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Apr 19, 2023Healing, Spirituality

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The Great Mother that is all around us and within us. This is all about creating abundance of all forms in your life. We cannot speak about the divine feminine if we don’t speak about Mother Earth. For we are divinely connected and one with the great Mother after all.  We come here as abundant, which is  the plentiful availability of something. This can be money, it can be love, joy, food, security, anything can be in an abundant state.

The Great Mother that is all around us and within us.

This is all about creating abundance of all forms in your life. We cannot speak about the divine feminine if we don’t speak about Mother Earth. For we are divinely connected and one with the great Mother after all. 

Knowing this, we understand that we come here on this earth as we come here as abundant, which is  the plentiful availability of something. This can be money, it can be love, joy, food, security, anything can be in an abundant state.

Basically everything that you are born with and everything that Mother Earth provides us is what creates abundance. You are inherently abundant. Of course it is a different situation in this world that we live in, which values accomplishment and success as abundant. But you are abundant just because you are. 

This also means we are never without or never not enough.

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You are never not enough

We are never “not enough.” It is a matter of tuning into all of the things that make us whole and holistic, and expressing gratitude for that. This means that we need to come into gratitude for what Mother Earth brings to us.

It is about coming back to your roots, building a strong foundation within yourself, connecting with your sexual center and from this space we meet with love. And it is here we align to your highest self.

Many of us are programmed to live with a scarcity mentality. This “lack mentality” believes that if I take this, then it isn’t there for you. That is not true because abundance is infinite. There is enough for everyone. 

We also need to be careful of the imbalance so that it doesn’t turn into greed. Here we want to offer all of these gifts and share them with one another in a harmonious way. It works both ways because those of us who tend to be over-givers are creating a lack in our own lives by giving away too much. Then we attract takers. It has to be in balance, so it is very important for us to be in a state of harmonious balance and abundance in order to attract more abundance into our lives. We all know about law of attraction right?

Changing the relationship with your food and money

What some people would just throw into the garbage – into a plastic bag to sit in the dump somewhere – the truth is, this can be used to create nourishing soil to grow more bountiful food and resources. I know for myself, when I start to take on that new relationship with food, I became more aware about where my food was going. And it does. help that I have a conscious partner who composts all of our food scraps.

My whole relationship with nature changed when I took a new relationship with food.

When your relationship with food changes with nature, you are honoring the relationship with yourself also, along with what your body can provide for you and for the world.

This also applies to money as well.

What is the relationship with money?

Are you using it in ways that are conscious or are you holding onto it out of fear that there is not enough?

It is important to have that awareness and to reflect on where that mentality may be coming from. Pay attention to the mindset that you may have around money. And usually wherever there is either a leak with money or control of money, it usually comes from a similar place- FEAR.

Lack mentality vs Over Consumption

This imbalance shows up in two ways. You have the idea of lack and on the other end the imbalance of over use. It is important to not over use what Mother Earth or nature provides us, but to value and respect it. 

We are nature after all, we need to understand that we are one with the animals, with the earth. When you think about the soil and trees, the soil is like the womb.

It’s that darkness. It carries all of the nutrients that are in the womb, and it requires us to rest and be solid and strong, in order for us to continue to flourish and bring all of our gifts into the world. Just like the trees extend into the world, they touch connect with the divine around us. At the same time, their roots are growing down into the earth.

Your relationship with money is the same as your relationship with food and nature. What I’m talking about is having an awareness and being intentional in everything you do, and in this way we also become grateful for the things we do have.

Gratitude for Mother Nature and honouring the feminine as cyclical

Nature provides everything that you need, not only with food but with soil, medicine, beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, sunlight and the ocean. They are all healing elements that we shouldn’t be taking for granted.

We can be reminded to start being mindful, by honoring the present moment and showing gratitude for mother nature. We can also start to honor our own life cycles – just like nature and all of those beautiful things – we have our own cycles. We are cyclical as women in nature. After all the feminine is cyclical.

