Why Sacred Movement is an important tool for Feminine Embodiment

Dec 9, 2022Awakening, Spirituality

We are hearing this term "embodiment" a lot lately but what does it actually mean? Let me explain in this article as I discuss feminine embodiment and how we can use sacred movement as a tool to return to your authentic essence and listen to the feminine wisdom within.

We are hearing this term “embodiment” a lot lately but what does it actually mean? Let me explain in this article as I discuss feminine embodiment and how we can use sacred movement as a tool to return to your authentic essence and listen to the feminine wisdom within.

What is embodiment

First of all, Embodiment and embodied are different.

Embodied means to represent something.

Embodiment is also not a dance, not a performance, not an enactment of a dance or a choreography. It is not even about yoga. 

Now I am also not saying that yoga and dance aren’t wonderful ways for strengthening, for bringing enjoyment to your life and for connecting with your body. However, embodiment goes deeper than that. 

Embodiment is this infusion of what you are representing in a way that is no longer different than your beingness.  So embodiment is your way of moving, and being in this world. It is who you are, your nature.  Your essence. It is your second nature.

We can only cultivate embodiment when you are not in the mind and in the head. And we descend down into the body. From here you realize what it is that is aligned with your soul.

Embodiment is also more than just being in the body. That is because we are always in the body. This is how we move through life but the essence of embodiment is becoming aware of all your sensations and when you do you become aware as a whole essence. You are becoming aware as the body. As your heart. As your spirit.

What is the key to feminine embodiment

Feminine embodiment is the unrationalized feminine way of expression, however that looks for you.  When you melt into your movements, in your body, you communicate your deepest thoughts, emotions, your inspired messages- that is your truth, your authenticity.

The key to feminine embodiment is being able to trust your body to move in a way, to your own rhythm, to express your own divinity through your body. Following and surrendering to your own rhythm of your heart and soul. So when you are following a choreography, let’s say, you are too focused on the actions of another and then we miss the important essence which is communicating and expressing yourself through your own sensual movement, your own sacred movement which is authentic to you.

When you live from this awareness about who you really are and not from the expectations and all the roles you are supposed to be, you respond to life much differently. You begin to engage with life, situations, people, challenging moments not from your ego self, but from your truth. You see yourself as the living and breathing embodiment of the divine itself. 

This is when life begins to flow. Because you begin to engage with situations and people that are in attunement to who you are. At your heart level.

Then, when you are faced with challenges, you will have the tools, wisdom, trust, and the knowing and language of your body  to be equipped for what life has to offer you and that includes all the challenges. And this is exactly what I love teaching in my circles. 

For us women, feminine embodiment is a descent into lower energy centers of the female body. 

Therefore, we need to cultivate this loving relationship with the pelvic floor, hips, womb, and that includes the yoni of course. This is where your power lies as this is where your wisdom lies. This is where your creativity, inspirations and desires are birthed. This is where we listen to her words of wisdom. She will tell you exactly when something is not aligned. And the more you connect with her, the more you hear her. Find more here in this blog.

So when you know how to tune into this, life spirals upward.

What happens when women are not living in embodiment

The thing is, we live in a modern world that has fragmented our authentic being, it has not supported the connection to the heart and soul, as well as how we relate to ourselves. We have not learned how to descend into the lower consciousness centers which is that of the pelvis, or the womb center. 

Unfortunately, we just stay in the limited mind, the intellect constantly, which is essential for aspects of our life like making decisions, organizing our business etc, but when we are held in this space for most of our days or let alone lives, we create a disassociation to our inner world. It creates stress, anxiety and we stay stuck on all of the negative stories that we may have upheld to be true about ourselves. And instead of our energy moving upward to the place of visionary action, our vital energy leaks out. 

Which is then how we go into a more disempowered way of being in the world which can look like comparing ourselves to other women, competitiveness, staying as the victim, feeling helpless, or even chaotic. Don’t forget to watch the exciting recording about the importance of healing the sister wound here.

When women are not in embodiment it can also look like caring too much of what others think, seeking other’s validation, looking to the external for your place in the world. Life feels like a hassle and you stay in situations that are not in alignment with your heart. You may even keep experiencing the same lessons that keep you stuck. You also stay in the cycle of not feeling good enough. 

