Signature 10 Week Group Immersion

Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself

Return to your Womanhood is a soulful experience to allow yourself to be present in a container  (1:1 or in a group) and to REConnect with Your Feminine Wisdom


Your Womanhood is for You, if you:

You feel  stuck or exhausted with all of your emotions and thoughts

Tend to not trust yourself, and shut down if things don’t work out

Feel ashamed about your body and sexuality

Are going through the motions of life, doing all the right things yet never feeling at peace

Feel guilty about experiencing pleasure but desire to feel PLEASURE

Feel unsafe or not worthy of feeling good

Are done with “manifesting” and receiving a way that exhausts you

Are you giving yourself away, not claiming what you truly want

Feel overwhelmed but ready to embrace ease in your body

Want to reconnect with your body and womb again, to listen and trust your soul’s voice

Are ready to express your sexuality in a way that feels authentic

Want to feel beautiful, alive and radiant

Desire to feel rested and at ease

YOUR WOMANHOOD is for the woman who DESIRES to

Experience ease, peace and safety in her body

Understand the nature and language of her body- when she feels doubt, shame and guilt

Feel sexy, alive and more connected to her self worth to be the best version of herself

Radiate in her own vitality and natural beauty

Feel confident, inspired and have clarity in her desires

Use her intuition to guide her life

Have courage to listen to her body NO and YES in life and relationships

Be engaged with all of her senses to be connected to her sensuality

Be fully embodied so she takes back her power

Know her standards and boundaries in a relationship

Feel nourished, grounded  and worthy of receiving a relationship that makes her feel full and replenished

Embrace pleasure as a way of healing

Reconnect to her EROTIC nature

Connected to & in tune with her greatest power in her WOMANHOOD in a private 1:1, cozy, safe setting with me. 

 When you feel nourished and reconnected with your WOMANHOOD through your womb, heart and body:


There is an inner knowing

You take back your power

You hear your YES and NO

There is a desire and force moving you to take action 

You become YOUR new version of BEAUTY

You embrace pleasure

You fall in love with yourself

You know your sensuality is your greatest source for healing 

Your relationship with yourself becomes more vibrant and nourished, which has ripple effects

Your relationships flourish

You engage with life from the place of ravishment

It is time you tap into your authentic self and become the woman you truly LOVE. 

The Truth is…

You know the voice of your Queen.

Sometimes we just need a safe, non judgmental, supportive, sacred space, to realign back into our authentic heart and the wisdom of our womb. To be guided back into your feminine wisdom and to be given sensual embodiment practices to reconnect with the woman you truly are at the core. 

Because let’s face it, we live in a fast paced, masculine dominated world, where it just doesn’t support the feminine expression. Where it doesn’t support us to feel nourished, sensual and alive.

When we feel overwhelmed, angry, or in self doubt, this can leave us feeling out of balance, disconnected from our intuition, and even afraid to voice our desires and needs in relationships.

This is the most sacred space where you can reconnect with the essence of you and remember with your whole WOMANHOOD through sensuality and intimacy,  so then your QUEEN self becomes alive and she begins to lead your life.

This is my role for you. To be the space holder as you explore the answers of your womb and connect with your sensuality and pleasure. This is where you remember your womanhood and what that means for you.

My 1:1 sessions are more than just private sessions for helping you deal with stress.

They are usually intuitive and although you will be talking and sharing, we integrate different gentle, somatic, healing practices  to help you feel grounded, at peace and beautiful. 

They are non invasive sessions to reconnect and return to your womanhood. 

We will connect with your beautiful body, to know what it feels like to be in your body, activating your sensuality. Here is where you access your divine feminine wisdom.

We will recognise what has been holding you back from living your most pleasurable and blossoming life.

We will release and reconnect with embodiment practices to help you move through different feelings of shame, resistance and fear. 

We will practice pleasure and igniting your aliveness to relearn how it feels to embrace the biggest, grandest version of you- the woman you were born to be. 


Safe space


non linear movement


breathing techniques


tuning into intentions and desires


sensual and pleasure practices


womb/yoni embodiment practices


clearing triggers and energising practices


embodiment practices to feel alive in your body


online so we can connect wherever you are

Using pleasure through touch, visualisation, movement & breath to cultivate safety, to release and to IGNITE your ALIVENESS in gentle ways. 

