The marriage between Sacred Feminine And Sacred Masculine

Dec 1, 2023Awakening, Spirituality

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Something we need to understand as women is that in order for us to thrive in our feminine, we must also have the focus and structure, the container, the beholder of the sacred masculine.  

Most of my work with women is a dive into the embodiment of the divine feminine energy. This is where I feel most comfortable, and where I have spent my last ten years working with this energy in order to feel safe, empowered and overall in love with all that I am. 

After connecting with this essence within me, it is from this space I have been able to also manifest a conscious relationship. As this is key when manifesting a conscious relationship or the sacred masculine, and that is knowing how to tune into your feminine energy as a woman.

Dismantling the old identity of the “Sacred Feminine”

I know there’s lots of work that needs to be done around this topic of the divine feminine and the sacred feminine energy. And I think more so than ever as the feminine, I believe has become this pimped out notion in spiritual new age spaces.

What’s happening right now is there’s a lot of strong definitions put out and expressed as the “divine feminine” and as a term (the pimped out feminine) which is all sparkly, pretty, dresses, and she is flowy, soft etc. And we see this a lot in the new age spirituality scene, where the divine feminine is seen as a performative act. We are told that the feminine acts a certain way, dresses and speaks a certain way.

 The feminine is everything, yes but If we were using these terms or different archetypes as a way to interface ourselves to  move further away from who we really are, there is a red flag there. Because the divine feminine really is all about coming back to the true essence of who we are all whilst exploring all the different interconnected multi faceted energies of the feminine- light and dark. 

To honour the Sacred feminine means to honour the sacred masculine

A lot of the time by taking on this new feminine way, we forget or diminish the presence of the sacred masculine. But the true nature of the feminine is in great service of the sacred masculine. They cannot exists without the other.

Something we need to understand as women is that in order for us to thrive in our feminine, we must also have the focus and structure, the container, the beholder of the sacred masculine. Otherwise the feminine in our being (being is the form, represented as the masculine energy) has nowhere to go, she becomes floaty and not anchored. We don’t become anchored in our nature of love which is the thread to everything. 

The divine feminine cannot live without the sacred masculine and vice versa. Therefore, in order for the sacred masculine to thrive, he must be driven by the feminine which is our authentic essence, creativity, passion and love. The nature of our soul. 

divine feminine, sacred masculine energies, sacred feminine

The divine feminine and sacred masculine are powerful and beautiful principles and concepts that we cannot ignore. They are within us all despite our gender and it is important to know how to use them correctly. If they are misunderstood and used to create suffering in us and a sense that we don’t fit in or we are not whole or not good enough because it is overriding the other one, then this concept serves nothing. 

They are worth nothing and there’s nothing useful in them.

In this article I will shed my light on the divine feminine and sacred masculine and how they play an important role in our life.

The Weaving of the Sacred feminine and Sacred masculine energies

When we speak about feminine and sacred masculine energies, it’s easy to associate them with gender. 

This is when it becomes limiting.

It really depends on how our bodies are built, our environment and depending on our preference where we experience more joy or pleasure, we will have more of one energy than the other. 

divine feminine, feminine energy, pink flowers, self love

What I have seen is that women are generally more at ease and enjoy their body and life more in their feminine energy. This is where I have seen most of the women who work with me feel the happiest and thrive the most. 

This is where their healing begins. 

This is how women become more connected to their sensuality, their connection with self, and they derive this love from within. 

When women are in their feminine energy, this doesn’t mean this is the energy they feel more productive in but it’s the energy they feel most happiest and most at ease in.  

Then the opposite goes for men (usually).  Men feel more anchored and on purpose when in their masculine energy but they may feel more at ease in their feminine when exploring life in all it’s glory.

As I mentioned above, the sacred masculine cannot exist without the divine feminine and the divine feminine cannot exist without the sacred masculine. We must embrace the dance of the two. 

Of course there’s no rule in this. There are people who don’t identify with any gender but still the energy/the principles of these energies can be useful. It doesn’t depend on your sexual orientation. Again it’s about the energy and not about gender. 

For me, I love working with women and helping them reclaim their feminine power as this is where I have spent my life working. This is where I feel most at home and this is where I tend to receive a lot of my intuitive wisdom, from the space of my feminine. When I am tapped into my sensuality, into my womb and when I am connecting and speaking with my yoni. 

rose, pink rose, feminine rose

We have both energies inside of us. Depending on how we are used to spending time in our bodies/our resources, we will spend our time more in one than the other. 

The goal is not to even come into a balanced place. This is not the goal. Although in yoga they talk about union which is a balance of these polarities within us. 

Some people do have this extreme balance inside of them. And these people may feel at deep peace within themselves but they won’t be interested in interacting with others and relating with other people. 

However, I believe the real magic in a conscious relationship occurs when a woman drops back into her feminine energy. And when a man is feeling true to his sacred masculine nature which is there to hold space for the feminine to thrive and blossom in her love, joy and beauty. And in this way, his soul is fueled with her essence. So they serve one another. 

I believe most people living in this world do want to be in this life, play and taste all that life has to offer. And this happens when we experience the great presence of the masculine and feel anchored and safe enough to dance with the sacred feminine. When a woman drops into her feminine power, it is here she then starts to heal and appreciate the sacred masculine in men. She stops fearing and putting down the masculine. Instead she melts into his arms. Just as she melts into her own inner lover. 

And just remember…..

The flame is the feminine energy spirit in form.
The masculine is the rocks that are there to hold and contain so that flame can be transformed and burn brightly to be seen. 

That container holds that spirit, flame so she can become alive. The flame that burns what is no longer required and the flame that is required to bring forth more life. 

But..The spirit, the flame cannot be formed without this container. 

In this way, we can see that Masculine and feminine beings woven together- when we look at this belief- this is where we go beyond beliefs and that’s where we go beyond mind and into lived experience. 

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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