How to cultivate a conscious relationship

Jun 23, 2022Awakening, Relationships

conscious relationship
When he sees the way she nourishes, loves and cares for herself, the way she knows exactly what her body requires, he will want to do nothing but nourish and care for her. 

We hear alot about conscious relationships, twin flames, sacred union, and polarity. But do we really know what they mean? The divine feminine and sacred masculine play important “roles” in the conscious relationship and can only work when there is a beautiful connection between the two. The divine feminine and sacred masculine are within all of us, regardless of gender but for today, I want to only discuss the sacred mascluine in a man and the divine feminine in a woman. As I believe most women (of course not all) are naturally more comfortable in moving from the divine feminine and vice versa.

I also want you to know, that women hold the power in relationships. They hold the power to make a difference in how their relationships flow. Women set the tone. Women have the power.


Because women are the greatest expression of love.

A strong woman is one who is connected to her heart

In a conscious relationship your power as a woman is not in your mind, or how much you know, or how much you do. It is in something more magical than that. It is all in your sensuality, your ability to flow and your ability to connect with your heart.  It is not what you do with your mind that is powerful, it is the way you feel into your body and really listen to the whispers of your body, as your body always speaks to you.

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When a woman is empowered she knows that her power is in her heart and the way she loves so openly. Her power is in her sexual energy, her life force energy and the way she connects with her deep inner wisdom through her wise womb. It is in the way she is able to feel so deeply and be open about it. This is her strength that makes her a magnet for her desires.

A strong woman knows she is a magnetic force of energy that is constantly moving through her body. She moves through life with this soft, natural flow.  Like the endless flow of the river, moving sensually down the banks of the river. It flows so effortlessly and gracefully, magnetising and creating life all around her with her sensual flow. Women are this river, moving in a way that no branch or rock can create stagnation. She is fluid and adaptable.

Connect with your divine feminine

When a woman is so connected with her divine feminine nature and in harmonious balance with the sacred masculine, which is centred and rooted, she naturally opens herself up to experience all of her senses. She does not need to speak of this as this way of being is encoded within her through the way she moves through life.

nectar, flowers, sweetness, hummingbird

It is seen in the way she experiences the pleasures of life which enhances all of her experiences and moments.

When I speak about pleasures, I am speaking about the experiences that ignite the senses. She oozes into them and feels into them. She experiences them in her body, which then manifests into the world. This is how she becomes magnetising to the sweetness of life in every way.  I like to think of it like a flower. Women are the nectar that provides sweetness to this world, attracting life, beauty, opportunities and life.

A woman who is in touch with her divine feminine nature uses her body as a vessel for all of life. She knows how to use it to move her feminine energy which embraces Spirit, God, Divine, Love, Light. By the way, this God that I speak about is not the man in the clouds that we may think to believe. I am not speaking about this one man that we have been taught to be external to us.  This God is the divine that moves through us which we always have access to. This God is the light, it is our essence, it is Love. And we have access to this divine through the resonance of our heart always. 

The woman that connects with the divine through her body

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This embodied, divine feminine that lies within all of us women moves through us, not only in the way she moves physically but it’s also in the way she allows her body to move with her own cyclical nature. Because remember, women are the direct connection to nature. We are nature. Therefore, we are cyclical beings.  We are connected to the moon energies.

This can be empowered and embodied through her connection with her womb. As her womb space, is her power centre. It is her chalice for holding all of her magic.

The womb centre is this energetic chalice that has the ability to hold all of our creative power, desires, bliss and sensuality. This is a woman’s power. This is where she connects with life, and of course Spirit. Her chalice or womb space, together with her temple body is the vessel for spirit to move through her.

The spirit that I talk about being of Love.

The empowered woman is like a delicate, soft flower that magnetises all of life

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When a woman is so powerful in her essence, in her authenticity, she connects with love so effortlessly in her every waking moment. She is like a delicate flower. And let me just add, delicate is not weak.