Other Online Programs


The 10 week group temple for igniting, unleashing and empowering your feminine wisdom. This is about reconnecting and remembering the true essence of YOU.


feminine remembrance, online program, divine feminine


7 day program to reconnect with your body, womb and heart. A program filled with embodiment practices for replenishment and sensual aliveness.


free embodiment program

Working with Jessica was a wonderful journey. I am so grateful for this amazing and life-changing opportunity and experience. I started to feel a transformation in myself, about my beliefs, feelings and emotions. And I let myself be guided by Jessica, with her smooth and sensitive voice, and her way of being. I went into a journey through my inner self. We explored together a lot of the shadow sides of myself as I was diving in and was feeling the emotions that came up, so I could emerge safely, and experience pleasure and sensuality the way I deserve. For the first time, I could connect and truly experience an embodiment and alignment in my body, mind and spirit, as well as find my own truth. Now I’m able to listen to my inner voice, hold and embrace my darkness,to have intimacy with myself, feel aligned with my inner cicles, to feel more sensual, to glow radiance, and become my own healer. So, for the women who want to feel all that I mention, and for the women who are ready to reclaim themselves and be the Goddesses of their lives, I so much recommend working with Jessica Angileri and being guided by her.

Ines, Portugal

“Jessica is an amazing, wise guide that helped me feel myself after having children when I was exhausted in mind, body and soul. Her sessions were gentle and non-instrusive. Thank you!”

– Tina Walker (Sydney, Australia)

Jessica helped me realize the importance of self care and knowing what my needs are so I can set boundaries in my relationships. Her work also helped me connect to and listen to my body.

-Jennifer Dalian (Sydney, Australia)

Jessica created an exceptional experience that has helped me to connect with my body and my authentic self in such a gentle way. 
I loved her beautiful curated embodiment practices in the form of  ritual, self massage, breathing exercise and movement.
 I experience anxiety and not being able to feel relaxed as an overachieving, perfectionist myself. Jessica taught me how to be safe and held in my body through touch, breathe, smell, taste and sight – engaging all my senses. And to feel worthy of pleasure . Thank you Jessica 


-Daphne, Denmark

Your Self Care Investments

For us to step into loving relationships with others, we need to have the most loving relationships with ourselves, and I am here to support you in this journey of love, sensuality and pleasure. 

If it is the first time we are meeting, please book a free discovery call with me, so we can connect on your intentions and see if we are great fit before working today. Or remember you can always connect with me directly here

Or  Write to me directly at jessica@jessicaangileri.com and let me know you are ready to book in a Feminine Reconnect session with me. 

Feminine Reconnect

  • 1x Intimate Call (Approx. 60 min)

Your Investment

$175 USD


Your Womanhood Signature

  • 2x Intimate Call (Approx. 60 min)

Your Investment

$320 USD


Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself 10 Week Group Immersion

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My soul’s mission is to guide you to experience your full sensual potential, to open yourself up to deep and authentic passion in your life and know that you are a source of magnetism to the LOVE you desire. 

As women, we can feel deep pleasure, joy and sensual confidence when we return home to the body and the feminine, to cultivate our sensuality and erotic. The erotic, which is the ALIVENESS, is the secret to a life of love, abundance and ease

 THE SECRET medicine is all in your deep, intimate CONNECTION WITH your FEMININE ENERGY. 

Whether it is in my 1:1 private setting or my group immersion,  I hold ensure I hold space with love and non-judgement so we enliven your senses, tap into your sensual self and access your NATURAL ecstatic potential with no apologies, all whilst developing the safety within you. 

This is how you realize the love, and peace that exists within you always.


I have a Masters degree in Education and was a professional samba dancer for many years.

 I have worked with women across the world and I am the living embodiment of facing my fears and following my heart and intuition for the things my womb and heart truly desires. I even moved across the world for a relationship to blossom.

I have extensive knowledge in erotic movement, somatic work, and Tantra and I approach coaching in a holistic and loving way.

I am all about holding the safe space for you to explore the depths of your feminine, your expression, your fears, your guilts and shame to blossom like a flower you are. 


For the last decade, I have dedicated my experience and expertise to the Divine Feminine Wisdom as this is what guides all of my work for women to awaken to their own feminine wisdom.  I have led circles in Tulum with women from around the world and had the huge privilege to witness the awakening of their full feminine potential as they embody the ways of The Feminine. Especially when we come together in circle.  This sensual, pleasure journey is simply magical!

I have overcome my own suppressed feminine expression, disconnection to my body and pleasures and now live my life in absolute devotion to love and trust to my feminine. I have a beautiful conscious relationship with a man who adores me and I live my life in such a way that honors the beauty, love and grace within and around me. 

And I want that for you my love.

Love Jessica xxx


7 Day

Erotic Feminine Embodiment Free Series