Hi Sister,

I’m Jessica,

All of my work is dedicated to love, sensuality and the divine.

I am all about empowering women to embody more of who they are, by connecting with their most ancient inner wisdom, their intuition and natural essence. This is the true empowerment of a woman. 

I do this through integrating sensuality, spirituality, womb work, sacred movment, embodiment practices, and Ancient Tantra Arts.

I am all about igniting your power as a woman through the power of the heart and womb, as I believe this is the beginning of a revolution to a world full of love, empathy  and beautry.

I am a certified teacher with a Masters degree in Education. I have facilitated women groups and couples in Mexico and online, to bring sensuality, healing and connection of the divine through their body. 

With 15 years experience as an educator I have written and delivered meditations, embodiment practices and breathwork techniques for adults and children (including children with autism) to help them deal with stress, anxiety and more importantly come back into their body.

I have worked with many women and children by creating a sense of safety to reconnect with their hearts and to use the body as a meeting point for their repressed and denied sense of self.

 As a professional samba dancer in Sydney, Australia, combined with my own self healing practices that I’ve acquired over the course of my life, (during my solitude time in Mexico as well as the work I embarked on with my energy healing teachers), I have not only found my true empowerment and sensual self but remembered my truth and repressed voice that was hiding in the shadows for too long. 

For this, I know what it feels like to fall down and come back to the light again shining brighter. 

I now guide women (groups and through private sessions) into living their most empowered, unapologetic and desired life. When women reclaim their sensual, erotic, loving power, their world flows with ease, they discover their truth and they begin to awaken to so much pleasure which brings more bliss into their lives.  They also become a magnet for the relationship they so deeply desire. Which is what I am so passionate about.

Sister, it is your birth right to feel safe, beautiful, empowered and sensual.

My mission is to create the portal, the safe container to explore your sensuality and sexual energy connected with your authentic heart to  express yourself on the edge of the abyss of life and scream- I’m alive!

You are not alone in this journey. 

This is why I have created this space for you- A space for the curious woman who’s ready to be ignited and to be inspired in all aspects of her sensual, erotic, wholesome, radiant and heart filled life.

This website was first ignited after I took the chance on love and moved my whole life to Mexico.  But really…what happened was  my real, deep awakening. An awakening to my unlayered, happy and liberated life.

It was here I found my voice, the connection to my heart and womb power and my calling to inspire women to find their own sexiness, inner strength and expression of her light- Through the dance of her own soul.

Please stay tuned for upcoming courses and experiences that I am so passionately working on for all of you.


Your true nature is divine, it is Love. You were brought to this world, with your own divine purpose. You are a priestess, carrying ancient wisdom of your ancestors, divine spirits and soul. You are worthy of feeling beautiful and nothing short of Love.

Educator-Facilitator-Self Worth Healer


I am a coach, educator, teacher, healer, guide, self love queen, priestess, whatever you want to call it.

However, what is most important to me, is that I am the person who holds space for you, with no judgement and allows you to feel everything you need to feel. I provide my wisdom and tools for you to connect with your heart, womb and voice, to start living a life full of pleasure, a life where your relationships bloom and most importantly a life where you feel grounded, powerful and loved. 

I will not spend our 1:1 sessions asking you all these self finding questions, I will not just give you a one word answer to allow your mind to figure it all out and I won’t have you hanging so you can try and work out the answers!

I won’t have a structured handbook that I follow. As I know over the years studying many different behaviours throughout my experience and implementing strategies, not one person is the same.  We all arrive in our temple bodies with our own blueprint. 

I will use my extensive years of experience in education and working with all different types of emotions, personalities, traumas, disorders such as autism, and most importantly the strongest tool I have, my intuition which connects with your soul in an instant. 

I hear you. I’ve been through my own deep healing, through my own childhood traumas, toxic relationships, heartbreak and breakups, painful periods, lack of self worth, losing myself completley, living in survival with no money, and even finding myself in Mexico with all my possessions stolen from me.

In my past in Australia, I seemed to have “it all” but I still was feeling that something was missing which created numbness in the fast pace, busy lifestyle I was living out. I was on a continuous search. But now I no longer search.  Moving to Mexico for love with no mind/ego involved, reinforced how important it was for me to slow down, how to listen to my intuition and be so in my body as this is where my healing enhanced.

