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I wanted to share some of the things that I wish I had known growing up when it comes to relating to my menstrual cycle. And then I am going to share the four menstrual cycle phases that I wish for every woman to know.

I wanted to share some of the things that I wish I had known growing up when it comes to relating to my menstrual cycle. And then I am going to share the four menstrual cycle phases that I wish for every woman to know.

What I wish I knew about my menstrual cycle when I was younger…

I wish I was taught about and my menstrual cycle a way that was empowering. Not the kind that you learn one time in a science class. 

That my menstrual cycle is a spiritual journey into self discovery for the WHOLE month and not just the time of bleeding. 

That my blood and phase of bleeding in my menstrual cycle was a sacred and holy time. 

That each month was different and how to harness the potency of each phase of my menstrual. 

That I didn’t have to feel shame around my blood, or that it is something disgusting. 

I wish that I was shown another way to the pain. That I didn’t have to quickly fix myself by going on the pill or quickly take a pill to diminish the pain. Instead it is a time to really turn inward and listen to the pain and what she is wanting me to hear and learn from it. 

That I was going to feel differently every day and every moment and there is nothing to feel shame about. 

That there are days where I will feel full of life and other days I will need to take it easy. I am not here to keep up with men. 

That it was important for me to listen to my body and rest at certain times of the month- not just during my bleeding phase or the menstruation phase. 

I wish I learned the power of saying no, especially during my bleeding.  

I wish I was celebrated each time I was entering my moon phase, in my family of women. 

That each phase of my cycle is a message of the moon. And that I am deeply connected and one with her and the earth. 

That I am going to have sex differently depending on where I am during my cycle. 

I wish I had sacred moments to learn from my elders about moving from menarche into menopause. 

The greatest blessing in my life is that although I didn’t have these learnings growing up, I journeyed on this path to realize that my learnings and teachings are held within me. And in all of us.

I am grateful that all of this led me to desire to know how to connect with myself, my body and my inner rhythms more intently. To deepen my relationship with my inner moon. 

Here is where I realised that we are cyclical beings. And we are here to embrace the fluidity of the feminine. And it is here I started to drop into my own wisdom. 

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy

Where I tune into the pain, into the subtle whispers of my womb… I have learned how to trust myself and because of that, I am here remembering. 

The last 8 years for me have been about remembering this pathway of my womanhood. Of diving down and understanding that my period pain has so much to say to me and a lot to do with how I was listening and slowing down or not. 

This is why I have created Feminine Remembrance where we devote a whole week to know ourselves through our menstrual cycle. 

Where we understand that so much potency occurs in spaces of women. As we connect through our blood. 

The four menstrual cycle phases

Here I will share the four phases of the menstrual cycle and what they mean for you. By knowing and forming a relationship with your menstrual cycle, we realise that our menstrual cycle is much more than the menstruation phase/bleeding phase.

It carries your ancient wisdom.

It is how we know ourselves deeply.

It is where so much healing occurs.

It how we return to our womanhood.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy

Menstruation Phase- Inner Winter- New Moon

Your bleeding phase is a time of retreating inward, to reflect and let go of what was. A time to nourish yourself by renewing yourself and resting. Something we don’t often do as women. It is important to honour this time and what you have just moved through.

Your holy blood carries the codes of your soul. So it is time to listen. This is a moment to draw in and connect with your darkness. Your connection to spirit is strong in this time. This is a very feminine energy as we tune into the dark corners of the unknown.

How you relate to yourself during this time will determine your creativity and energy for the month- setting the tone for how you will feel.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy, menstruation

Follicular Phase- Inner Spring- Waxing Moon

During the Follicular Phase, you are slowly increasing in energy and feeling a sense of renewal. You can think of the energy of spring time. This menstrual phase brings a sweetness, child-like innocence into your energy. We start to feel the fullness of life and potential awaiting. We begin to find our feet on the earth to dance and be playful with our new and creative ideas that are getting ready to bloom. We feel outward and playful, ready to take on new projects and bring them to life. We are asked to not get carried away and remember to stay anchored which the menstrual cycle would have taught you- although you will have many dreams and ideas that you desire to bring to life, it is important to be grounded with them.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy, follicular

Ovulatory- Inner Summer- Full Moon

During the ovulatory phase we enter our inner full moon phase. Think of the summer time.

Life is blooming all around us and within us. We feel alive. Emanating a radiance and glow, feeling into the full pleasures of life.. This is a masculine energy where we are bringing our dreams and desires into fruition. Really harnessing the creative energy. But only if we have rested during the menstrual phase, we feel revitalized, fresh, energized. Otherwise this is when we start to feel burnt out, if we haven’t honoured the time to rest.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy, ovulatory

Luteal Phase- Inner Autumn- Waning Moon

The veil becomes thin and we return inward slowly during the luteal phase. This is when we begin to meet with the darkness of our holy womb grail. We begin a spiral of “winding down” to prepare for rest which leads us to our menstrual phase again. We are geared towards noticing the small details, making this phase to slowly gather all the loose ends. We naturally feel our emotions intensify as we are asked to slowly meet with the dark feminine.

Feeling emotional, moody, or depressed may be stagnant emotions trying to work their way up to the surface to be released. So we can really tune into our womb and listen to see what these emotions may be Asking from us. And moving them through us in a healthy way. This is how we bring them to light to find the meaning of their presence.

menstrual cycle, womanhood, feminine energy

I have created Feminine Remembrance, a 10 week group immersion to provide the space for women to come together, to slow down, listen and cherish the codes of our wild woman.

Learn more about Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself, the 10 week group program here

✨We dedicate a whole week to know ourselves deeper. To remember about each phase that we go through as women and how we can fully harness the power oof our energy, so life feels easier, so business feels pleasurable, so our days feels smooth.

So if you would love to learn more about your menstrual cycle and learn to harness your wise woman codes, I invite you to join this immersion. To come together as women and be witnessed just like women did in ancient times.

When you tap into your feminine energy, you invite in a life of ease, pleasure and alignment to your soul.’

To learn more about the power of your menstrual cycle, read this blog here…

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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