4 powerful ways to activate your divine feminine power through womb work

Jan 29, 2022Awakening, Healing

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Womb energy has everything to do with creativity, emotions, pleasure, intimacy and relationships. The womb space is a storehouse of energy, emotions, and memories.  All of this is stored in the powerhouse centre, but although this energy is very much there, we need to activate this in order to feel alive in our body. 

When I speak about the divine feminine power, this power that we all hold, can be activated within the womb. I speak alot about womb work. This is where feminine empowerment all begins here.

But what really is womb work and womb healing?

This is one of my favourite topics to speak about as it’s all about tapping into your divine feminine and sensuality, and the powerful space we tend to bypass when it comes to speaking about the divine feminine. This is where I believe all self healing and the journey into empowering the divine feminine should really begin. 

When self healing or doing the work of shadow work, we tend to focus a lot on shifting mindset, trauma work and heart activation exercises, which dont get me wrong I am all for. But we miss something very magical when it comes to self healing amongst women and that is the whole space of the womb energy. Even if you do not have a womb, as it was removed,  this still applies to you as you still encompass the womb energy. 

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When healing and going on the journey towards empowerment and self worth, we tend to focus a lot on the mind- mindshift, mindfulness, unlayering of trauma and triggers from the mind level. Again this is wonderful and needed but we cannot work with the mind and heart if we have not integrated the second heart space of a woman and this is the womb. This is the most essential, powerful aspect of a woman’s body. 

When I first heard about womb work, I really only associated the womb, with pregnancy or menstruation and bypassed the whole naval area really. It wasn’t even part of my vocabulary. It wasn’t until I moved to Mexico, where I believe the great core of the mother’s earth’s core is extremely activated, that I embarked on the deep connection and journey to my womb. And this didn’t happen overnight, it was a journey as I said, it was this journey of connecting with my womb who began to speak to me. 

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My journey into womb work and womb healing

I remember a few years ago, I started to see the connection between women’s illness derived from the fact when a woman is not in sync with her natural cycles. So I started to explore this further. 

Things started to click for me as I was realising a lot of things in my own journey of self healing. It started to make sense why I was feeling stuck, not feeling alive, painful periods, feeling chaotic and lost in my emotions. This is the work of the womb. I was missing on this work. Although I had been activating my pelvic floor for years in Samba, I hadn’t began my intentional work and that’s when everything began to change for me.  This is the great journey of becoming an awakened woman. 

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Then I started to find information on the power of shakti. I heard a woman speak about Shakti and the rise of shakti and I was like what is that? Shakti is the life force energy. When I started to look further into this, again I noticed that it was the connection with our womb space. Not long after that, I had a vision of Mary Magdalene one time in meditation. She had appeared to me several times after that.

Everything began to fall into place, as I was allowing myself to receive the information which is important when on the journey of transformation, we must know how to surrender and be receptive. Otherwise, we miss the information and the opportunities.

Mary Magdalene is the greatest expression and archetype of what the divine feminine really is. She is a beautiful representation of that with her devotion to living with love and compassion, as well her courage to walk the path of truth. So I took that as my new path into exploring this divine feminine energy further. Ever since then, my soul has taken me into new places around this. My world has expanded and my relationship with my partner has become flourishing and nourishing more than ever. 

I began to also change my whole lifestyle around my menstrual cycle also and live my life accordingly. What a game changer. I formed a new love for my menstruation. And this has changed the way that I relate to my body in general.

What is the womb space?

Your womb space is located in the sacral chakra, three inches below the naval. 

This womb space is considered our power house, our centre house, our home for holding all of our feminine energy. 

What I love is that in Ayurveda it is called the second heart. Isn’t that beautiful? Which is why my work is all linked with not only the heart but also with the connection of the womb. As the womb holds our feminine energy, it is where we hold our feminine wisdom and intuition. 

When we think about womb energy and what it represents, it has everything to do with creativity, emotions, pleasure, intimacy and relationships. The womb space is a storehouse of energy, emotions, and memories.  All of this is stored in the powerhouse centre. Although this energy is very much there, we need to activate this in order to feel alive in our body. Otherwise emotions get “stuck.”

Most women have this womb power centre, but it is numb, meaning they hold these energies and emotions but it is dense, therefore, we have lost touch and connection with it. This disconnection has been occurring over lifetimes, therefore, there’s a very dense energy that has been stored in our bodies through our life’s experiences causing blocks and intensities as well as from past generations. 

Energising the womb centre is very important to living a life of ease, abundance and happiness

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So anything that we have gone through in our life that felt emotionally challenging, anything we have not processed, any emotions we unconsciously have not dealt with or unconsciously felt traumatic in our lives- like fear, abandonment, suppression, loneliness, rejection, betrayal,  any unprocessed emotions that we feel on a regular basis, loss or grief of the heart- all of this as women, gets stored in our womb space. Consequently, we start manifesting a whole world of disease, discomfort in the form of challenging emotions and in our physical body. This happened for me for a very long time. My period was irregular and I was “diagnosed” with IBS (which I don’t have anymore).

