What is the strategy for manifesting a loving relationship

Dec 8, 2022Awakening, Relationships

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What if you can have an amazing life, and feel amazing about yourself, about your life and be deeply in love with someone who treats you like a Queen- what if it was all possible for you right now?

This post is a continuation of Part 1. I invite you to read that first. This is all about how to have and manifest that healthy, loving relationship.

Based on my lifetime experience of relationships and breakups (yes I have been through far too many), and now in a beautiful and successful relationship, I have spent years in analysing the patterns and beliefs around relationships. And what really prevents us from having the flourishing, successful relationship we are ALL deserving of?

MY STORY: Losing myself in a relationship

I remember, every time I would be single, I used to be more creative, more productive, more open to opportunities. I was also better at manifesting. It’s as though I could focus on my dreams and desires more easily. I had all of this creative energy in me, ambitions, fierceness, enthusiasm.  Then I would go into a relationship and would give my whole self to the relationship, almost forgetting my own needs and my own essence because I did have the fear that if I wasn’t there for my relationship completely I would lose them. 

This was me creating the story that I was not worthy of receiving love for just being me and nothing more. I believed (from my conditioning) that the more I do for that person, the more they will love me. In the meantime, I was completely numbing myself from what really kept me alive in my body. And so everything would slow down.

Yes, I did develop this idea that to be successful, to be sexy, creative, alive, erotic, I had to be single. Because that was the story I was playing out. That was the story that I could also see in my own world around me.

Why did I think about all these things? 

I had this capacity to dream, even when others thought I was being so in the air about things. They thought I was so over the top and crazy for wanting and desiring so many things.

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Dare to dream: Manifesting big dreams and big desires

I have this capacity to dream big, to desire big. I mean isn’t that what we are here for?

To expand into our biggest selves in order to reach our highest human potentials. Isn’t that what manifesting is all about?

Somewhere deep inside of me (I now know that is the work of the womb) I always just had this trust that things can all happen. Just like I did with the relationship that I am now in. I moved to Mexico and I just knew that it was going to work. We had no plan. But I made a choice to go all in, I didn’t wait for a perfect moment, I didn’t wait to have it all planned out. Because if I did that, I would have waited years and then who knows what would have happened. I trusted that this feeling felt right in my womb and heart and the rest would work out.

If I waited to have everything planned out, I would have missed my opportunity to experience something magical, if I had waited for perfect. Six years later, we are in the most conscious, grounding, loving, beautiful relationship I have ever experienced. 

Once we know how to move past our fears, our layers and that inner dialogue that stops us from manifesting and moving in this journey of what we desire, then I believe we can have everything. Everything that is bigger than our mind and what our mind can even comprehend. Our sacred feminine desires big, the question is do you have the courage and trust that this can happen?

We can have it all– that romantic relationship, building a business and that most erotic love

All of our blocks are what stop us from living our life that we deserve to have.

Reflection: inquiry time

So I invite you now to ask this question to yourself. 

What is the most that can happen if you don’t plan, and just go for it (from a grounding place)?

What if all your desires can come true and even way bigger than you actually desire?

What if you can have an amazing life, and feel amazing about yourself, about your life and be deeply in love and be deeply successful- what if it was all possible?

How would you live your life, if you knew you could pay attention to all the feelings you allow in your life?

What if you started to pay attention to the feelings and stories that you allow in your life.

What if you really believe that you are becoming all that you want to be and even more than that?

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You always have a choice to live from your heart & womb

How many times have I heard women say when I ask..

But why can’t you have that erotic, loving healthy relationship?

The same response always occurs.. 

Well it isn’t possible for me because I have kids…

That works for you, but it is impossible for me.

I still have so much healing to do.

Now you can see, these are all just stories, excuses, preventing you from having what your heart and womb desires. Your womb carries and is the portal to all of your desires, we just need to stop and listen to all that is there.

“The human potential has the capacity to feel and experience all. The beautiful, powerful portal of the erotic heart and wise womb we can tap into everything. We just need to listen. We need to connect.”

Jessica Angileri

The answer to this is to know how to tap into the depths of your heart. This takes courage and vulnerability to listen. It takes you knowing how to listen to the fire of your cauldron which is within your wise womb. This is the glue to all of your manifestations.

So can you be so devoted to living from this place?

When you know how to open, to feel and be deeply alive with your erotic heart, to listen so carefully and tune into your wise womb, this is when you open the portal to all of your possibilities. 

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How to manifest what your heart and womb desires?

When manifesting and receiving the desires of your womb and erotic heart, the medicine to this is having courage. When you have courage, you stand solid in your authentic essence and you are able to move from the suffering, from the bitterness, from the stories that you may be used to living in.  Having courage will help you to move from pain. You need courage to say yes to the things aligned with your truth. And then courage to say no more even when it feels difficult.

When you have courage you are able to be with all of you. To be so vulnerable. You allow your heart to yearn for more. When you have courage, you allow yourself to dare big, to dream big. Courage will allow you to feel more. You allow yourself to expand into all of this.

This is the true journey of our soul.

