5 Ancient Secrets To Become An Empowered Woman

Oct 30, 2023Awakening, Healing

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A way to return to your essence as a woman and become the empowered woman you are, we can return to the ancient practices and ancient tools that have lived through our feminine lineage. All you have to do is remember. The ancient wisdom of the feminine lives through. Read more inside this blog.

For thousands of years before modern times, women were initiated into embodied feminine wisdom through Mystery Schools, which provided them with the tools to become whole, conscious, wise, and genuinely powerful. 

Furthermore, Women were worshiped, their bodies were worshiped, their sexuality was worshiped. 

Eventually though these lineages and the knowledge they carried disappeared. There were forgetten about and women were eventually reprogrammed to fear their own power. To fear the unknown.

It is evident that a large portion of people no longer feel a connection to their bodies, the Earth, or life itself. Many people as a result have lost their sense of purpose and greater meaning in life.

When you think of what it means to be an empowered woman, I feel the latest trends of feminine empowerment and “divine feminine” have taken away the great meaning and purpose of the feminine. We are still taking on one way to be a woman. But we have forgetten that the work of the feminine begins when you root down into the body. This is where our power lies as women.

We are being called to bring this wisdom back in new ways.

We have a mission to revive this wisdom in new ways. And return to the very wisdom that is the feminine. 

The moment has come to rediscover our heritage and the innate wisdom that each of us possesses.   It’s time to disconnect from the chaos of the world and return to the whispers of our deeper inner knowing.

A way to return to your essence as a woman and to become the empowered woman you are, we can return to the ancient practices and ancient tools that have lived through our feminine lineage. All you have to do is remember. Because you already know. And then when you remember this., you realize that no book, no course can tell you the answers of your soul but you. But sometimes we just require another empowered sister to hold the space for you to discover your power in the most authentic way.

Watch the FULL VIDEO here about the secret ways to step into your empowered self.

#1 Be in sacred Circle Of Women

I had to start with this one as I feel this ancient secre is often forgotten about. 

It is easy to forget our feminine power and wisdom when we feel alone. Women thrive on connection. Our feminine essence loves relationships and feels empowered when surrounded by other loving, empowered women. 

When women gather with intention, for a deeper purpose, there is a sense of great satisfaction. We walk away feeling empowered, and a deep sense of rest in the heart. Women desire to be heard and to share their stories (whether we know it or not) without judgment. And not in the sense of gossip. I mean really sharing with intention. Coming together to share deeply and authentically and then supporting one another to rise into our full power. This is the kind of circles and spaces that I feel so passionate about. 

This is one of the main reasons why I created Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself.

Women require spaces to feel so supported to look at the fear, the judgements, the shame, the jealousy, the competitiveness right in the eyes and dismantle them piece by piece with so much love and compassion. 

And when we do it together, the revelations are so potent. 

Ancient women would gather as a way of life. Before organized religion, women would gather together in red tents to also celebrate their time if bleeding.  The intuition space was completely honored and supported. 

We are being called to revive this way as well.  When women gather in circle, in a way that feels sacred and loving, they remember they are a part of a beautiful and powerful female collective that is unstoppable.

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Check out my blog about healing the sisterwound as we embrace the new feminine way.

#2 Connect with Your Womb to become an empowered woman

Your womb is the sacred feminine vessel. She is the seat of your wisdom and intuition. When you desire to connect with your feminine essence, you must begin here. We cannot forget about the power of the womb.  The womb is where we create from and where all of life begins. It is connected to the moon, nature’s cycles, and to the wombs of other women. We carry so much of our ancestors’ knowings right here within our feminine power center.

Your womb has so much to teach and say to you and we can start treating her as our best girlfriend. 

She will teach you the art of resonance and the importance of sacred, loving connections with other women for this is how we truly heal. 

Have you noticed that when you are close to other women, you will start bleeding at the same time? This is not a coincidence.

However, as I always say, the womb is cold. She is rigid. Women have been disconnected from the pelvic region and have not considered the great power of her due to the false conditionings that teaches us to ignore, and even be repulsed by our greatest power. 

