Embody the Sacred Feminine

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A Mystical Healing Journey into Sacred Feminine Awakening, Integrating the Embodiment Feminine Arts


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 Feminine Embodiment In Your Own Home Feminine Retreat

A powerful and sacred experience of Divine Feminine Embodiment and Awakening for the woman ready to uplift her life and feel connected to her feminine essence.

Rooted in somatic practices, like conscious dance and meditations that transport you to the realms of your Soul….

Embody the Sacred Feminine is a mystical, transformative program for EVERY WOMAN ready to reconnect with & embody the SACRED FEMININE through her temple body – The temple of her Goddess.

Inspired by the ELEMENTS, this self-paced online course provides you with a sense of opening deeper into the Great Mother’s grace, fierce love and wisdom through your body; heart and womb, as you unite with the Earth’s elements that live through you.

The practice of sacred self-care involves getting to know yourself in a much more intimate way and evoking what’s deep within you. 

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Embody Your Sacred Feminine With The Feminine Embodiment Arts

A Somatic Approach to Healing

An Online Self-Guided Instant Access Course

$47 USD Introductory Offer

Your Ultimate Womb, Heart, Soul, Body Connection Program

Who is this for?


Whether you’re a dancer or a complete beginner  or have just started your spiritual journey, this program will cover the foundations your sacred feminine could need to feel alive and turned on – from sensual practices, and intuitive movements, to mindful breathing and journaling, these are beautiful ways to work with your own (sometimes very stuck) energy.

 This self paced course is for any woman who is ready to not only release and gain relief in the body and in her emotions but who is ready to embody her feminine energy which is vital to:

  • Unlock your full creative potential
  • Become more comfortable dancing and moving your body more freely
  • Cultivate deeper self love, confidence and worthiness
  • Develop your relationship with the great Mother and Spirit
  • Gain more fluidity, mobility, and awareness of your body in motion
  • Fill your life with more inspiration, beauty, and flow
  • Establish a sense of peace and safety within
  • Expand your internal awareness and the messages through your soul

Imagine this…


Feeling complete relief and lightness in your whole body

Feeling connected to your feminine energy in a fun way

✓ Releasing stress stored in the body and hips (yes, we store a lot in the womb/hips) and tapping into your true and creative self

Feeling confident in your body and strong in your self worth

✓ Feeling healthy and connected to your sweet feminine power centers- womb and heart

✓Remembering your connection with the Earth to feel grounded and anchored in your body

✓ Connecting with your intuition in a feminine way

✓ Feeling balanced by establishing a mind -heart- soul – body connection that will transform the way you make decisions, live and move through life

Through beautiful sacred dances, meditations and journaling practices- you will unlayer from the wounds, patterns, fears and things that have kept you bound to your limited self.

And you will create space to reunite with the WHOLE QUEEN WOMAN. 

You will slow down, reconnect and nourish the Goddess within to access your wisdom, to get clear about what you desire, and to practice feeling bliss and joy in the process.


Hey gorgeous, I’m Jessica

I’m an embodiment, pleasure and sensuality mentor and my greatest passion is erotic dance and conscious movement, and guiding women to know this great joy and bliss through flow. 

For years I lived a disembodied life which led me to not trusting my body’s wisdom. I walked into relationships not knowing my worth and seeing my feminine as a great weakness.

Everything started to change for me and my life began to open up when I started to dance samba, and when I started to consciously work with my womb and heart.

I went from living an anxious, disconnected life to loving life, and seeing the beauty and love in all moments. Especially the challenging ones.

I’ve created Embody your Sacred Feminine with fun healing practices, like embodiment dances,  journaling inquiries to really dive into all the parts of you that are ready to be reclaimed as your gift, and meditations to journey into your beautiful soul. With movement, breath and meditation you will feel your way into your body, womb and heart. And begin connecting with your feminine through your beautiful Goddess body.

I’m here to show you how to establish a loving relationship with your soul through your body that was given to you just for YOU.

See you gorgeous!

Much love

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…I’ve spent years dancing Samba, moving my hips, and working on my worth into a feminine self care embodiment ritual to feel AMAZING all over. And I am here to help you create your own…


And you don’t have to be a dancer to love this.