I have been told many times in the past, how my emotions meant delicate and therefore weak. But now as a woman standing in her power, and knows her truth, this was my strength all along. My ability to open my heart so widely and connect with all of my emotions.

Therefore, the ability to be open to softness and vulnerability, is a strength.

This delicate flower which every woman is, is in constant bloom, constantly blooming, dieing and releasing, dropping her petals to the ground, working with the earth. And as she releases and drops her petals, she is always allowing space for transformation to occur. But this woman only does this when she is so connected to her body and womb space.

A strong woman in a relationship

When this empowered woman is in a relationship, she knows that she can open her heart so fully, that she can continue to melt in her man’s embrace and he will protect her. Not because she can’t protect herself or that she is inferior to him, but because this embrace, allows her to melt further into his heart. Everytime, Carlos connects with me with his heart, my heart always opens further and I allow whatever emotion to move through me like the oceans and rivers I spoke about.

This is the beautiful magic of a conscious, intimate relationship. Where two beings are so safe to be vulnerable to open their hearts.  And when she opens her heart’s petals, his warrior heart opens and is ignited further also. 

rose opening, flower opening, red rose, divine feminine

So for all the women out there, I want you to know that it is your powerful, magical love that will ignite his warrior self as he wants to protect your love further. He desires to embrace your heart with his powerful presence and consciousness.  This is how he flourishes. However, you must both live from this divinity which does not entail ego, instead, it embraces love, God, the Universe, love, light, all that is. 

In this conscious relationship you both are not afraid to open your hearts to experience intimacy. This intimacy  brings more love, more hope, more healing, more light, more growth, more consciousness. And guess who initiates this intimacy? Who leads this path to intimacy? Who opens the door for this connection to occur? It is you sister. And it is in this, that creates a new, higher consciousness to occur between the sacred union.

The way she moves is the initiation of a new consciousness

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When a woman knows deep in her core and her soul that she is always filled with love, compassion and beauty, she knows she does not need to do more to prove herself, or to prove that she is worthy. She does not allow her ego, or past attachments or past stories to intertwine with this love. She knows that it is not her ego that becomes a magnet for a conscious man, it is her heart.

Her warrior man is so anchored in his consciousness that he moves and acts always from intention. I believe that this is the great challenge for the masculine in his human form. His warrior is activated when he feels her trust in him and when she allows herself to melt into her own feminine nature. He then wants to protect her heart further.

When she feels this deep presence of his, this deep security within himself, she then feels deeper. She is safe. She is calm. She opens her heart further. She connects more deeply with her wise woman, her inner oracle. And this is what she brings into the relationship: a continuous flow of bliss, beauty and magic. A beautiful dance of the divine feminine and sacred mascluline.

Every time I feel Carlos standing strong in his present heart and moves with confidence and intention, there is a sense of ease on my end. I feel my body soften more and more. This is the beauty of duality in a sacred union.

A woman’s power is in her ability to surrender, flow and love

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This is why as a woman we must learn to rest in our natural state and body. And know what this feels like. To surrender to your softness.

A woman must learn to not act from the mind, or to control the outcome (this is the hardest challenge women face in this masculine dominated world). This will only create a closed heart. And this is the hardest thing, if we are so used to needing to control the outcome. Instead we must learn to offer ourselves the loving attention that we deserve and not make it the responsibility of someone else.

Let him be your warrior

When a man sees the way she honors her moon cycle, her menstruation, he will want to be her king. He will want to basque and anoint her in the elements that soothe her. I love when Carlos treats me like his queen and offers me teas, massages and attention during my menstrual cycle. It makes me know that we are in this together.

When a man feels her love that is surrendered and open, this will wire his energy to stand solid and anchored with his two feet on the ground and move with fierceness but grace. When she listens and acts from her intuition, this ignites his inner shaman. He will want to listen and follow her inner wise woman. You always have the power to dictate the tone of your relationship dear sisters.

