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Gifts for your soul and to awaken to your divine feminine essence.

To live a life more aligned to your heart womb and yoni.

FREE 7 day Series

Erotic Feminine Embodiment

To awaken to your feminine essence


This free series is for you if you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Feel beautiful and empowered 
  • Develop a loving relationship with your body
  • Unleash your wild woman 
  • Feel present with all that you feel in a sacred and safe way
  • Feel activated and energised
  • Practice self love in a way that feels nourishing
  • Connect with your inner feminine
mary magdalene

Awaken to the MagdalEne Wisdom

The Sacred Rose

This transmission includes a talk about the wisdom of Mary Magdalene and how her message lives through us, to live the most authentic life.

This is nothing religious, it is a spiritual transmission to reconnect with your feminine essence. 

It also includes a (replay) LIVE transmission/guided meditation from Mary Magdalene herself. Receive her blessings for healing the womb, heart and yoni. 

If you are new to the Magdalene Wisdom, curious or have been working with her archetype for a while now, this is for you. 

Sign up below to watch this special talk/meditation from my heart to yours.

Guided Journal

Connect with your Highest Self

Use these journal prompts to start thinking about who is this grandest version of you that might be hiding to conform to the expectations, or for the fear of being too much.

The woman of your dreams is waiting for you.

She is right here and embodying her everything.  If you want to become the woman of your dreams, you have to start harnessing the qualities of this woman and then start embodying her. 

The time is right now. You don’t need another thing to heal, or another thing to get done.

This woman can be accessed right now through you because she already exists.

So use the journaling prompts as a guide towards discovering your desires, your heart’s yearnings and knowing what makes you feel ALIVE. 


Return to your power, Pleasure center

Womb Heart Dance

This playful and easy embodiment practice is for releasing tension, stress, and control, and for returning back to the center of creativity and presence for calmness, and peace- your womb space. 

In order to connect with your ability to create and manifest from pleasure, it is essential that you connect with your center of power and creation, your womb or your sacral chakra.

Do this simple SOFT and joyful 4-step practice and you will immediately notice the benefits it will bring you. Once you watch this, put on your favorite music and do the 4 step process at your own rhythm.

Guided, visual medititon

New Moon Womb Ritual

A way to take things slowly, is to focus on your breath and get centered in your body.

Listen to your intuition.

Listen to your womb.

Listen to your heart. 

This is how we really listen to the wisdom of our womb and the truth of our heart. This is how we move in the direction that is closest to the woman we desire to be, which in essence is you in your highest frequency. 

Soo ….I am sending you a meditation that will help you do just that, that you can do as part of your ritual for the New Moon.

It is a meditation to help you connect with your womb and heart. 

A guided, visual meditation to release old energy as we move forward in this new shift, this new period of our life. And one that will help you align to your desires with the new moon energy.



Start your day feeling grateful for the blessings in your life

Daily Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is one of the first steps in bringing your awareness to this very moment and acknowledging the beauty and blessings all around you. It is how we shift our perspective from a challenging one and seeing the bliss in that moment. All it takes is practice. 

Divine Feminine Affirmations

Divine Feminine Affirmations to have you feeling not only centered but to also help you embody the vibration of inner beauty, divine feminine energy, self love, self worth and confidence in your body. As you listen to these love-infused words, feel empowered as you affirm them confidently.

free heart chakra meditation

The Meditation for self love and gratitude

Energise your Heart Meditation

Did you know that your heart takes the information and messages from higher intelligence- the Universe, God, the Divine, spirit. 

Here is a short and simple meditation to help you feel more at peace and connected with your heart that you can do anytime. 

When you learn to listen to your heart, you begin to connect with your soul and you become better guided into your soul’s purpose. 

Remember your heart is your greatest healer and the glue to all of your manifestations.

mexico city, forest, magical

Connect with your heart and womb

Feminine Womben

The simple yet beautiful and powerful, womb heart activation, meditative practice is for the woman ready to activate her Feminine wisdom to be more intuned with her intuition and sexual energy.

You can do this practice any time you are requiring some loving presence or to connect with your creativity, inspiration and intuitive power.

As you do this feel into the power, your divine feminine wisdom that is ALWAYS available to you. This is a moment of gratitude for your softness, for your inner mother essence and your sensual power that is always within you.