Don’t Dim To Fit In Oracle Card Meaning

It is time to stop dimming your light to accommodate someone else’s smallness or their insecurities. We are all born to shine big and bright.

Why do we need Feminine Embodiment Practices

When we explore feminine embodiment practices, we often understand that embodiment means a practice, or that it is a dance where we follow steps. But it is not the practice itself that is embodiment. It is the relationship you have with your body, your feelings and sensations, and breathing in love , that manifests as embodiment.

The marriage between Sacred Feminine And Sacred Masculine

Something we need to understand as women is that in order for us to thrive in our feminine, we must also have the focus and structure, the container, the beholder of the sacred masculine.  

You’re Already Doing It Oracle Card Meaning

You’re Already Doing It Oracle Card Meaning

The oracle card “You’re Already Doing It” from Rebecca Campbell’s Oracle deck Work Your Light inspired me to write this blog today, with the oracle card meaning. To remind you that everything is working out in divine timing.

Your dream, vision, project…It’s all closer than you think.

Connect with mother earth For ABUNDANCE

Connect with mother earth For ABUNDANCE

The Great Mother that is all around us and within us.
This is all about creating abundance of all forms in your life. We cannot speak about the divine feminine if we don’t speak about Mother Earth. For we are divinely connected and one with the great Mother after all. 

We come here as abundant, which is  the plentiful availability of something. This can be money, it can be love, joy, food, security, anything can be in an abundant state.

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