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Dec 24, 2023Sacred Femininity, Spirituality

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When we explore feminine embodiment practices, we often understand that embodiment means a practice, or that it is a dance where we follow steps. But it is not the practice itself that is embodiment. It is the relationship you have with your body, your feelings and sensations, and breathing in love , that manifests as embodiment.

A feminine embodiment practice is a practice that helps individuals connect with their feminine energy and tap into their emotions, intuition, and power. It can involve movement, such free non linear movement, sacred dance, or creative expression, such as writing, art, or music, and even yoga. The goal is to deepen the connection to your feminine nature and cultivate self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance.

Feminine embodiment practices can be a useful way to connect with and unleash the divine feminine within each of us. This is not a gender-based energy. Like yin and yang, everyone carries both feminine and masculine energies. Even if you are a very masculine man, you inherently carry divine feminine energies within you and vice a versa. Like everything in life, there is duality. So it is not about being in perfect balance, but instead coming into a place of harmony with both energies so we feel more at ease.

What is the Divine Feminine Energy?

The divine feminine archetype represents the vast lanscadpe of our internal world that make up our wholeness. This can include our emotional world, abundance, the Great Mother, the dark energy of the womb where life is birthed, the place where the seed is planted and the flowers grow. She is the chaos of which life is born, infinite possibility and also the receiver. It includes your wild expression. The priestess who knows how to connect with your inner Goddess.

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The sacred masculine energy is focused on action, thought and direction, he is pure consciousness.The container that supports the fluid, moving divine feminine energy.

The divine feminine represents our intuition, emotion, the receiver of information, the creator of all, life force energy, the home. She is the frequency of LOVE. She is held inside the strong container cultivated by the divine masculine.
The divine feminine moves and flows with her own currents and she nurtures whatever is in her realm. Then together with the energies of the sacred masculine, the strength and presence, ideas and thoughts lead to action and implementation through strategy, clarity, confidence and purpose. They cannot exist without one another.

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What is embodiment?

We often think that when we explore feminine embodiment practices, we understand that embodiment means a practice, or that it is a dance where we follow steps. But it is not the practice itself that is embodiment. It is the relationship you have with your body, your feelings and sensations, and breathing in love through it that manifests as embodiment. And we can do that through awakening our creative live force energy using embodiment practices. This is how we activate the wild woman within.

Embodiment is about how you carry yourself, how you move, and how you present yourself in various situations. It’s about expressing your unique spirit and soul through your physical body. The word “embodiment” itself suggests the idea of bringing yourself into a certain state, merging your inner self with your physical being. When we talk about embodiment practices, we aim to align your physical existence with your true self, allowing you to authentically navigate and interact with the world.

Check out this video about embodiment.

What are embodiment practices?

Feminine embodiment practices are all about taking care of yourself and nurturing your inner world. Just like the Great Mother, we need to understand and come into full love for ourselves before we can provide this unconditional love to others. These embodiment practices focus on presence, relaxation and self soothing. And at the same time, allowing ourselves to be the great force for all of our desires.

It’s important for all of us to be able to care for ourselves and not rely on others and the external to fill our cup up. Feminine embodiment practices encompass emotional and spiritual self-care, as well as embracing the power of feminine sacred sexuality. Without the work of sacred sexuality and bringing our loving awareness here, we miss out on our great power to manifest our dreams and desires.

This is why alot of my work is focused on the hips/pelvic floor and bringing in sensual movements to not only activate your life force energy but to also allow movement for stuck emotions.

When we do the work of the sacred feminine, we also need to engage our masculine energies to set boundaries, protect ourselves, and take action towards our goals. But when we approach life from a feminine embodiment perspective, we ensure that these boundaries and actions come from a place of love, pure intentions and alignment with our spirituality, intuition, and inner child.

Learning Self Love With Feminine Embodiment Practices

When we learn how to self care and align to self love we can then be in service to others and the highest good of all, without sacrificing our needs. So this means, we must learn to listen to the messages of our body, heart and soul, and then integrate the mind in. So this is about leading from a heart soul body space and then mind. And we do this first through cultivating safety in the body and then becoming present with the sensations of the body. This is real self love work.

Feminine embodiment practices are naturally holistic in their nature. Here is where we remember that we are are all connected to the Earth. We are connected to the Earth, to her cycle of life, to the seasons and the stars. Immersing yourself in feminine embodiment practices helps to perceive the world around us from a perspective of higher consciousness.

Feminine embodiment practices are not only a powerful way to learn to love and care for yourself but they provide something deeper. They help you awaken the great love, power of your womanhood. You become more connected with your internal world. And here is where you start to listen to your inner wisdom. the wisdom that guides you to knowing your needs, desires and dreams. ,

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Feminine embodiment practices and Sensuality

Feminine embodiment practices are also beautiful ways to also connect with sensuality.

Sensuality is about being really intimate with your sensations of your body. Really intimate with sense of hearing, movement, touch, emotions etc. So it’s a level of sensitivity to the way your body works and a willingness to really listen to it.

So sensuality is the intimate expression of senses through feminine flow. 

We already are feminine, we are sensual. We are in feminine body and our natural essence is to be feminine and sensual but what happens is women become disconnected to the body, to their natural essence and natural senses of body,

Here are some ways to start feeling love with embodiment practices

1. Start by connecting with your body with touch. I love bringing touch to my womb and heart. We require physical touch. This is how we communicate with the body that I am safe. As you sit in stillness, allow yourself to become present with your heart beat. Notice any tension or tightness that lies in your body, without changing anything. Just becoming aware.

2. Focus on your breath. Become aware of your breath. Your breath is the gift of life. Take some time to focus on your breath, to observe the rise and fall of your chest, and to notice any changes in it. Allow yourself to take long, deep breaths and you can guide your breath to your heart and then your womb space. The breath is a beautiful way to self sooth and remember your connection with life.

3. Connect with your feelings and sensations. Do you feel light or heavy? Do you feel tight and airy? Allowing yourself to be present with any feelings, can be such a beautiful way to bring ease into feelings. And then we can infuse touch and breath into this.

4. Connect with your intuition. Pay attention to your womb and ask her for any advice, anything she would like you to know. Your womb is the carrier and life bringer of your wisdom. She holds your truth. And sometimes we require the space and stillness to be present, tolisten to what she has to say.

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Holistic apprpoach to healing

Many women who join my programs, often say they that they have been doing all the courses, they have been reading all the books, doing all the journaling but the thing that was often missing was the lived experience. Being a witness of the body in a way, so you start to trust that she can lead you. Doing embodiment practices isn’t about a pretty dance and executing them perfectly. Instead, embodiment practices that help us reconnect with and cultivate aliveness in the body so we become more attuned to the sensations and signals of the body. And feel safe to go there. This is real self care and real self love.

When we practice holistic living, we approach our divine feminine embodiment practices from a whole perspective of integration, awareness and presence. We can do this through integrating the five elements in sacred healing.

When we use the 5 elements in our feminine embodiment practice, we ensure that we tap into the wholeness of who we are. We start to connect with the elements of the earth and understand that we are the nature. We stop taking on roles and masks to be better and instead we rest in our wholeness and authentic self.

So if you desire to be more connected to your body, your womanhood and authentic self, I invite you to sign up to my FREE 7 day Series Erotic Feminine Embodiment.

These are filled with embodiment practices for you to feel nourished and activated in your being.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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