Now…If you’re experiencing any of these, also know that it is ok.

I was there for all of my life, until I consciously decided I was not going to rely on other people’s ideas to make a decision. I stopped indulging in gossip. I stopped reading everyone’s ways to do things and instead I began to learn and practice how to really deeply listen to the voice of my own rhythm, my own wisdom of my womb and the knowing of my heart. From that space everything shifted and my relationships went to new levels of consciousness. 

This is all about bringing awareness to all of your experiences and how they are playing a role in how you are moving through life right now. 

Know that it can change right now, just by turning inward and checking in with how you are feeling inside at this moment. It always starts with where you are right now. Right in this moment. Baby steps as they say. And then just taking one aligned action that you know is going to help serve your highest self – that place is the place that just feels right. 

Using sacred movement and other techniques for feminine embodiment

The  woman in embodiment is her being in this full awareness. And this also includes her sexual energy and life force energy.  It is not just based on the outer looks. She is more focused on her way of being and living in this world. And naturally this radiates and vibrates out in the world with such natural beauty. 

When we understand how to drop from the mind and move, be and feel from the space of the body we become more attuned to the sensations that are there. We listen more. We receive more. We come into harmonious balance to the energy points of the body. We allow the heart to open and therefore, the womb softens into her natural sensual state. 

I love using embodiment practices such as ancient Taoist Tantric tools and erotic, sensual movements  in my women’s programs, and women’s circles/ceremonies  as a way to compliment all of the learnings and to continue dropping into the awareness of the body. 

We can use sacred movement as a tool to not only meet with your body in a new feminine way and attune to your powerful feminine wisdom but to also experience flow, fluidity, and sensuality. 

 To connect to all the sensations of being in the body as well as to meet with the denied and repressed aspects of self, the shadow and dark feminine aspects of you,  which can cause a dysregulated nervous system and tension in the body. This is a whole new way of meeting with your feminine wisdom, your authentic self and the divine. 

It is all about reconnecting with the innate intelligence, the body’s wisdom and beingness that is alive in all of us. To  always return back to the womb space and heart. 

My greatest mission in life  is to guide women back into the reclamation of their body through safety, integrity and love at the same time. 

When your use the body as a way to melt into your sensuality, you feel relaxed, you feel more, sense more, you awaken to a vibrancy that ignites your aliveness, in turn this is how we engage in sexual experiences that feel more wholesome, delicious and nourishing to your soul. 

Moving away from perfection and move into feminine empowerment

Feminine Embodiment is all about moving away from perfection, and instead embrace a whole new way of moving through life, to bring forth trust. This is what will bring a whole new sense of liberation to your life because you have embraced the really beautiful art of allowing the intelligence of the heart in connection with your wisdom body, and the sensual womb to lead your life. And this is how we thrive as women.

This is how we feel empowered. This is how we always choose pleasure and bliss over staying in the limited thought patterns. This is how we choose our nourishment over suffering. 

The way you connect with your body and feel into each movement will be different from person to person. This is the beauty of these internal practices that I provide to you, this is the way of the feminine. So although I share embodiment practices, they are ways to guide your body, but in the safe space, you are encouraged ot move and be and feel yourself in ways that is unique to you. 

In these spaces, we also always use the sacred maculine as a way to bring awareness and consciousness through the stillness. 

We have been in perfection for far too long sister. 

We have been in the survival for far too long. 

We have been in the state of comparing ourselves to other women for far too long. 

So this is about you being in charge and declaring how you want to feel in each moment. 

Which is why there is no perfection in the moments, in the breathwork, in the sacred touch practices (sex magic being my favourite). 

Instead, I  want you to Integrate and acknowledge all the different parts of you, even when movements feel awkward or really different. And whenever there is resistance we can meet with it through our pleasure and sensual aliveness. 

Through feminine embodiment You may even discover parts of you that have never felt alive before. This is you, reactivating the aliveness that lies within you. It is you reclaiming your essence in your fullest self and this new language will allow you to experience aspects of yourself that have been hiding and suppressed for so long.

In this devotion to yourself, it is here you realize that Your body knows exactly what to do. She loves you so much. 

She carries your wisdom. She is your wisdom keeper. 

She has the answers. And in this we stop searching and seeking answers outside of ourselves and truly learn to art of receiving, flow and trust. 

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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