart chakra, as it can replenish your heart, amplifies your sexual energy, cleanses and stimulates blood circulation and also transforms your blood into life force energy. 

You can do this by giving yourself a beautiful breast massage. And this is exactly a tool I teach inside Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself.

Connect with the Goddess within

When a woman is fully open, alive, and passionate and at peace with who she is and where she is in life… the Goddess comes forth…

Sensual women are inviting and magnetically attractive because they are open to Life.

This woman is tapped into her receptivity which is the feminine in essence. She is receptive with her organic being.

Your sensuality is a whole body experience… living in the moment, in the present moment. It is how you make sense of your reality, of your body, of your connection with your beloved. It is how you interact with life through your senses.

Do you touch yourself?

So sister…do you allow yourself to be embraced by your own healing sacred touch?

Sacred touch heals. It is initiates.

Right now, you can even check in and connect with what is touching you in this moment. What you are feeling at your root?

What are you sitting on?

Can you feel the air touch your skin gently kiss your cheek?

Do you take that moment to fully allow your beloved to touch you, without getting caught up in the stories about your looks.

We all have a deep need to be touched and held.

So Be your own lover.

Be your own mother to your inner girl.

Be your own beloved with your warm embrace.

Do you connect with Mother Nature?

Do you allow yourself time to experience nature’s beauty, the beauty of a velvety rose, the magnificence of a new day dawning?

Mother Earth is embodied, erotic and fully sensual in the way she basks in her own natural beauty. She attracts through her natural radiance and you also have this gift.

Do you connect with music?

How often do you put on your favourite music and close your eyes and sway your hips? And allow yourself to move from the perfection, the need to perform and look a certain way. What if you played some sensual, feminine music and followed your own wild movement. And use your own dance to be hipnotised by your own beauty.

Do you allow yourself to drink in the sensual sensations of our abundant world, and experience the moments fully, free and completely?

Are you immersed in a sensual environment?

Your Home – Just as plants need a perfect environment in which to grow, so we too need a nurturing physical and emotional environment to grow and blossom to our fullness. Look at how you are living and with whom.  Who or what has influence on you, and does it support or drain you? Make your home a sanctuary and fill it with plants, flowers and objects that nurture your spirit.

What do you surround yourself with to feel the beauty of your sensuality?


What do you love to feel? Think textures!


What are you favourite smells?


What do you desire to see around you?


What do you want to have to listen to?


What can you bring into your kitchen to tantalise those taste buds?

Now bring them into your surroundings!

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Feminine Ritual for you to Embrace your Sensuality

Here is a simple way to get you started on yur sensual journey

Go and put on some music that you love

Light a candle

Close your eyes and feel your inner sensual goddess shining and glistening around you.

Sway and dance to the music

Allow your hips, your womb to guide you and then notice where else you are being led.

Here is a beautiful wild movement dance that you can do to get you started.


Then get out your Journal after you dance….And ask yourself these journal inquiries:

Where did you feel resistance, stuck, or where did your mind say it was too much or not good enough?

How do you move when you are fully alive and free?

Remember inviting in pleasure into your daily life, to help you remember your sensual nature and to help you connect with those feelings of joy, to help you feel grounded and present in your. body, doesn’t mean it has to be anything grand or complicated.

The idea is to find the beauty and joy even in the mundane. So that means you can even feel a subtle pleasurable moment when you are in the shower. When you are cooking.

As you go through your day, notice all the things that affect your five senses in wonderful ways.

This is something we really bring into embodiment inside Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself, the pleasure filled, transformative group immersion.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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