Are you living a sensual life?

Jun 25, 2023Lifestyle, Sexuality

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Sensuality, pleasure and living a life turned on, is definitely not something modern society has fully accepted as our natural essence as women. Sensuality and putting your "pussy'" in the driver's seat, or in other words, listening to your intuition is not even considered let alone celebrated. 

Are you living a sensual life?

It’s not uncommon that we move in our daily lives walking only in habitual patterns of trying to fit into societal norms, conforming to the expectations of those around us, and trying to be everything to everyone. This is where it has felt most comfortable most of our lives and this is where we have learned to receive love and validation. We have felt more comfortable to operate in the space of doing, in moving fast, in the upward energy. We value hard and strong to be taken seriously.

But here is where we lose sight of our authentic selves and become disconnected from our bodies, inner desires, pleasure, and purpose.

Living a sensual life is about reconnecting with our true selves and finding our own unique path in life.This is the feminine way. And this is all about BECOMING MORE OF YOU.

We have gotten so used to feeling the discomfort in slowing down and welcoming in pleasure and in welcoming openness in our heart space.

Sensuality, pleasure and living a life turned on, is definitely not something modern society has fully accepted as our natural essence as women. Sensuality and putting your “pussy'” in the driver’s seat, or in other words, listening to your intuition is not even considered let alone celebrated. And so we are seek validation and the approval of others or we forget what is truly aligned and important for us at heart level.

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Usually, what I have found when women come to work with me in my spaces is that they have come from a background where they have felt connected to their spirituality, they have practiced yoga, they have danced, they do all the meditations and even done all the self love affirmations. But they know there is still something else. They know, they can feel it in their body, that there is something else missing. And they know there is something missing because they desire more in their life and relationships.

They realise their missing piece which is pleasure

They are wanting to access their radiance. And to also feel safe or comfortable enough to receive this feel good feeling, and to recognize that life has the potential to provide us with so much pleasure if we allow ourselves to slow down. This bliss that I know we all desire to feel.

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When we are turned on to our pleasure in our body, through our sensuality, something switches on. A light that we didn’t know was there. We walk around with a radiance, a confidence, a knowing, a trust, a power that can only be accessed when we are plugged into this pleasure, sensual power of ours. That can only be turned on when we are anchored into the body and we allow this to lead us. Rather than being and moving through life from the space of the mind, which can limit our potential.

When we start connecting with the tingles, the sensations in the body, we switch on our natural radiance because we learn what it means to surrender. We learn how to reconnect with the body. We know that the body is a holy temple for feeling empowered.

What I have seen is most of these beautiful women come to me because they are done with feeling disconnected, with themselves and their partner. They are done with feeding into this idea that pleasure is wrong or shameful and they desire to actually feel good. 

They see it is possible. 

They want to be turned on in their feminine. And allow that to lead their life. 

Fully feeling and experiencing the senses. 

The beautiful tools that each woman has. 

She wants to be so connected to her pussy so she finally trusts her voice and trusts where that leads her. 

When a woman walks through this sensual journey hand in hand with me, they realise that pleasure can be derived from every single waking moment.

It’s the ability to turn the sensation of wetness of your mouth, the air on your skin, the smell of your partner’s neck, the golden sunset that reminds her of her own yoni-  the sensations that would be normally overlooked into pleasurable enriching experiences. 

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So often we feel so disconnected from our body, from our truth, from ourselves because we are so overly stimulated and constantly being shown more information, so as a protective mechanism, we numb ourselves, we shut our senses out as there’s just too much to feel. So when a woman is not plugged into her radiance, into her sensuality, she lowers her standards, she waits for validation, she listens to everyone else’s shoulds and shouldn’ts. 

However, when we go into this sensual journey and we surrender into this feeling of pleasure, we feel and open our hearts and yoni to experience more bliss than you can imagine. And we can sense the bliss even in the moments that feel sad or where we feel frustrated. Yes, I have felt bliss in my most rageful moments. 

When you are turned on and turned into your pussy power then you realize that you can meet any dark emotion and know that you still have the power to switch over into bliss in any given moment that you choose. Yes you choose. This lifestyle of bliss, love and pleasure is a choice.

When women take this sensual path, they realise it’s not the same as sexuality because it also exists outside of our sexuality but sensuality builds on experience of sexuality and builds on the experience of sexuality to pathway to god, divine, universe etc. Yes your sensuality builds on the experience of sexuality which is the pathway to the divine. 

Imagine knowing that’s how powerful you are. 

I think if every woman knew this power she wouldn’t be afraid to say no when she didn’t want it. She wouldn’t easily give her sex away and at the same time she wouldn’t repress it like most women have been taught to do. 

Sexuality is a pathway to God, the Goddess, the Universe.

In Tantra, sexuality is the pathway to the truth of knowing ones path to the soul. It’s a pathway to enlightenment. And when we infuse it with our sensual nature it becomes so much more real and fulfilling.It becomes more pleasurable.

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Every woman’s sensual pathway is different but the root is the same- The great connection to her yoni. Yes her yoni is in charge. And when her yoni is guiding her, it means her sensuality, her turn on for life is switched on. This is how we then take charge of our own life. And this is how we know love. This is how we know connection, intimacy and compassion for ourselves.

I hope this inspired you just a little and if you would love to begin your sensual journey I invite you to join my 7 day FREE Erotic Feminine Embodiment Program. This program is filled with different embodiment practices to help you ignite your sensuality for a life of ease, confidence and self awareness.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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