Womb Awakening: the Key to Unlocking Ecstatic Aliveness

There is no greater power than the womb.  It is the seat of wisdom. The bringer of life. It is a multidimensional passageway that can bring us closer to the cosmic womb that birthed all of creation.

 Your womb space is the portal into unlocking your ecstatic aliveness and potential as a woman.

5 Simple Ways to Stay in Your Feminine Flow

Cultivating a life aligned with feminine flow is a dedicated practice that must be intentionally nurtured within ourselves. And it doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Here are 5 simple ways to stay in your feminine flow and to infuse your daily routine with feminine magic.

Are You Hiding From Your True Power? Awaken to the Feminine Truth That Lives Within You

Your Feminine Truth doesn’t exist outside of you. Truth is felt through your body and your embodied experience.

How to Embody Queen Energy

How to Embody Queen Energy

When you think of being a queen in your own life, what comes up for you? 

The questions is are you walking around embodying the Queen in everything you do?

Embodying the Queen means you are available to be seen fully for who you are. And that requires that you embrace all of you. Imperfections and all…. unapologetically.

I believe when you embody this delicious Queen energy, you are so rooted in your own love.

Read more to discover some ways to start embodying Your Queen Energy.

Become the Woman you Desire to be in 2024

Become the Woman you Desire to be in 2024

Becoming the woman you desire to be this year is about becoming the best possible version of yourself, the type of woman you always dreamed of.  And not for anyone else or to impress a man, but for you, so that you can tap into your full potential and start feeling ecstatic. The woman of your dreams is there waiting for you.

The Erotic… what is it really?

The Erotic… what is it really?

When you think of the Erotic.. what do you think of straight away?

Does your mind go straight to what you do in the bedroom perhaps?

But let me tell you, the erotic is so much more than what happens in the bedroom.

The erotic is YOU in your natural feminine expression. This is key in cultivating your awakened feminine.

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