This is why we need to activate and generate this power centre by bringing our consciousness, love, embrace, awareness and intention into our womb. We need to begin listening to what our beautiful powerhouse has to speak to us about. When you listen carefully and offer her your deepest intention, your loving embrace, she will lead you into the most beautiful places you truly desire to be. 

What the womb space energy can bring to us as women?

As I mentioned, the power of our womb has been forgotten about for centuries due to the patriarch – this world that usually asks us to operate from the logical, strategic mind. We have been programmed and conditioned to not think of this power centre as a woman’s powerful place, because imagine what could happen if all women were living from this place. Imagine the world this could be. This is why I say that women always hold the power, we just don’t remember how to. I believe it would be the most nurturing, loving, compassionate, balanced world if we did know how to live from this place. Life would be the balanced world it is.

Knowing this in our culture, collectively could be very, very scary for those feeling intimidated by this woman’s power and so it becomes much easier to program women to think with their mind. Therefore, try and live to the expectations of the society that do not support the divine feminine energy and that is of the womb. 

What will happen when you activate your beautiful powerful, womb space

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When you start to activate this power love centre, you will realize that she has the capacity to take energy and any emotions, and transform it. Your womb’s non judgmental embrace can transform any of your stuck, stagnant, heavy, cold, rigid energy into something more beautiful- your life force

When you choose to activate her with your loving embrace and intention, she will accept everything that arises and she will know how to transmute all the emotions of anything holding you back, like fear, negativity, doubt, stuck sexuality. She can handle all of it and then transform it into something more beautiful. She will transform it into the opposite energy. She will be able to do her magic, like transform anger into vulnerability, judgment into forgiveness, hate into peace, fear into confidence, jealousy into self worth. 

This is why I think when it comes to working with trauma, yes all those wonderful techniques people talk about are important but there is a missing link and that is the connection with this beautiful power centre. 

This special, magical portal which I also like to call the chalice, is the beautiful vessel for creation. I mean think about it, this is where you were born. So imagine what else she can create. It is not just a beautiful baby but all of those yearnings and desires you have, we all have them, she sparks them and springs them into life. With your intention and longing that you feel deep in your core- she fuels all of it. Your intuition, your passions, your creativity, your compassion and unconditional love, your ability to take care and nurture yourself and others, her and your loved ones. 

Can you tune into your womb space?

So although we may not believe in this power or not, if you are a woman, you carry this powerhouse within you. So this is a wonderful time to not think about the womb space as just something physical, instead can you offer her your embrace with no judgment?

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Recognise that instead of seeing the pain during your menstrual cycle as something that is horrible and needs to be oppressed, know that she may be sending you a very powerful message that requires your attention. 

All of those passions and your desires you feel, this is the spoken language of your womb. 

She will teach you compassion for yourself and others. 

She will help you empathise with others who have not done this work. 

She will give you the desires and creativity.

She will help you feel safe in your body.

Embodiment practices to activate your divine feminine power through womb work

Some embodiment practices to activate your divine feminine power through womb work especially if you are a beginner to womb work.

Just keep in mind when beginning this journey of working with your sacral chakra and  your womb space, she may not respond the first few times. So don’t feel frustrated. Like I said this has been a process that we have numbed ourselves to and so she will just need some of your patience, love and warmth. Below are some embodiment practices that I use in my own ritual work, my self healing journey and practices that I use in my own work with women in my 1:1 sessions.

1.Womb gazing

A great place to start is to just connect with her through looking and gazing at her. 

We so often feel this feeling of hatred or feel really bad about this part of our body, because of what we’ve been conditioned to believe about our bodies. We have been told that sexier means skinny and flat stomach. This is just an illusion and distorted image again of the representation of that maiden like woman.

There’s nothing more sensual and sexy when a woman knows how to let this part of her body just be. And that means in all her softness. Just like our yon, we all come in different shapes and sizes. And that is so beautiful. 

2. Womb breathing

You can also bring your breath into this part of the body in your womb space, sacral cakra. So just bring your attention to the breath in the womb. That’s a great place to start. 

When you energise the womb with your breath, I like to look at it like the gas on a stove and the womb is the pot with the boiling water. Well the water isn’t going to boil without some heat and activation, and it takes time, especially if the water is freezing. 

So when you bring some warmth and activation with your breath here, your womb will begin to release some energy that has been stagnant. Then she will feel released. Therefore, you can sense more, feel more, hear more. Oftentimes, when the womb starts to speak to you, she will speak in ways that won’t make sense to you, in the beginning anyway. Until you know your body and the language it speaks to you. I like to say- womb literate.

