What Are Sensations and Why Do They Hold the Key to Healing?

Mar 22, 2024Healing

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Sensuality is about being really intimate with your sensations of your body. In this blog I will discuss why it is so important to harness sensations for healing your body and mind. And some feminine practices that you can start implementing in your life for a way of ease and happiness.

Sensuality is about being really intimate with your sensations of your body.

In this blog I will discuss why it is so important to harness sensations for healing your body and mind. And some feminine practices that you can start implementing in your life for a way of ease and happiness.

Sensations and sensuality

Sensations are about being really intimate and present with your sense of hearing, movement, touch, emotions etc. So it’s a level of sensitivity to your body world and a willingness to really listen to it. And within that when you listen to the way your body works and how she is speaking to you, Your sensuality is tied in with your senses. How you are interacting with life.

Your body speaks to you through sensations. This is the intelligence of the feminine. The feminine knows, that this is an internal inheritance wisdom. We carry this wisdom in the body. We carry it through our sensations and emotions. And this information that gets carried through our sensations helps us and guides us. IF we get really still and listen, we can start to use it for our decision making. We can feel when something is in alignment or not. There is so much healing through this information of the body. But we have to activate this first because for alot of us we may not be listening or we have too much information coming at us, it is sometimes difficult to discern if it is our wisdom or not.

And we can extract this wisdom through the body, through sensations.

We can extract this wisdom through sensations. Through felt sense. 

Through knowing your body so intently.  Knowing how your body responds. It is a big responsbility that we need to take on if we desire to step into healing and align to what is truly meant for our soul.

So when you get present and intimate enough, and when you stay curious enough you begin to hear her subtle messages. This kind of connection and slowness is what sensuality is. Sensuality is the intimate expression of your senses through your feminine flow. 

So as you can see, sensuality is your connection with your sensations. 

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What is a sensation?

A sensation is a feeling, sense, awareness, consciousness, perception, a tingle, a cry. Even a goosebump. It is tension in the belly, pain in the neck. It is you noticing these subtle messages and language of the body.

You are inherently sensual. We all experience sensations.

It is your natural essence and way of being in this feminine body but most women are disconnected to this kind of sensitivity and language of the body. 

Disconnection from sensations and the body’s signals

Alot of women have learned to cope and move through her over achieving ways and busy days through disconnection.

She is too busy micromanaging, and trying to keep up with all of the standards which in turn feels exhausting. It drains her life force energy. And she becomes disassociated from her sense of self and her inner world.

And even though it is our natural inherent way to be sensual, we often ignore or push down certain sensations, especially when it feels uncomfortable. We seem to be chasing only the “good sensations” because that is what is more acceptable and easier to deal with.

Does this feel a little familiar to you?

All of this is  only because we haven’t been taught or we don’t have the necessary tools to know how to move these sensations and feelings in a healthy and regulated way. Or we haven’’t developed the anchor, the foundation within our root to know we are safe to go to those dark places, that is the feminine energy.

I don’t blame us in a world that really pushes for healing fast or for achieving love and light feelings.

However,when we dismiss or deny some of our sensations, our nervous system thinks that there is a threat. We can’t deal with it because it’s considered dangerous. We find it easier to ignore and dismiss, or to suppress. 

 Or our mind starts to play the same belief or old pattern. And we get confused, we may get stuck, Or we start to feel frustrated and we don’t know why.

We are conditioned to believe that certain sensations are good or bad. Some are better than others. 

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How do you respond to sensations? 

Anxiety is often spoken about now, which is amazing. I love that our modern world has normalized this talk. However, although we can talk about our traumas and situations for days, the question is, what actually happens when you feel anxiety?

Are you sensing?

Are you witnessing?

What do you do with it?

How do you respond?

Have you given yourself a chance and the stillness to actually go there?

Are you able to observe this shame or fear? Do you witness it for what it is?

 Or do you go down the spiral of telling yourself there is something wrong with you, or you’re not deserving of happiness. Or even project your shame or fears onto others?

The body speaks a thousand silent words. And she will say it strong until you listen dear one.

It is so important to be listening and connecting with her.