Our intuition has been devalued, our periods have been shamed, and our ancient wisdom has been buried. And so we outsource our great, subtle power. 

But you can now revive the power of the womb by beginning to cultivate a loving relationship with her. She has her own voice and she doesn’t speak to you in the same way as the mind, in logic, so it is important to start listening to what she has to say. This can only be done when you connect with her.

 When you need guidance you can go to her. Your answer may come in a feeling, a vision or in words. The next step is to then trust what comes to you. And this takes practice as we haven’t been taught how to listen and trust the voice of the womb. 

Here is a feminine embodiment practice to start you on your journey of connecting with your womb.

In the 10 week group program Feminine Remembrance we actually start with the womb, to understand our feminine lineage and to bring our loving connection to the womb. And then we move onto reclaiming our power through our feminine cycle which leads me to the next point. 

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#3  Know & Love Your Menstrual Cycle

Your period is a gift that connects you to your deepest feminine wisdom. I always say that your blood is holy. Ahe carries the codes of your feminine lineage. 

Your period connects you to Nature’s cycles and to the female collective. She teaches you about the changing, fluid nature of the feminine. And once again, it is a woman’s powerful tool that has been shamed and ignored. We carry so much resistance around our bleeding. We think it is a weakness. And we don’t realise that when we are menstruating, this is when we are at our most powerful. What appears to be a time of weakness, is actually the most powerful time of restoration. And in this surrender, we prepare to bear the fruits again. 

What a gift we have as women. 

Check out this blog to understand more about your phases of your menstrual cycle.

When we are bleeding, this is a time that we are most sensitive and where we retrieve our psychic powers. When we surrender and rest, we can hear the subtle and potent voice of our inner guidance and creative inspiration. So it is important to know how to be relaxed. 

When we are bleeding we release what no longer serves us. It is an opportunity to rebirth ourselves and enter our next phases of the menstrual cycle with ease, clarity and feeling empowered. 

You can get to know and love your cycle by being open to what it has to teach you.  Be open to the gifts it has to give you and challenge any fears or judgments that have come from society’s limited perception of it.

#4 Listen and connect To The Earth

We are daughters of the Earth. And Mother Earth is our greatest teacher. She is the greatest mother of the feminine wisdom, along with the Moon.  Mother Earth is the beauty and abundance. She is fierce and nurturing. Raw and real. Forever changing and fluid.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a day of chaos or feeling overwhelmed, when you go outside and connect with nature? Whether it’s walking through the park with no shoes on, walking on the sand, putting yoour feet into the fresh water.

When we spend time in nature, we remember that we are her. We come back to our true nature which is fluid, abundant and Strong. I receive all of my best ideas and clear inspirations when I am outside. I remember who I am and this is why I love bringing nature inside with me as well.

So you can be surrounded by the gifts of Mother Earth even if you are working inside all day. Ever placed flowers in your home? How uplifting it feels to be around that beauty. Our heart fills up with gratitude.

Mother Earth teaches us about creation. And with that you are reminded that you are the creatress working with her. 

This leads me to the next point.

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#5 Ignite your feminine expression for creativity

We are Creatresses at our very core. The feminine is about creation. Again look at Mother Earth. We are designed to birth new things. If we are not being creative, we are simply not being ourselves.

And we can only feel the creative force within us, not when in the mind all the time but right here in the womb, and connecting with your yoni. For these are the great feminine power centers where all life is created and birthed through.

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Ancient women knew this and spent time singing and dancing in priestess temples. They created art.

They made love through their sexuality.Yes your sexuality is your greatest tool for bringing your manifestations to life.

Every woman has her own feminine expression.

So it is important to be immersed in spaces where you can feel inspired. Where you are relaxed to explore the depths of your feminine language.

This is why I love to dance. I dance Brazilian Samba and I have just started dancing Belly Dancing. When I dance, it is more than just dancing. I now use it as the ancient tool to connect with my inner Goddess It is what opens my womb and heart together.

So what do you love to do?

Have you experimented with dance? With singing? With art?

Let me know in the comments. How do you love to express your feminine essence?

Which ancient secret would you like to tap into to become more empowered as a woman, sister?

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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