When I started this work, I was hearing things that didn’t make sense.  So don’t discard what you hear. It won’t make sense to your logical mind. It will make sense though to what you’re desiring. It will make sense to your feeling body. Remember the body is your temple for holding and knowing all of your desires. 

When you feel nervous or feel conflict, or acknowledging something challenging and you can feel it in your body, do some womb breathing to practice harmonising with the womb. This will help you bring yourself into a deep presence.

As you breathe deeply into your womb, you ground yourself, this can help when you feel your nervous system wired up such as nervousness, you feel fear, doubts etc. This will take you out of your head and into your body which carries your innate knowledge. I know for me, if I am all in my head, I get really confused with my words, I feel confused and lost with my expression.I felt really bad about this for a very long time and sppressed my voice. But it wasn’t until I started to trust and work with my womb, that I knew I have all the words and wisdom within me. So when I ground myself into my womb, I place my trust into my womb and the earth and this is where I trust and melt into my divine feminine power. 

3. Dance

If you know me personally, you will know that dancing is the best way for me to activate stuck emotions and energy. It is also what helps me activate my little voice within that knows my truth.

To me dance is the essential way of being embodied. My whole life’s work was dedicated to this work. I am a samba dancer, so I have really worked on this area in releasing stuck and stagnant energy for years- although I didn’t know at the time. In samba the focus is 80% focused on hips and living and moving from the pelvic area. When I started to bring my intention to this, I began to use a lot of the elements in samba to release and activate these parts of me. This is what really defines alot of my work with women.

So you can just do some shaking of the hips, or some twerking, why not!!

4. Touching

Offering yourself sacred touch not only makes you feel luxurious and beautiful but it also creates a sense of safety in your body. When you create safety within yourself, your body for activating pleasure opens up. This will create and foster connection and communication between you and your womb. Your body so longs for your loving awareness, and this is the first step into activating aliveness and pleasure in your body. The only person that can make you feel safe is you. 

When you feel safe and know what that feels like in your body, you will then know and attract that in your relationships. Feeling safe is one of the main elements of embodiment and womb work, if we do not know how to feel safe doing this work then, we offer an opportunity for leakage of emotions and energy. Which is why, it is always important to feel safe and also have a facilitator who knows how to hold the space for you.

With 15 years as a teacher, coach and facilitator, I know how essential it is for anyone to feel safe when working with something such as stuck energy, trauma based work and womb healing. Which is what my work is dedicated to.

Experiencing anger when doing womb work

In the depths of your chalice is a tiny little dark dragon. This is not something to be afraid of. This Dragon is your dark feminine which will always be there inside every woman. This power is so fierce, so strong, that so often women are even afraid to face it. There is a knowing deep inside of us that we have this strong power, but we are afraid to face our own power.  

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I do find also when I have done womb work with my clients, they feel a lot of anger and frustrations arise. Know that this is normal. We experience a lot of anger because we tend to suppress a lot of our darkness, anger and rage as we have not allowed it to express it through us in healthy ways. So when you do this work, you begin to allow all the things that you have not given a voice to come up, to actually arise. 

Remember your womb is an emotional storehouse.  But if you can move through this and come to a place of resistance, I advise this, to be devoted and not afraid of this work. 

You may find yourself afraid and I have had women want to stop the work. Instead of running away, if you can just allow yourself to deepen your connection with her and face this anger. Not numb it. Not run away, which is what we are so used to doing.

Because when you confront these emotions, you will realise so many yearnings of the heart. You will still create room for what has been hiding. You start to desire and yearn for bigger things, than what you have ever imagined as a woman. 

So my advice is to move through the emotions and meet with your fierce dragon, dark power. Dance in life with her. Meet with your power. Meet with your wise womb.

Your triggers are your learnings

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So when you feel all these things, you may even have triggers. Don’t get stuck on the need to do something with it. We don’t have to strategise, we don’t have to sit for hours working out the why. Instead just use your triggers to understand the learnings and the next things in life. 

When you befriend your triggers, and leave them as what they are, then you allow yourself to realise the depths of life. Life is abundant. Life is always offering us abundance. It is always on offer to us. 

So when you access your womb heart centre, and attune to the power in there, you realise you are whole already. You also know that you are abundant.. From this place, you begin to shine your light brighter.

To me.. this is a revolution in not only amongst women collectively but in humanity. 

A beautiful way to tap into your sensuality, and the deep wisdom that is within your womb is through sacred movement, through pleasure practices, through visualisation, through breathwork, and I have that just for you inside the 7 day FREE Program: Erotic Feminine Embodiment. A free series that will cultivate safety in your body, that will help you activate your sensuality and that will help you remember your power as a woman.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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