4 Reasons to bring Sensuality into your life

May 31, 2023Awakening, Sexuality

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What is the key to smoothing out repetitive triggers and pain? What is the secret to radiance and sexual confidence? What can help you uplift and allow you to really enjoy your beautiful body with no resistance? What can guide you into your spiritual connection and leadership? What can help you to move through self […]

What is the key to smoothing out repetitive triggers and pain?

What is the secret to radiance and sexual confidence?

What can help you uplift and allow you to really enjoy your beautiful body with no resistance?

What can guide you into your spiritual connection and leadership?

What can help you to move through self doubts?

What can you do on the path towards a life of pleasure without needing to change your entire life?

Sensual practices my dear sister. 

Sensuality is your sacred, secret power, your drive towards your pleasure and therefore your radiance.

Taking on a sensual practice is more than just doing a sexy dance, or doing something nice for yourself as a woman. 

It is also not confined to one moment, like something you do in the bedroom. 

Sensuality is a way of being and a way of life.

It is true embodiment. 

Developing a conscious relationship with your body, turning it into a sacred love affair, is a life-changing experience that can help you access deep intimacy, shared connection and peace of mind. It is the pathway into self leadership and success in your life in all areas.

In Ancient times, developing a sensual practice was part of the initiatory process into womanhood, into becoming a priestess, a healer—any role that was meant to be part of your soul’s calling. Sensuality is the pathway into touching the Goddess within you. As you make love with life through your senses.

Nowadays, sensuality continues to be essential for any woman who wishes to create a life filled with joy, peace and deep, authentic love.

Let’s step on this sacred path and start including sensuality in our modern lifestyle.

Let’s learn how to develop femininity and access our magnetic potential.

Here are 4 reasons to start bringing sensuality into your life -of course there are many more, but this is a great start.

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1. Sensuality is a woman’s birthright

It is a woman’s birthright. When you engage in sensual practices, you become more connected with your self, your partner and spirit. This is not what we have been taught. We often believe that sensuality some sexual act, or a performance. You see sensuality is not confined to specific moments; it is an ongoing state of being. It’s about feeling free and alive in the mind, body, and soul. This is true self leadership. When a woman is tuned into her “turn on,” she takes control of how she desires to feel. She becomes more aligned with her purpose. She feels successful in her life.

When we are plugged into our turn on, sensuality, every cell in our body dances with joy- we wake up to the profound connection between our lower chakras and our heart. We begin to move forward with our life with our sexual energy ignited. When we embrace sexual energy fearlessly, recognizing it as our magical life force, we turn our radiance on. We move difficult emotions through the body as we stay open to change and shifting our current state.

Sensuality is about being completely aware, and fully expressed in your womanhood, your erotic expression. This is true power. There is nothing “sexual” about it.

It is how you develop and drop into your healthy feminine and access your natural magnetic potential. 

2. Sensuality helps you relax and unwind

The idea of slowing down and relaxing can feel difficult.

This is one of the main things I hear from women of all ages. Of all backgrounds.

To be sensual requires being plugged into our body and to slow down. This can feel harder than we might expect. We know that slowing down and relaxing is needed but why do we resist it as women?

Our nervous system is not “rational”. We can’t simply command it: “I need to relax”, and there you go, relaxation happens. We don’t just say ok yes now I am turned on. We are not wired like this unfortunately.
What a wonderful world it would be if we did all do that.

Unwinding and creating an environment where femininity can flourish is a process.

Because the culture of moving fast is real. And this does not serve our feminine to thrive. We value production, fixing fast, talking fast, processing fast. working out fast, fast results.

All of which pulls us away from connection, authenticity and more into perfection. Into overdrive.

We go to the doctors, we are told to take this and that to solve the issue fast. 

And so we have communicated with our nervous system and brain that it feels more comfortable to be in states of stress. And then this is what leads to self sabotage. Because we haven’t fully dropped in and practiced this process of sensuality.

We put deep belly breath, slow sensual hip movements on the back burner.

We don’t value the “act” of just “being” and in enjoying our own presence, our delicious touch and slow movement.

The easiest way to start practicing sensuality is through feminine rituals that gently activate your senses, helping you slow down and unwind. And of course you can start this beautiful process right here.

 3. Cultivating sensuality increases your vitality

A common thing that I have witnessed with women when they come into my spaces is that they hold onto ideas for why they are not beautiful, therefore why they can’t experience their sensual body or intimacy with themselves or with a partner.

Many women don’t realise their vitality is activated when they are connected with their body and nature. We are nature after all.

The feminine loves to be nurtured by Mother Earth. This is why she is here. She offers her gifts of nourishment to us when we need it. And this is why using her elements to enhance our senses, the pathway into sensuality, creates a beautiful foundation of our vitality, fertility and sensuality.

Our connection to Mother Earth using our senses expands our ability to feel passion and blessings within us and around us in each moment. This is powerful secret for our radiance.

Opening your senses and becoming aware, is a feminine practice that allows you to start experiencing the depth of your sensuality. That’s what feminine practices are about- connection through your body.

 4. Sensuality helps you open for intimacy and eroticism

Many of us believe that intimacy and eroticism are outcomes of chemistry and being with your beloved.

Intimacy is not limited to what we do in the bedroom. Intimacy begins with the relationship you have with yourself and how much you allow yourself to connect. How you allow yourself to get present with what is truly there- dark and all. Intimacy through your sensuality can then of course teach us how to guide our beloved into slow sex, enticing their senses, and melting into pure pleasure.

Cultivating sensuality is accessing your eros and eroticism which is embodied presence. It is about being tuned in to what is alive within your system and your environment. This is what sensuality brings to us. And when we nurture it and make this part of our way of living, we feel more pleasure, joy, we feel more alive, we feel more connected to that feeling of love, we feel expansive. We are not afraid of our dreams.

It allows us to be in our true natural essence. This is how we allow ourselves to be with the most darkest moments because we know always that we have agency and a choice to come out of the darkness to meet with the pure bliss of being alive again.

So our sensuality raises your vibration, working like a magnet for passion and pleasure, with or without a partner.

It teaches us how to awaken the senses, build erotic momentum and allow Shakti to envelop and guide us through the realm of pure pleasure. Watch this video about erotic embodiment here.

Sensuality is the step forward toward your womanhood. As it will lead to greater confidence about your place in this world. You understand when your doubts and shame come into play, and you always know where that switch for radiance is. And know you have access to this light in any given moment. This light that is ignited from your sensuality.

If you want to go deeper into exploring all these layers and learn practical ways to cultivate sensuality in your day-to-day life, sign up for my FREE 7 day program, Erotic FEMININE Embodiment and really get your sexy back in a way that feels authentic. 

These are tangible tools to help you step towards cultivating sensuality in a gentle, non invasive and fun way. 

And of course to go deeper into this journey, we can work together through specific feminine practices and rituals to feel ready and inspired to reclaim your feminine power, and immerse yourself into the art of sacred sensuality. This is life changing if you are in the healing, coaching, spiritual world wanting to become a true magnetic woman to not only love, clients but the life YOU deserve. 

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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