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Nov 29, 2023Sacred Femininity, Sexuality

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Your sensuality is that inner feeling. It is so deep within you. It's an experience, an aliveness.  Living a sensual life and becoming a sensual woman means we have the potential to derive pleasure out of every single waking moment. It’s the ability to turn the sensations that would be normally overlooked, into pleasurable enriching experiences. And in this way your sexual experiences become more enriched through your sensuality.

In this blog, we will explore sensuality and the intimate expression of the senses through your feminine flow. Sensuality is about being intimate with the sensations of your body. Really intimate with senses of hearing, movement, touch, emotions etc. So it’s a level of sensitivity to the way your body relates to the world and a willingness to listen to it. This is all about you becoming connected to your body and your natural sensual essence.

So…Let’s dive deeper into what it means to be a sensual woman through your senses.

I also invite you to check out my episode where I dive deeper into this theme about being a sensual woman through your senses.

Sensuality is not the same as sexuality

One thing I want to mention is that sensuality and sexuality are not same.

Sensuality is different. Your sensuality is that inner feeling. It is so deep within you. It’s an experience, an aliveness

Living a sensual life means we have the potential to derive pleasure out of every single waking moment. It’s the ability to turn the sensation of wetness of your mouth, the air on your skin, the sensations that would be normally overlooked, into pleasurable enriching experiences. 

So it is not the same as sexuality which is what it normally gets married to.

Sensuality builds on the experience of sexuality and when we infuse it with our sensual nature it becomes so much more real and fulfilling. And that means our sexual experiences become more rich.

Although sensuality and sexuality are different, they are connected because your sexuality relies on your sensuality to be connected and intimate.  You cannot be in a sexual experience when you are not embracing your sensual side. So sensuality asks you to become fully present in your body, in your sensations. Dropped in. Intimate with yourself and your internal and external world. 

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Your sensuality is you at your core, experiencing all of your sensations in your body and when you have a sexual experience, this is how you can reach higher potentials of pleasure. 

There is a feminine pulse that’s alive within all of us. It is like a fire. And these pulses and sensations that are in your body are connected to your feelings, expressions and your sexual expressions. Your sensations are what drive your aliveness, and how you can live to your fullest potential.  Your sexuality is this expression of that inner feeling within you that caters for that energetic force. So this is how we also know what we love and desire.  

Sensuality and your senses

Sensuality is made up of your sensory nature. It is connected to your senses. And this is how you interact with world and experience the world.

Your sensuality is this channel in us that helps us connect with life, with beauty and with love. 

We are always experiencing life at each moment. Its abundant and rich in the way we do this.

Often, I hear women say “I’m not sensual.” But we are inherently sensual, similar to nature.  But what has happened is, that we have become disconnected from this way of moving through life, we are in the mind. And this means we are not fully dropped into the sensations.

We see sensuality as this thing that is shameful and therefore it has been repressed. This has left us fundamentally disconnected from our pleasure, our power, and our capacity to claim our bodies as our own. And when we are disconnected from our world and our experiences, we experience life from the mind level only.  So that means we become less in the body and when you’re less in the body, we become more rigid in the way we experience life and its magnificence. 

So tapping back into your sensuality is more needed for us women to feel relaxed and at peace.

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Sensuality is healing

As women, we are constantly trying to navigate through all the information coming at us, and we have blocked off the beautiful sensual pleasures available to us. No fault of our own. We have blocked off our way to interact with the world and its beauty through our sensual expression.

It would be so easy for me to sit here and say yes this is the place you need to be. But I also know how it doesn’t come easy for us women because we have been moving by default from the space of the mind constantly, disconnected from our sensual nature. We are in survival because we are trying to keep up. So our body has done what she has needed to do to survive. 

So this work of the feminine and embracing sensuality is more important than we realise. We can learn how to feel safe in the body, to drop in and be offered other tools to reconnect with the art of sensuality. 

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Embrace sensual practices to become more present with pleasure

By doing little things in your daily life to become more present, you can enhance your ability to connect with life and the pleasures around you through your senses.

You can be sensual every single day in every moment. It is the way you taste those flavors.

The way you feel the wetness of your mouth.

It’s in the way you use your touch, your sound, your breath. All of which is how you connect with not only your senses, but it goes deeper. It is how you allow life, Spirit, Love to move through you and therefore connect with the Divinity you are. And in this way, you feel more, and you open up to more pleasure. This is key to embracing beauty and love.

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You are inherently a sensual Woman

You are inherently sensual. So you are not learning to be sensual, you are just here remembering the sensual nature that you are. And that’s why my work is so important, I guide women to realizing their sensual nature through the reclamation of their body in a holistic way. 

This is exactly what we do inside the sensual, sacred sexuality and pleasure sisterhood group program Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself. – You can get on the waiting list now.

By reconnecting with your erotic innocence you realise the sensual woman that you are. You feel the sensual element with each breath, breathing in beauty and love. Activating your aliveness to connect with life and people in much deeper and enriched ways. And this is how we feel greater joy and gratitude in our lives.

So when you begin to reclaim this beautiful essence of you, you not only become more connected with your body but you begin to become aware of how you are engaging with life. 

You realize what you love and desire in a sexual experience. 

You understand the way you respond to life.

You realize your need to slow down and pause in a sacred way.

You become more comfortable with your naked body and in this way, you begin to take pleasure in your body. 

You then have better, more pleasurable sexual experiences but also in moments that are not sexual.

You see flowers brighter, you feel love deeply and you engage with your body in sensual, slow ways.

In this way you begin to communicate with life- you take in the abundance of life and pleasures of life. This is how you bring more joy into our lives.  You feel more gratitude for life. 

You feel more connected to life and others. You develop a loving relationship with yourself and then with others, you feel more connected with your loved one.

You feel the joy of presence. 

And by engaging in sensual practices this is how we ignite our feminine essence. This is the key to embodiment.

So sister, let me know how this landed with you.


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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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