However, we have been so programmed to be in this linear paradigm, but when you tap in and tune into your body, and start noticing and working with your own cycles, your own monthly moon cycles, you really start to listen and become aware of the fact that we are cyclical beings. We are meant to go through flows, that is the divine feminine.

Honoring the flows of life, means there is not only one way of being.

It is not just about popping a pill and we are fixed. We are not here to fix, we are here to grow and to take on all of our lessons in life to keep changing and evolving.

That is the beauty of life. And this is the principle of Tantra.

To fall down and know that with every desire, every loss, every mistake there is always courage holding you with each step forward. 

We can all recognize that we work our whole lives in order to “get there,” in order to “arrive” but when do we actually arrive? There is no arrival. The process is the point.

That is not to say that we shouldn’t work hard everyday and set goals and work towards them, but I think many people start to put themselves aside. They put their self nurturing, their self care aside because they are so focused on getting there. “When I get there then I’ll……” and you have already missed life the whole way.And then when they do get there, there is then a need to keep going and the focus is on to the next thing.

It is important for us to be in the present moment and that starts with gratitude, valuing, and being aware. Being in awareness of how you are in embodiment, how you are holding yourself in situations, especially difficult ones. 

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You are not broken


When you work with me in my programs, this isn’t about fixing you or focusing on the things that are not going well. Instead with all the meditations, journaling, dances, breathwork, we take on a holistic approach to life, rather than that linear, rigid way of doing things. And it is by being in that flow, and being in the unknown, where magic starts to happen.

Along that same line of thinking, when we talk about health and our bodies, body image for example, it is common for us to see an ideal or a certain standard. Then we are constantly in pursuit of that standard.

That is very different from flow, because we wind up comparing ourselves with the external instead of being connected to our bodies. How do I feel? What does it mean if I’m feeling bad or feeling happy or having not enough energy? It is not a judgement or a comparison. Rather we need to ask “what can I do to heal or bring balance into this state?” and to acknowledge what we are feeling right now and be okay with that. And discern the learning from that.

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There is no perfect

There isn’t a perfect state of being that we are constantly falling off of again and again.

No, life is change.

Life is flow.

Our bodies are in constant flux and so is our health, so what might be helpful and healthy for you one day, may not be what you need in a different environment or in a different situation. Each day we are shifting and this is another way to know we are exactly that, cyclical. 

Once again, there is a need to get out of this rigid mindset of the checkbox: “This is what I do to get healthy.” Are we all the same? Are we all computer programs? No, we are all different.

We have been bombarded with perfectionism, with what that looks like, but my body is different from yours, my mind is different, your mind is different. We all have something really wonderful to offer.

And this is why as well, I never focus on giving you the answers in my programs.

I am here to guide you to help you know you re your own best healer. You have the wise words and wisdom that can really heal and guide your life. You are your own healer and my goal is to guide you to these answers only and feel safe to explore this.

We also have our moments when we are not feeling most alive, and it is really honoring that, honoring the ups and downs. Magic does happen even in those moments when you need to retreat and restore.

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holistic approach to healing

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When we self nurture, we generate abundance within our physical bodies or physical space in everything we do because that is what embodiment is. We don’t just embody partially. We practice embodiment in everything. It is a lifestyle and a mindset – a holistic approach. A way that is no different than the woman you desire to be, think and feel  like. 

Remember…We are all in this together, and we are all in our own cycle. But we are all on the same tree.

I like to think of one big tree that is rooted down into the soil. Our nutrients have come down into the soil and the soil is bringing more life to the plants and the leaves. We are each of those leaves on the different branches. We all have a different purpose. We are all here to serve in different ways, using our different talents, gifts and desires. We are all here to live in harmonious balance with one another on that big, grand, abundant tree.

The beautiful tree of life!

No two leaves look the same – it doesn’t mean that we are all the same – but we are in this together, and we are all looking for the same thing: happiness, joy, safety, abundance, love and friendship. 

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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