The only way you can know yourself and what you need is by giving yourself space when certain feelings and emotions do come up. Sometimes that little girl inside of us is running the show- and that means she can get defensive. She might get aggressive. She might be still leading and telling you the same stories that she was telling herself when she was a teenager. E.g. I am so ugly, I am not deserving, I am not worthy of feeling happiness. Or I can’t trust anyone. 

Sometimes we become so used to certain emotions that we don’t even realize how much we are withholding and how much tension we are holding. For example- tension in the belly, tension in the face, tension in throat, tension in the root.

Or we don’t realise that all of our emotions are running the show, they leak out of the body. 

Np wonder why we feel tired and frustrated. This is exhausting and depleting us.

All that holding in your body, All that withholding from love, all that withholding from pleasure needs to be released, otherwise yes we project and express all of our emotions in ways that either deplete us or are not aligned to the expression of our highest self. 

So let’s not push down emotions or sensations anymore. Let’s not dwell on emotions either. Let’s not block them away otherwise we block our life force that connects us further with our bliss and our desires.

6 Feminine Practices and Ways to process sensations

So here are some ways that you can implement in your life to start processing and moving sensations in the body- Especially challenging ones.


When I say dance I don’t mean the kind of dance that you do and follow steps to. I mean intuitive dance, sensual dance, wild dance- that allows you to be free with your body. Feeling and following your body’s sensations. Allowing her to lead. This can also be non linear movement or moving your hips in circular motion.Movement in the hips is what ignites your sexual energy, your life force energy. 

When we move, we allow all the facades to drop and just fully be present, moving, allowing for fluidity without worrying about how something needs to look.

Check out this video about Dance


Humming is such a powerful way to bring healing to your nervous system and to soothe the body

If you have heard me speak about sound before, you will know that I love to use humming in all of my circles and spaces.

When we make sound and practice this, we can understand where our sacral chakra may be blocked. Our sexual center and throats are directly linked. So we can experiment with sound to know if we have any inhibitions and shame coming up.

Sound is the fastest way to move energy around. And to relax into that. This is why we often make sounds during sexual experiences, this is the natural way of life wanting to be expressed fully though you.

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Sacred Touch

Sacred Touch- whether that means you get someone you love and feel safe with to hold and squeeze you. Or whether that is you wrapping your arms around you. It can also be self touch or a self massage, rubbing your thighs, your breasts and womb. And doing this with intention and so much love.

Hands and touch is big on bringing yourself back to your body. So if you’re feeling shame, you hold yourself, you hold your heart, hold your hands, arms, your thighs. You hold yourself- whatever in that moment. Offering you the loving touch, being your own mother, the little girl inside of you who feels a lot, who desires a lot, who wants alot.

At the same time, immersing yourself in self pleasure practices is so vital in your life. Having a regular pleasure practice can bring you more joy and brings you a sense of calm and balance to reduce stress levels.

Go for a walk in nature

We are daughters of this Earth. And Mother Earth provides all the healing qualities, compassion and support that we need to live a life feeling grounded and connected.

I am sure you have heard that term grounding or earthing. That is because when you do you are reminded of not only the healing elements within Mother Earth but also the Earth elements within you also. This can help us to come into a state of relaxation and happiness.

Get to a creek/river/ocean… a pile of leaves, a forest, grass (any piece of connected nature) and take off your shoes. Allow the earth to support you as you imagine sending all that dark/gray energy into the earth. Mother Gaia will transmute it for you. One of her gifts is that.

We don’t need to stay in dark energy.
We are conscious creators and you have free will.


Whether it is a meditation to connect with your breath or a meditation to visualize your highest self, meditations are a lovely tool to connect with yourself. They are usually used to quieten the mind, to help you relax, to relieve stress or to bring a sense of ease into your life.

But when meditations involve visualisation they can offer something deeper, and take you on a spiritual journey into different states of consciousness and into the cosmic world.

It is in these journeys you can go deeper within to connect and listen carefully to the sweet whispers of body and soul.

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Breathwork is definitely a very effective tool to help you feel grounded and connected with the body. It can help you bring the power from the reptilian brain back into your womb to make those daily decisions from a grounded space.

Check out this blog where I go deeper into the different feminine practices and feminine rituals to help you on your healing path. And to help you further connect with your feminine flow 

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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