Become the Woman you Desire to be in 2024

Nov 15, 2023Awakening, Sacred Femininity

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Becoming the woman you desire to be this year is about becoming the best possible version of yourself, the type of woman you always dreamed of.  And not for anyone else or to impress a man, but for you, so that you can tap into your full potential and start feeling ecstatic. The woman of your dreams is there waiting for you.

The woman of your dreams is waiting for you.

To become the woman you desire to be means being the best possible version of yourself, the type of woman you always dreamed of.  And not for anyone else or to impress a man, but for you, so that you can tap into your full potential and start feeling at ease in your life.

There is no right time to do this. This woman can be accessed right now through you because she already exists. So really we don’t need to wait for the new year to manifest your dream woman. You can be her now. Harness her now. Because your highest self doesn’t wait for the perfect time or perfect conditions.

When you want to manifest or bring in something into your life, you don’t just say it or just do a vision board and there it is. This is not how manifestation works. We need to do the work by showing up regularly with a practice, with devotion, and commitment to bring you into this frequency of love, peace and truth. And then also having trust knowing that what is meant for us will become. 

We cannot control the world around us.  We can only take ownership and agency of what we want and how we desire to feel and show up. 

So the time is to start right now sister.

Im going to share some habits that you can start doing to become the woman you desire to be.

1. Embody the woman you desire to be

If you want to become the woman of your dreams, you have to start harnessing the qualities of this woman and then start embodying her.

Think of your highest self- the woman who you desire, all the qualities that make her this essence that you desire. How does she act? What does believe? What are her values? How does she view herself? How does dress? Who does she spend time with? What music does she love? How does she surround herself with mother nature?

Then tap into this woman, and become her.

Get real about what your heart desires and longs for, and then turn your energy towards that. 

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So often we get stuck in this place, the identity, the thoughts, the woman that we actually don’t want to become. So why not step into the woman you know you are and get out of this cycle that embodies this woman who complains, who is a victim, who gets stuck in the negative thoughts and beliefs about herself, who gets stuck in anxiety. This woman who is in this constant struggle, who has financial problems all the time, Or perhaps this woman who doesn’t feel beautiful and then goes down that path, thinking herself into believing she are not deserving.

You get to decide how you choose to live and feel.  You get to choose who you want to be. You get to choose the identity that is not stuck in the old limited beleifs.

It starts with your internal world. It’s more than just going out there buying new clothes. This is the work of feeling. Embodying the feeling and energy of the woman you desire to identify with. Because it is this internal state that affects everything else.  You have to get into this embodiment of feeling her. And even if you are broke, even if you are going through some difficulties, the question to ask yourself is, how does she, this great fabulous woman, deal with these obstacles?

How is she choosing to shift this? How would she move and speak if she didn’t have these finacial issues? What does she really desire to feel in a relaitonship?

You have to start getting into the habit of knowing that you are her. And knowing that everything always works out for you.  You are supported and loved. That you are beautiful and worthy. That your energy is infinite. And it takes time and devotion.  But it’s not impossible. 

It starts with you taking baby steps to showing up for her. And envision her.

It’s all about you embodying, and stepping into her. This is the manifestation process. Dress like her, feel like her, deal with situations like her, Live like her to the best of your ability, be surrounded by things and situations that uplift your life. And most importantly know that your highest potential is always coming from the greatest source of all… LOVE.

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2. What is getting in the way of you embodying your highest self?

After you know what you desire, the question to ask is, what is getting in my own way?

Many of us have negative core beliefs that keep us stuck. Most of us have these core beliefs created from childhood that can hold us back. We can have lots but we can have a really big one.

Some of these big ones and common ones I have seen amongst women are, “I am not capable, I am not worthy, I am not lovable, I am not good enough, I am being too much, I am unlovable, I’m not safe.” And these things can keep us small. They stop us from stepping forward bravely with our hearts and from really owning our fabulous selves. 

What happens here is we get stuck there in these limiting beliefs about ourselves. And it’s subconscious. A lot of these qualities don’t serve us and we shift our world to fit our unconscious. Which is not aligned with our truth. So we start attracting things and situations that are not aligned and a vibrational match.

If you are always saying “I am broke or I am not beautiful enough, “I don’t have time for rest,” then your subconscious mind will always make sure you are always broke or feeling not beautiful or keep you exhsuated. And we stay there to fit into the subconscious mind.  And so this then becomes our reality. 

If we don’t consciously look into them, they can continue living with us and guiding our life. 

So we have to challenge these and really look into these. 

Claim what is true. And what is NOT.

Your highest essence is the essence of LOVE. So is it love or is it FEAR?

We have to understand that we create our reality.  Our core beliefs, our internal world creates our external world. 

So often we have the inner core beliefs which are not true, they are created since childhood, they create this protection in order to keep you safe. And then what this does is stops you from really stepping forth into going for what you want. We stay small. We fear. And then we might create our reality or make decisions based on this fear. 

For example, you might have your heart set out on something and maybe it doesn’t work out and then you might feed into the ego. You reinforce those ideas/beliefs. “I am a failure, I am unworthy, I am unsafe. Or not good enough.”

If you tell yourself “I am not lovable” constantly… you end up closing your heart, creating that barrier, that wall around your heart as a protective mechanism. But this only hurts you. This blocks your ability to be magnetic. Blocking yourself from receiving.  And then what you do here is you subconsciously create this reality.

“I am not lovable because I am not able to meet a man who can love me.” So it reinforces this belief that you are not deserving of love. So you play your own game and get stuck in this cycle. 

So it’s all awareness to see how we are playing this game and then getting out of your own way. 