I have made this self paced program so simple, non invasive and easy enough for anyone to do.

The sacred feminine awakening, I like to call it, is the LOVE AFFAIR with LIFE.  And when this woman awakens to this beautiful sacred feminine juice within her, she becomes fully embodied, and she starts to feel and become the magic. 

Merging Sensuality, Spirituality and Success as one

How will embodying your sacred feminine through rituals and the feminine arts change your life?

I spent years trying to understand why I felt lost, unworthy and doubted my own decisions. I spent years trying to work out why I had tension in my hips.

It wasn’t until I started to unleash my hips and body through conscious movement, that I started to access my wisdom and then started to consciously work with my heart to anchor into my fierce love.

Through my connection,  I started to feel more at ease in my body. 

I began to listen to my body’s intelligence and trust the whispers of her, the Earth and my own soul.

It is time we return to our innate, graceful power and make space for our wholeness which is messy, raw, fierce, soft, gentle, powerful, confident… all of it.

Conscious movement, somatic and embodiment practices, help you understand the nature and language of your body.

Finding a way to work with your emotions through conscious movement and breath practices is a game changer. And then when you combine it with soulful meditation practices, you receive the answers, you open to more bliss and love, and you realise how worthy you are. 

In order to fully access and embody our feminine, creative essence, we are called to liberate our Spirit from the wounds and conditionings that we hold in the body and womb.

Embodying your feminine doesn’t have to be hard…

We can start it right here, right now.
When you join Embody your Sacred Feminine today, you get immediate access to the whole program. You can start feeling YUMMY right now.
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Join Embody the Sacred Feminine and Start Connecting Today


Your Investment to Yourself

$97 USD

$67 USD

Introductory Offer : $47 USD

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Here’s what you get when you sign up!

Masterclass on Embodying the Sacred Feminine ($111)

✓ 5 feminine embodiment sacred dances/movement somatic practices ($333)

Journal prompts and inquiries PDF ($77)

5 Guided meditations to support each journal practice ($222)

Lifetime Access to All journal, meditations and Practices ($77)

About the Modules

 Bloom With Her
Equilibrium + Embody Softness

Connect with the Air element

Feel Lighter as you anchor down into the body to rise back up and meet with the divinity you are.

You will slow down to connect with your breath and body.  Become present to hear your intuition and the messages of your highest self. 

When you connect with the presence of breath, you connect with the gift of life creating energy that brings forth your desires. You also bring a deeper awareness and appreciation for where you are in this moment. 

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What you receive…

  • Meditation that focuses on becoming present and relaxed with your breath.
  • Journaling prompts that guide you into shifting limiting beliefs about yourself to open up to new  perspectives.
  • Bloom With Her Sacred Dance that embodies the lightness and softness of the feminine. Feel lighter and embody the strength, as you welcome the duality of life. You will use spinning as a way to connect with the divine and anchor the message into your body. 

 Melt like honey

Magnetism + Embody Love and Sensuality


Rise in love as you meet with your sensual woman. Connect with your innate sensual feminine qualities, by tapping into your heart and womb, to receive the messages of your inner Goddess, to guide you, and to emanate divine beauty, love and grace that you are. 

Connect with the feminine element of water through your womb and ignite your sensual nature as you connect with your senses.

You will be awakened to your vibrant Sensuality through sensual movement, and experience how cultivating sensuality can have an immense impact on your intuition, feminine wisdom and overall magnetism.

You will also become the mother for your Inner Child’ & manifest self-love in your everyday life as you bring the feminine qualities of nourishment, nurturance and sensual connection. 

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What you receive…

  • Guided Journey (Visual Meditation) into your heart and womb to meet with your INNER CHILD. You will re-mother your inner child, remember your desires and gifts, and awaken to your inner Goddess expression.
  • Journaling prompts that help you become your own beloved.
  • Fluid Dance of the Sacred Feminine that allows you to melt like honey and extract this delicious nectar of your heart and womb, to embody the magnetic, sensual woman you were born to be. Ignite your sensuality, threading heart and womb together, as a way to connect with your authentic truth.

