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Inviting you to a FREE Divine Feminine Practice to Heal and Awaken your Inner Goddess RADIANCE, to CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE, BEAUTY and POWER.

Replay available for a limited time. 


This FREE transmission includes a talk about the wisdom of Mary Magdalene and how her message lives through us, to live the most authentic life.

It includes a (replay) LIVE transmission/guided meditation from Mary Magdalene herself. Receive her blessings for healing the womb, heart and yoni. 

How to Embody Queen Energy Masterclass

Tune into this masterclass to discover how to step into and embody the Queen’s energy.

I’m sharing why so many women decide not to give themselves the royal treatment they deserve, and I’m showing you how you can stop hiding, how to decide what you want and go after it by embodying the energy of a leader, through the energy of the heart.

A woman who practices self-worth and self-love holds more power than she thinks.

A conscious relationship thrives and blossoms when a woman feels nourished and connected to her feminine.

Tune into this talk around the conscious relationship and what that actually means- What it really takes for a relationship to flourish.

Full Moon Guided Meditation

This guided, visual meditation encourages healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

 The Full Moon represents a time of completion, wholeness, and illumination. Its illumination intensity is a powerful energy and is a symbol of self-awareness and unveiling of the hidden truths.

Use this meditation to feel cleansed and to return back to your wholeness under each Full Moon. 

New Moon Meditation

 A guided meditation that will help you to connect with your womb and heart. 

A meditation to release old energy as we move forward in this new shift, this new period of our life. And one that will help you align to your desires with the new moon energy.

You can also do this when you are bleeding by the way. 

Feminine Remembrance:

Come Home To Yourself


Activate your Queen Codes and RELOVE YOURSELF in this Pleasure, Sensuality, Healing 10 week Group  Immersion: Feminine Remembrance

This immersion is the initiation to be in the embodiment of your womanhood.

We will sit in sisterhood to know that we women thrive in spaces of safety and connection.

We will return to the wholeness of you through connecting with the denied and repressed aspects of you that may be still keeping you in hiding, in disconnection and in pain.

And together we will walk hand in hand rising to connect with the Queen you were born to be through sensuality, sacred sexuality and love. 

Free 7 Day Erotic Feminine Embodiment Program

Sign up to the 7 day series to activate your sensuality, be connected with your feminine naure and become present in your body for real loving self care and nourishment.

About Jessica

Jessica Angileri is a Feminine Embodiment and Erotic Educator who devotes her life into revolutionizing the way women connect with their divine feminine, body and sensuality. She is the founder and creator of Feminine Remembrance, a life changing immersion of embodiment, sacred sexuality and manifestation.

As a former Professional Brazilian Samba dancer,  wth a Master Degree in Education,  and studies in the Ancient Tantric Embodiment Arts, she intertwines these studies into her life’s work.

Through erotic, sensual movement, breathwork, meditation  and somatic touch,  Jessica provides a safe container for high achieving women around the world to explore the depths of their inherent wisdom, pleasure and sexuality, to return to the wholeness and true essence of who they are, unapologetically. 

Jessica desires to see all women relearn  a loving relationship with themselves, to then experience a conscious and thriving relationship with another in the same way she experiences today.

Jessica’s Blogs

Reclaim your Libido As A Woman Through Self Love

Reclaim your Libido As A Woman Through Self Love

If you are feeling a little low in you Libido lately, it may be time to look at your self-love.

When you don’t feel worthy or connected to your sense of self, it’s hard to feel connected to your body and your sense of pleasure.

This is why self love plays an important role.

Womb Awakening: the Key to Unlocking Ecstatic Aliveness

Womb Awakening: the Key to Unlocking Ecstatic Aliveness

There is no greater power than the womb.  It is the seat of wisdom. The bringer of life. It is a multidimensional passageway that can bring us closer to the cosmic womb that birthed all of creation.

 Your womb space is the portal into unlocking your ecstatic aliveness and potential as a woman.