Know that you are courageous. You have the power within you to pick yourself up again if you do “fall down.” You won’t know how you get out of your way until you look at your patterns, catch yourself and notice what it is that might be keeping you stuck. Take accountability for this. 

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The one thing I always say is, fear is what can stop us from really growing, evolving and becoming.  So something to ask yourself is, what is this fear that is playing out here?

Usually there is a core belief here that is asking us to claim this love for ourselves and this is how we start to step into our greatest woman. 

So You have to choose to start thinking differently. And making bold decisions that serve your heart. Somatic practices and feminine rituals are a great way to help you get out of your head and into your heart, womb and body.

When you do, you realize how quickly these old beliefs start to dissolve. And you find that place inside of you that feels good, that feels peaceful. These internal words when you challenge them with sensuality, Can be the very essence to your power. 

This is almost everything into becoming the dream woman you desire to be.

3. Focus on what you do want

Where your attention and energy goes, is what flourishes. So rather than focusing on what’s wrong all the time, focus on what you do want. The person you are blossoming to be. 

That’s why gratitude is always so important. To notice what is alive and present in your current life.  Here is a gratitude journal for you.

We focus way too much of our energy on the things that are going wrong and this really depletes our energy. If you want to meet the man of your dreams, then stop focusing on what’s wrong with you or the idea that you’re single and alone, or that there are no good men out there. Stop focusing on the things that are not working out. 

Sure, we can come to accept it but we don’t need to focus on all the things that are “wrong.” And making all the past stories and challenges part of our identity today.

You feel anxious. That’s ok, we are not undervaluing the anxiety but what if we stopped giving it all of our attention and life force energy that can be used in other places like things that make you feel good. 

Focus on what you do want.

How do you want to feel? And start honoring this with embodiment sensual practices.

The more we focus and dwell on a problem, the more it persists. Nothing shifts. We don’t allow it room to flow and move.

Sure I am all about diving into the difficult things that have happened in the past but we don’t have to dwell on them, instead we can use that energy to recognise, accept and see it for what it is and then we can offer it with new fresh energy with our love, through pleasure practices.

So focus on what you want to feel and how you desire to feel. Let’s envision this woman, how does she handle these beliefs about herself.  How does she move through these things? And start stepping into integrity with this.

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4. Honour Your body as the greatest temple of your highest self

I always speak about the feminine and honouring the body. 

I know most women desire to feel good, look good, and have this radiant glow. And it has to start here in the body. 

Treating your body as the great temple. Your greatest love affair with life. Feed her with nourishing food. Dress her in a way that allows her to feel comfortable and that feels like you. Give her love and attention. 

Your body was given to you by your highest essence.

So how would she want you to take care of it? 

Show her that you are taking care of her and that she is worthy. That YOU are worthy. 

Your feminine needs dedication, commitment, devotion from you to show up, so she feels safe to be seen and flourish. 

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We cannot speak about the feminine without this piece of the masculine. Yes we can be in flow and softness, but we require this structure and safe container for her to thrive. And it is your job to do this. Your masculine is the support, the structure, the devotion to her. For her to feel amazing to come out on the stage and be her. Not for anyone else but to be HER authentically. 

It takes consistency and devotion to show up for her every day. This is how your inner feminine feels at peace. Because she knows that you are taking care of her, providing her the life and the stage for her to melt back, be her and feel beautiful. 

So there is this masculine and feminine dance that happens here. 

Take care of yourself. And this includes values and your standards. Know what you are require to make your heart feel at peace. And make a commitment to stay true to these. 

This takes practice. 

So if you desire a man that is going to respect you, honor you, love you, see you and treat you so well.. Then why would they accept behavior from someone who doesn’t. 

So the action piece is so important. This is why devotion and structure is so important.

What is an action piece you can take?

5. Start connecting with the seat of your feminine through sensuality 

Start using sensuality as the way to connect with your feminine.

Sensuality is the channel that breathes beauty into life. 

Instead of seeing your sensuality as something shameful, it is time to connect back to your pleasure, power and claim your body as your own.

By nurturing the life giving qualities of sensuality we behold; when we love, nourish and enrich our own being with our sensory nature; we become a potent force for love, sensitivity, empowerment, and deep, embodied wisdom that will radiate beyond ourselves to shape the world at large. This is where manifestation really occurs.

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Reclaiming your sensuality is about rediscovering the strong, yet gentle qualities that have been overshadowed. It’s a journey of reawakening and revitalizing the feminine essence within you and in the world. And in this way, you begin to hear the call from your highest self, your feminine even louder. And you allow her to lead you. And I’m not referring to the fragile, subdued portrayal of “the feminine” often idealized in the new age, divine feminine narrative. I’m talking about the raw, fierce love that resides in every woman, simply by your embodied presence.

This is the transformation that happens when tapping into your sensuality. And here in this space, you really remember who you truly are and not what society tells you to be.

Your sensuality becomes this life giving force to help you choose you every single day to meet with this highest version of herself. Your sensuality is how you resentise and open up to this woman you truly desire to be.

When you take the time to connect with your senses and sensations in body, you receive the messages from your feminine essence and then your masculine perceives this and makes bold decisions in the world to show up as this great divine self you are.

This is the great dance of moving from receiving to taking action. And this is how we truly manifest our desires. Receiving your desires and taking action.

This is exactly what happens in Feminine Remembrance. Where we become clear about the woman you desire to align with.

This woman that is already you. Remember This woman is already you.  She is already the soul that you are.

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If you desiring to deepen your connection with your feminine and highest self, through the art of pleasure through your body, heart, womb and yoni, make sure you get on the waiting list of Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself. A transformative 10 week group program that will leave you feel empowered, aligned and connected with your most authentic, sensual, vibrant self. 

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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