The dance between the divine feminine and sacred masculine in a relationship

When a woman embraces her wild self, he follows her lead. She then shines brighter because she knows that he holds the fort for her to continue flowing like the river. He moves swiftly and gracefully with her dance. He does not lose balance, he does not lose focus, His energy carves the space for her to continue moving, flowing, embracing whatever arises. 

dance of the divine feminine and sacred masculine, salsa dancing, relationship

When she is so anchored in her inner knowing (yes she must be anchored also before he can do this for her), he will feel energized. His heart becomes the fire and fuel. He will intertwine and continue to meet her in this dance. His presence ignites further as he continues to lean into her soft, delicate nectar. 

It is just like in the dance of Salsa. He will lead, not from his own ego (although, I can tell you, alot of men do this, but a conscious man will not), instead he will lead through connecting with her essence, her sensual, beautiful expression. He meets with her and then knows how to hold her so she can continue shining, blossoming and flourishing in her truest, rawest expression. 

This is his greatest power. He knows what swords to draw, so she can melt into him and continue expanding further in this divine sacred union dance.

The power of a man

The way he holds the fort is his power. He holds it firmly and dances with intention to allow the path for her to move in a way that is so unknown, so magical, so deep. And through that, he follows her lead. And she follows his.

He allows her to shine. He provides the tools for her to continue being the oracle that fuels his sacred warrior. He meets with her and connects with her body. Not the other way around. He learns to lean into her sweetness and from there, he meets with his own power. 

In his sacred masculine, he knows how to use his tools to allow her to continue being in her authentic truth. For she is the oracle. She is the Universe. And for that, she is the one who shines. She expands further into this divine sacred union. She meets with her opposite self as she sees her reflection in the way he responds to her. 

When he is patient, calm, and rooted in his groundedness, away from his ego (trying to work everything out and make sense of everything), he catches her every move. He provides the container or the net for her to continue moving as she is the water that melts into all of his cells. 

When he is operating in his authentic sacred masculine, he makes her feel safe, loved and appreciated. He becomes more of a warrior, each time she melts into his chest that soothes her soul. 

Melting into the divine

When I am feeling certain things that bring up deep emotions (sometimes this feeling is so unknown), I know it is rooted so deeply within my cells, from this lifetime and other lifetimes, I feel the safest when I feel Carlos attuning into all of this. He attends to my softness in an embrace that makes me melt into his strong armor. I let go like the waters of the oceans. I begin to cry. I become vulnerable. I feel my body release all that has been restricting me from being embodied. 

He holds me and I melt more into my divine feminine. With that, I meet with his sacred masculine. And this creates the entity of a consciousness that is larger than both of us as individuals.  

In this entity, we are fully present. Our hearts are completely open.  

When a woman is able to relax her muscles because she feels safe in her body, she feels everything soften into him, into an open and receptive state. 

This is when she drops into her body even more because he provides a solid container for her.  This is when two souls in two bodies connect and melt into one another. 

This softness, connected with strength, is what leads to another form of entity larger than us as individuals. We engage in an intimacy that brings out a sacred truth. 

We begin our dance together of eros meeting with sacredness. Softness meeting with direction. Flow meeting with intention. She becomes magnetising, and draws him in with her sweet, necatar, her softness, her ability to feel into her sexual energy. Her embodied feminine medicine ignites his warrior masculine power. To me this is how we create the strong foundation of a new entity to be born.

When he sees the way she nourishes, loves and cares for herself, the way she knows exactly what her body requires, he will want to do nothing but nourish and care for her. 

This is a beautiful cycle of intimacy, love, consciousness and divinity. This is the dance and the way we cultivate a conscious relationship.

This is exactly what my work is all about with women: providing the space for women to find that deep connection and intimacy with themselves to then attract that conscious relationship the heart so longs for. You can discover more about the EROTIC HEART in a 1:1 sacred container here sister.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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