7 Day Free Series:

Erotic Woman Embodiment

The path to igniting your sensuality & love

You’re invited to join my BRAND NEW and totally FREE  7 -day series

Erotic Woman Embodiment

This free series is for you if you’ve ever wanted to:

  • Feel sexy and empowered 
  • Develop a loving relationship with your body
  • Unleash your wild woman and become a magnet to anything you desire
  • Feel present with all that you feel in a sacred and safe way
  • Feel activated and energised in your sensuality
  • Practice self love in a way that feels nourishing
  • Ignite your playfulness for pleasure
  • Reconnect to your beautiful feminine essence to radiate beauty

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This is a taste of the Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself 10 week Group Immersion

jessica angileri, divine feminine, feminine program

What Women have to say

Omg I felt great I really needed that time for me.

It was like a relief.
My body just needed to come back to the present and to be here.

I’ve loved everything with your work this week. I’m slowing down and noticing the beauty of my body.

Jessica I am crying with happy tears to continue my journey with you. I’ve had an amazing week with all your workshops and my heart has been signing.

I did the shower meditation this morning and everyone was asking me why I’m smiling so much in work today and compliments from male colleagues saying I look radiant. Can’t wait to do the meditation you sent today.

Martine UK

I’m loving the 7 day series. I did day 2 yesterday, the meditation was so beautiful I did it before bed and today I have a feeling of releasing control and surrender to the flow and knowing that love will heal me.


jessica angileri, feminine, embodiment

Hi beautiful. 

I am Jessica Angileri.  


My soul’s mission is to guide you to experience your full sensual potential, to open yourself up to deep and authentic passion in your life and know that you are a source of magnetism to the LOVE you desire. 


As women, we can feel deep pleasure, joy and sensual confidence when we return home to the body and the feminine to cultivate our sensuality and erotic. The erotic, which is the ALIVENESS, is the secret to a life of love, abundance and ease. 

 THE SECRET medicine is all in your deep, intimate CONNECTION WITH your FEMININE ENERGY. 


In this FREE PROGRAM you recieve the experiences that I curated for you with such love, to enliven your SENSES, tap into your EROTIC SELF and access your SENSUAL POTENTIAL. 

This is how you realize the love, and peace that exists within you always. THIS IS TRUE LIBERATION. 

I have a Masters degree in Education and was a professional samba dancer.  I have worked with women across the world and I am the living embodiment of facing my fears and following my heart and intuition for the things my womb and heart truly desires.

I even moved across the world for a relationship to blossom.

I have extensive knowledge in erotic movement, somatic work, Tao and Tantra and I approach coaching in a holistic and loving way. I am all about holding the safe space for you to explore the depths of your feminine, your expression, your fears, your guilts and shame to blossom like a flower you are. 


For the last decade, I have dedicated my experience and expertise to the Divine Feminine Wisdom as this is what guides all of my work for women to awaken to their own feminine wisdom.  

 I have led circles in Tulum with thousands of women and had the huge privilege to witness the awakening of our full feminine potential when we embody the ways of The Feminine. Especially when we come together in circle. 

This sensual, pleasure journey is simply magical!

 I have overcome my own suppressed feminine expression, disconnection to my body and pleasures and now live my life in absolute devotion to LOVE and TRUST to my feminine.  And becausse of that I am fully rested in my MASCULINE too.

I have a beautiful conscious relationship with a man who adores me and I live my life in such a way that honors the beauty, love and grace within and around me. 


And I want that for you sister. And that is why I have created this FREE program just for you.

To get a taste of what the journey into the Feminine Remembrance Come Home To Yourself Immersion is really about.

jessica angileri

What you will receive:

Day 1: Felt sense practice to calm the nervous system and for relaxation

Day 2: Womb Heart breath practice for creativity, intuition and increased vitality

Day 3:  Ancient Yoni Breathing to remember your POWER as a woman

Day 4: Self Love Body Ritual for self love, self care and nourishment

Day 5: Hip opening movement for sensuality, releasing, activate confidence

Day 6: Ecstatic Practice for unleashing your wild woman to feel alive

Day  7: Meet with your inner Goddess guided meditation for deeper connection to the divine and intuition