Key to Manifestation and how to manifest the divine feminine way

Jan 8, 2023Awakening, Spirituality

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Manifestation all begins with your frequency, your queen frequency I like to call it. This begins with the feminine principle within us which is where we thrive as women. It is the frequency or feeling we desire to cultivate and then becoming the manifestation of that. 

Have we been doing manifestation all wrong?

How do we really manifest from a place that feels so good, so juicy, so aligned to what is meant for you?

How do we manifest in a way that is of ease?

After many years of being in failed relationships, I have become the manifestation queen. I attracted my dream man and now living the life that I truly desire. I now devote my entire life to manifesting and being a magnet to all that desire in ways that feels nourishing and easy. In ways that are in alignment and in service of my highest self and I want that for you beloved.

I desire for you to become a manifestation queen also.

Here in this journal, let me share a little about manifestation, what is manifestation and how to manifest the feminine way.

What I have seen over the years, or even the course of my life is this trend, this real linear, masculine perspective of writing out lists of things you want to manifest or do in your life, or we create these resolutions as a way to manifest. 

Or we go straight into the doing mode.

First of all there’s nothing to resolve, nothing to fix, nothing to achieve. 

Manifestation meaning really isn’t as complex as we think. But it does require some shifting in what we think manifestation means. 

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Where does manifestation begin?

Manifestation all begins with your frequency, your queen frequency I like to call it. This begins with the feminine principle within us which is where we thrive as women. It is the frequency or feeling we desire to cultivate and then becoming the manifestation of that. 

Everything happens at the soul first. The soul is your boss of information within the quantum field. It carries your message. There is so much wisdom in this message. So it is our job to energize this message with attention, presence and love. 

So the next step would be to attune to your heart

The purpose in our life mission is to be in deep connection with your soul’s purpose.

Start living with more confidence in your heart and more knowing even if you don’t know the destination. The purpose is everything that happens in between, the process, the growth, that leads to living a life close to your heart. 

Usually,  when we think of manifestation, it becomes a thing that is outside of our reach, feels like something that is separate from us. Then you have to do something to get that, yes that’s true because that’s what manifestation in the physical realm looks like. 

Manifestation in the quantum realm is more about accessing the feeling

What we need to remember is to always drop down in the place of the heart, as manifestation does not occur at the mind level. If we are manifesting from the mind level, this is where it becomes challenging because the ego tends to interfere, and when the ego makes its way through, that means fear, old stories about yourself, limiting beliefs pop up, and even self sabotage. 

All of your answers lie in the heart.

When you close your eyes, and you connect with your heart, this is where you will find your inner knowing,  and it will always give you the most authentic answer that’s in your best integrity.This is also what we call embodiment. Therefore we can say that manifestation begins in the embodiment of the feeling you are wanting to cultivate. 

So when we become the embodiment of the feminine and drop into the heart we allow ourselves to let go, surrender and we melt into love. We begin to trust the Universe. And from there we create the world of resonance

Anchor into the divine feminine and then follow through with your sacred masculine energy

Anchoring into this space of the divine feminine or the feminine frequency  is what cultivates the manifestation. This means manifestation actually happens through the body, through the activation of sensuality. 

When we celebrate the feminine, remember,  I am not talking about gender here,  I am speaking about the principle. And this principle in us women is our primary essence. It is who we are in essence. You can watch more about the feminine and masculine principles here in this video.

When it comes to manifestation, what we need to know is that whatever is supposed to work out, is going to work out

The universe will always watch out for you in that way. 

However, you really do need to put yourself out there. You have to do this work. This is the masculine principle playing out now. 

Alot of people don’t really take responsibility for what’s happening in their life. They might complain that they are always meeting the same type of person. And begin projecting what happens outside of themselves. 

But guess where it begins?

Yes inside. In the return to self. 

This is a responsibility of ours. Again another sacred masculine trait.

It is important to take responsibility in aligning with your energy, your integrity and your soul, so then you can align the person, the loving, conscious  relationship or whatever it is you desire to have into your life. 

Embrace the divinity within you

You can never manifest quick enough. That is not how manifestation works.

Everything always happens in divine timing. The Universe doesn’t like the energy of urgency, or desperation or clinging onto something needing to happen. 

So instead of focusing on the outcomes, and planning goals, instead we are allowing ourselves to melt into our body to really feel the fullness of our truth. 

The truth is you are divine. 

You are already whole. 

This divinity within you is calling you to listen, to surrender, and to take on the feminine way of nourishment. 

It is about becoming the embodiment of love, of the divine. 

And know how that feels in the body

So when we do this work of the feminine of trust, of love, of knowing our own purpose here through the body,  it is here you are asked to  honor the divinity in you. Not to focus on the outcome but to always come back into this knowing. To come back into knowing your divinity, your truth.

To continue energizing this truth that you are whole, worthy and deserving.

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Using your senses for manifestation

Since the idea of manifestation is from the feeling, we can actually learn to live from that feeling and bring that desire into our daily life through the activation of our senses. Because the truth is, we can only manifest from the place of presence.. 

Therefore,  when you are connected to your senses you are present, you are open. 

Your nervous system is relaxed and ready to receive. 

Again this is the beautiful art of embodiment OR sensual embodiment. 

We can activate our senses through sensual, pleasure practices to live from the feeling that we intend to manifest. 

So when we use our sensuality  to rewire our conditioning, what happens is, the new chemical responses are produced in our brain which overwrites the default, the unconscious, the behavorial patterns that are no longer serving our visions.  And this is the sensory power that we have all the time. The thing is, we are not using it very intentionally for manifestation.

So when we invite in pleasure in our daily life, we are communicating with our body, I want to feel good, I want to feel alive. 

 I am energizing this surrendered state, this state that is magnetic. 

I want this to be my default way of living and being and moving. What we are doing here is inviting this feeling into our system. 

Manifestation is an internal job

So as you can see dear sister, we receive and manifest by expanding into our aliveness through our sensuality

Through our senses

Through the embodiment of the feeling we desire to manifest or cultivate. 

This is an internal job. 

When we allow ourselves to feel sensual, to connect with our senses, we also allow ourselves to be present, where we calm the nervous system. 

Hence, we naturally attract from that space. 

You, as a woman, are naturally magnetising when you are relaxed in your sensual nature. The divine feminine within you knows she doesn’t force anything. 

She doesn’t need to push anything. 

She doesn’t need to beg or cling onto anything. 

This empowered woman, she knows that her whole natural state in this aliveness is what becomes attractive and magnetic to anything she desires.

This is manifestation dear sister.

This is the devotional path of the divine feminine and everything my work is aligned to.

This is exactly what we focus on inside the temple Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself Group Immersion, to manifest all of your dreams and desires by becoming the embodiment of that through the body, through pleasure and sensuality. 

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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