Rise Warrior Woman
Strength + Embody Fierce Truth


Meet with your inner warrior woman and anchor into the powerful truth of your heart, where masculine meets feminine. 

Let go of the worries, doubts and need for external validation. Cultivate the courage to face the parts of you that have felt shame, fear, and judgment and meet with your fierce love. 

Meet with the strength and willpower as you walk through life energized, confident and anchored into your authenticity.

Here, you have trust and remember that you are worthy, enough and WHOLE.

flowers, plants, feminine energy, embodiment

What you receive…

  • Guided Journey (Visual Meditation) for cultivating self worth. Be taken on the journey into the ancient, wild temples of your inner sanctuary and upgrade in your queen codes. Ignite the fire within to empower any challenges and awaken to your worth and sovereign heart.
  • Journaling prompts that help you unlayer some ‘shoulds’ and understand what it is you need in  your life to feel supported and empowered. 
  • Powerful Warrior Dance to release pain and  anger, and transmute it into the fuel for your desires. to ignite your inner warrioress. Meet with her fierceness through your posture and walks, and take ownership of your power.

Mother, I Feel You

Groundedness + Embody Her Nurturing Medicine


When we return to the Great Mother, we understand that we are nature and she is here providing us with so much healing, and unconditional love. When we live more in sync with Mother Earth, the more we coexist with Her and her cycles.  And in this, we respect her.

We create this new Mother World of LOVE and EMPATHY as we used to do. She teaches us that we are here to walk this path of love, compassion and ascension through her, as she lives through us and around us.

Bring healing to your life as you connect with Mother Earth.

flowers, plants, feminine energy, embodiment

What you receive…

  • Guided Journey (Visual Meditation) for healing your connection with the Earth and to bring Her healing, compassionate, loving qualities into your internal world. Feel grounded, set intentions and manifest them into your physical world.
  • Journaling Prompts to guide you to know what you require to feel nourished and to plant your seeds of intentions.
  • Mother, I Feel You Sacred Dance  to drop further down from the mind and into your body. Feel Mother Earth’s support as you dance with her, remember your great relationship with her and your ancestors. 

Plus You Will Receive:

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Bonus Modules

  • Masterclass about Sacred Feminine Awakening and a PDF guide outlining all the different ways you can embody the feminine in your life. 

  •  Journey of your inner sanctuary. Explore the elements of the Earth in your space. And come to know your inner sanctuary for protection and love.

  • Closing ritual- meditative conscious dance combining all the elements and archetypes that we explore in this course, to come into communion with your Queen Whole Self.

Embody Your Sacred Feminine With The Feminine Embodiment Arts

A Somatic Approach to Healing

An Online Self-Guided Instant Access Course

$47 USD Introductory Offer

May All The Elements Within You Awaken to Meet with The Spirit Within

Created and Founded by Jessica Angileri

Certified Teacher (Masters),  Former Samba Dancer, Erotic Educator, Sensual Embodied Facilitator, Queen of Love

Jessica Angileri is a Feminine Embodiment and Erotic Educator who devotes her life to revolutionizing the way women connect with their feminine, love and sensuality. With a Master’s Degree in Education, Former Brazilian Samba dancer, and devotional studies in the Tantric Embodiment Arts, Jessica guides modern-day, spiritual women around the world to reclaim their erotic power and place in this world with no apologies.

Jessica weaves her innate capacity for deep feeling and sensing through the body, her love for exploring the dark feminine, such as sexuality and sensuality, and she brings healing and reverence through her sacred work.

Through erotic movement, breathwork, meditation and womb connection,  Jessica provides a safe container for women to explore the depths of their denied and repressed aspects of their feminine to return to the wholeness and true essence of who they are.

Jessica stands for a world where women feel safe, alive and free in their bodies, hearts, minds, sexuality, spirituality & eroticism, outside the limited and confined constructs of patriarchal femininity that have contorted women out of their innate embodied aliveness.

This is why she has founded the Feminine Remembrance Immersion. 

Discover more. 

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