When you have courage and live from that place, you stop feeling guilty around saying no to the things and people that are not aligned with your soul’s purpose anymore. You also stop feeling guilty around the idea that you are asking for or wanting to manifest too much or too big.

There is no such thing as too much.

Begin your journey of connecting with your womb and heart inside the FREE 7 Day PROGRAM EROTIC WOMAN EMBODIMENT

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What is The strategy for manifesting a loving relationship

Guess what?

There is no strategy for this. There is no quick fix to manifesting your big, erotic love. There is no quick fix to having that relationship you so desire. There are no ABC steps. There is no timeline. The universe will know when you are ready.

No matter how long it takes, the time that it needs to take, what will happen is that the relationships and all of life’s potential, which is bigger than what logic and understand, will open up for you, the second you say yes to life, and to love.

You need to allow yourself to receive this big desire, this big love you are manifesting.

Is it going to be an easy path? No.

Is it going to be the most fulfilling one you will ever encounter? Hell yes!

Your path is what matters. Not the outcome. Remember there is no failure in this journey of life.

So which path will you take?

You always have a choice.

Will you choose a path of endless suffering?

A life where beauty doesn’t exist?

A life where you are focused on your misery?

A life where you never feel the greatness of love?

A love that doesn’t feel reciprocated?

A love that is in endless drama?

A life that feels mundane?

A relationship where you are both bitter?

A relationship that doesn’t help you grow into the best and highest possible version of yourself?

How many times have I seen people settle for this mundane life and create this story of,

“Well this is how life is, this struggle is the way it’s supposed to be. This relationship I have is my karma, I am deserving of this. I cannot have that big love and a successful career at the same time, etc”

Let me ask you this, do you really really believe this is why your soul came here?

I do not think your higher self, your spirit guides, your soul, chose to be here in this lifetime in your beautiful body of a vessel, to be in a relationship that is not sexual, not honest, not loving.

Your soul did not choose to be in your body to not have it all.

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It is your birthright to experience an extraordinary love

Guess what?

There’s no curse, there’s no karma, there’s no trauma that means you need to stay stuck there in a relationship or life that isn’t fulfilling your heart’s desires.

You always have a choice. It could feel hard as soon as you step off that ledge, but you always have courage. And the path you take may not make sense to the outside world. It may not even make sense to you. But your wise womb knows the truth. She knows what love and what kind of path you want to take. And the thing is, we usually can hear her.

You always know that it is your birthright to experience extraordinary love. A romance that is so fulfilling and beautiful. A love that is overfilling.

You have a choice to say to the universe, I am ready for experiencing my highest potential in this physical world. I allow myself to experience the most incredible relationships, all whilst having a career, that life I have always dreamed of.

I open myself to receive all the beauty and love that is flowing always.

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Will you choose love? 

Will you choose the path where you dream and desire big?

The path where you desire and yearn for that expansive extraordinary love?

Will you choose the incredible reality that you’re deserving of?

To discover the beauty and bliss in life, in each moment- the rawness of life, all of the emotions we are capable of feeling- there are no bad or good feelings. 

Will you live your life where you open to all the delicious, erotic moments that life has to offer? This means, opening yourself, and embodying and living from all of your sensations, not the mind. As this is where you discover more of yourself, and more of this wondrous life that you are deserving of experiencing.

But what will it take?

Remember courage, it will mean giving yourself permission to open yourself and your heart each day. To live in vulnerability. Because when you are vulnerable, this is when you live from your authenticity. And when you are able to do this, you discover more about yourself each day. From there is where you can have the most authentic, deepest connections with yourself and your loved one.

You have a choice. You need to make a choice. No more excuses I say.

You cannot manifest and receive when you are not completely available and open to all of this.

So will you be open to this?

Attune to love more each day

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Love is all and is worthy of opening up to each moment. Love is where we feel home.

Love is this endless opening, this portal to all of what life has to offer you. This has nothing to do with the experience at mind level.

There is no failure in this. There is no planning. It is all about the path into your endless journey of your highest potential. It is not about the end result- if I do this, I will get there. 

No you’re already home, your soul is already there. 

What we need to do is, discover how we can attune to this love more and more. Even when life feels hard.  How can we free our mind from the stories, from the excuses and resistance which limits our ability to attune to this love and this journey to its highest potential. 

The path to love is always in the way you nourish and treat yourself, in the way you see the world (from the lens of love), it is in the way you treat others, in the way you hold yourself and walk into each day. No more of walking the path of suffering, bitterness, anger, guilt and resentment. It is time to walk the path of love and meet the challenges from this space of nourishment and love.

In this path, how will you walk this journey in your highest frequency to manifest what aligns to the resonance to your heart and that is love.

So what will you do today to walk this path?

You always have a choice. Love or suffering?

So if I asked you now what are the three musts for a relationship?

How would you answer this whole heartedly now?

To discover more about how you can walk this journey of self love, pleasure and sensuality to start hearing and tuning into the wisdom of your body and womb, I invite you to join Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself, the 10 week Group immersion.

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manifesting, love, relationship
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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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