What does a healthy, conscious relationship look like?

How to know if you are ready for in an intimate relationship or not. Discover what a relationship can bring to you and how you can grow from them.

How to get over an ex or a breakup the empowered way

I get asked this question ALOT when women come to work..
“What are the strategies to get over an ex?”
We are all seeking the answer to this. We want to know what happened and how to get over an ex fast. In other words, how to mend a broken heart fast. Continue to read this blog and discover how I got over my ex and what I did.

How to bring intimacy into your relationship

When you think about intimacy, how does that make you feel?
Where does your mind go when you think of intimacy?

In this blog, I will speak about intimacy and some ways that you can practice the art of intimacy to bring in bliss, aliveness and love into your life and when in a conscious relationship.

What is in a woman’s power?

What is in a woman’s power?

What really is in a woman's power and what does this really mean? When a woman is in her power this has nothing to do with wearing red lipstick, wearing a suit or being the loudest in the room to be heard. A woman's power is not in her having sex like a man. A woman's...

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