How well do you know your menstrual Cycle?

I wanted to share some of the things that I wish I had known growing up when it comes to relating to my menstrual cycle. And then I am going to share the four menstrual cycle phases that I wish for every woman to know.

Why self nourishment is essential for a woman to feel joy, love and pleasure

Nourishment and inner healing isn’t just another thing we put on the to do list. It is not another thing you have to do. It is part of your beingness. It is a wonderful, fulfilling journey of self discovery and surrender to love that will always heal you.

Let’s wake up to the power of the menstrual cycle

A woman her embraces her menstrual cycle, her menstruation, knows that this special time is her medicine. It is magic for not only her but everyone in her energetic field. As a woman softens and embraces this time, she becomes a priestess to her own throne. She ignites her divine feminine energy which is creativity, playfulness, flow and surrender. She steps into her worth and lives from integrity. She knows how to set boundaries and understands her desires. 

How to make a healthy chia pudding

How to make a healthy chia pudding

But First... Why Chia?Chia seeds are packed with nutrients and antioxidents. They are home to Mexico and Guatamala. I am so grateful for Mexico's gift. It is something I cherish about this country and it is abundance of fresh and organic produce. Dating all the way...

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