Through this journey, I have learned the importance of sweet surrender and developed resilience. I have rediscovered my essence, a profound gratitude for the beauty of this world and have remembered my voice, my truth, through the path of walking in service of my heart, feminine power and womb.

Discover more about my method and how this path of the wise, womb magic is for you sister.

Walk the path of the empowered feminine in a flourishing, conscious relationship

You are so worthy of this.


You are so worthy of experiencing the divine union and being with a man who really cherishes every piece of you.

You are so worthy of experiencing the most pleasurable, intimate and loving relationships.

So I am so happy you are here.

After breakups, heartbreak and then picking myself up to become the better, higher version of myself, I can now say I am a relationship expert.   I have a thriving, intimate and conscious relationship with my beautiful man, Carlos, which is anchored in love, honesty, safety and rawness. And that’s because I have developed the most loving, flourishing and intimate, safe relationship with myself, where I have held and found my self in the depths of the love of the divine. 

You deserve this too sister. I want you to know that this flourishing love is available to you and that’s what I am here to guide you with. 

Women hold the power in their intimate relationship

When women heal, 

the world heals.

When a woman knows how to embrace and live from her feminine power, she discovers her power in her relationship. When she sources her own power, and reclaims her sovereingty, she magnetises the relationship she so desires. 


I have danced samba professionally, with no prior dance background other than a passion for dance, so I know what it means to be committed to manifest my dreams.

Dancing Samba professionally was one of my healing tools (without even knowing at the time) that I used in my path of being devoted to higher consciousness (my spiritual path) and my path of emotional development.

Although I danced in various shows such as the Fringe Festivals, Latin festival, trained in the Samba Congress in Los Angeles, Samba was more than just performing or executing techniques perfectly. But  I won’t lie, I felt like a queen wearing those beautiful costumes. 

There was a deeper connection with me and my Samba. It was as though samba found me. It was a deeper connection that I hadn’t seen in others. Again, my intuition was speaking to me.

It was the intertwining of the divine and the human physical world, this is what made it so magical and powerful for me. It was also bringing the wild feminine out of me which met with my soft feminine. Both emerging together as one.


I love inspiring women to reclaim their sensuality to come into remembrance of who she really is

I connected dots with samba when I was exposed to the techniques and tools my Tantric teachers were sharing with me- the tools in connecting with yoni, with sexual energy and with the womb. Once embarking on this journey I realized that the work that they were teaching me was not having the same effect on me,  and it was then that I  reached another level of awakening in my path into empowering women. I realised that I had already done the work with all my training in samba. It began then but I just did not know at the time.  I had already worked on my body towards that type of healing. 

This is when the realisation of what dance and sacred movement brings me. And this is where I connected the dots with all of my work in spirituality, womb healing, Tantra and the work in feminine empowerment.

Samba was the missing piece to unleashing the power of my wild woman, my sexual energy, the work of the womb to activate important aspects of boundaries, to manifestation, and to open myself up to feeling alive, radiant, sensual and as an expressive being.  It was the other piece for igniting the truth and expression of my divine feminine. 

In my work with women- I do not implement choreographies, or samba techniques per se, it’s not about the technical execution that I focus on in order to have the results. Instead, I implement and adapt the moves to bring the essence of the feminine power, the sensuality, the activation of your sexual energy, the connection of the liberated womb and heart into the space, for you to remember your voice in the world. 

I bring all of this in perfect balance with spirituality, as I believe that the medicine of true awakening, of walking the path of your dharma and attracting dharmic love, combines spirituality, inner emotional work and the sensual body nto the embodied experience.  Movement and dance, was the glue to bring all these into my embodied experience. 

Once I integrated all of these into my life, It was then my intimate relationship blossomed into its fullness. And I want that for you too dear sister. Through my years of leading women in dance, sensuality, and embodiment practices, I witnessed the amazing transformation of women. 

Now it is your turn beautiful sister, to feel sexually confident, alive, flow with life and all your messiness, manifest your desires and know that you are a beautiful, sensual, erotic and loving being that has her own path in this world, so worthy of feeling at peace, happy and experiencing the most loving relationship.

Come Home To Yourself: 10 week group pgoram of Self love, Embodiment, Sensuality, Tantra, for igniting your sacred sexuality and erotic woman