How to live a more shameless life? Get naked

May 31, 2023Lifestyle, Sexuality

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One way to live a more shameless life and embrace your power as a woman is to get NAKED.  Starting developing a love language or love affair with your naked body. This is one of the first steps into moving through the shame and getting comfortable with your body.  Getting naked helps you to reframe your thoughts about yourself and shift the perspective around them. 

One way to live a more shameless life and embrace your power as a woman is to get NAKED. 

Starting developing a love language or love affair with your naked body.

This was one of the very first steps into moving through the shame and getting comfortable with my body. 

This is what I tell all the women who come to work with me. Start getting naked. 


This is the best way to reframe your thoughts about yourself and shift the perspective around them. 

I remember the first time I really got naked in front of other women. I was in a Turkish bath in Morocco  and 22 with a group of women.. We were told to all get naked. I remember being the first one to do it.

Then I spent time naked in Japanese springs. I loved how women would be so free in their body.

Then sunbathing topless in Croatia, Spain and Greece and began to go to nude beaches. 

And then spent time naked in dress rehearsals with my samba sisters. So then I could dance half naked on stage. 

I realized  over time the naked body, the sexual feminine body became my love language. I was made for this.

But the thing is, we women are born to be connected to our pleasure and sensuality but this aspect of ourselves has been denied, it has been shamed. We feel shameful about our body, our sexuality and sensuality. This leads women to feeling less than, or that she needs to do more to be beautiful, or that she must stay looking young to be naturally radiant.

What we haven’t been taught is that our pleasure and sensuality is the gateway to true radiance.

When we feel comfortable and at ease in our naked temple body, something happens, a spark switches on. We realise our power and leadership.

naked, sensual, sensuality

Getting naked brings self leadership

I say self leadership because this is how we reclaim our power through knowing our worth. And we can embody our self worth through nakedness, through realising our body as this beautiful sacred temple.

Our sensual body leads us to our great leadership because we become connected to our sexuality. We realise how it feels to be comfortable and anchored in our body.

When I realised my leadership through my sensual sexual body, I felt a great rise in my purpose, my mission, my connection to my soul’s contract. My sensual journey led me to holding great space for the great rise in the feminine through the womanly body for other women.

When women feel connected to their body, they feel more love for themselves and their feminine essence. There is so much comfort in our body, granted to us if we allow ourselves to get uncomfortable. The duality.

This comfort that goes beyond everything we know and have been told. It is a subtle resting, like that feeling of “Ohhhh there she is again. There I am. I can breathe. “

Of course there is also a lot of shame around this too, which is why I am all for safety and sacredness. 

You have a choice in how you want to feel

You have a choice to shift how you want to perceive and hold yourself. About How you desire to feel about you.

You have a choice to be connected and fall in love with you.

You have a choice. 

The choice to start embracing your beauty, seeing yourself through all the imperfections. Just seeing it. You don’t have to approve of it. It’s ok. But you have to embrace it. You have to start embracing your strengths just as much as your weaknesses.

The thing we haven’t been taught is that natural beauty is seen through your ravishment of life. In the way you enjoy your sensual pleasures. In the way you experience yourself. It’s about feeling free and alive in mind, body, and soul. And when we free and move fluid with the winds and water, we being to open our hearts more. We feel safe to open our heart. And when our heart is opened, we begin to see ourselves through the lens of the heart, and not the limited mind views that tells us we are not beautiful or young or sexy enough.

Let me tell you… your beauty is NOT all in the outer physical appearance that we have been told.  Your beauty lies in your brilliance, in your radiance. How do we turn on our radiance? When you are connecting with your sensuality.

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman and thought…”wow there’s something about her, she is so beautiful and radiant.”

It’s usually not because she has a flat stomach and a big butt.

It’s her natural glowing radiance.

This woman’s radiance is usually not because of what she does or how much money she has, it is because of the way she carries herself, the way she feels safe to express her eroticism. She is not wearing a facade that hides her authenticity. She lives with an open heart and high standards.

Her eroticism is what ignites her leadership. The leadership is ignited because she is connected to her pleasure and her yoni. When we are connected with the yoni/vagina, we are more free to embrace our beautiful naked body.

So sister, my advice right now is to get naked. 

Do one little thing right now that will connect you with your naked body.

Some ways to start being comfortable naked to embrace your feminine power

🌹Go to nude beaches.

🌹 Walk around your house naked. Start getting used to how it feels to be liberated and empowered in your own skin.

🌹 Dance naked. 

🌹 Allow your partner to see your gorgeous, Goddess, naked body. Believe me he will LOVE it. It’s our true gift. 

🌹 Even lay on your bed naked and just rest there. 

⁠🌹 You can do mirror work- Mirror exposure therapy improves your body image by helping you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

🌹 If that all seems too much, at least take your bra and your panties off. Allow your heart to be exposed and your pussy to breathe. 

Mirror Exposure

Mirror exposure therapy improves your body image by helping you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. It is a great way for improving body image and sexual radiance, if done regularly.

Here are some steps to help you get started:

⁠1. Identify the body parts that you are feeling uncomfortable with. This may be a specific body part or the whole body.⁠

2. Practice looking in the mirror whilst naked. Take a few slow deep breaths. You can start with shorter periods of time and increase the time spent in front of the mirror gradually.⁠

3. While you are looking in the mirror, negative thoughts and feelings may arise. It is important to meet with these thoughts and learn to reframe them (this is something you may need some help with, but it CAN be done with practice)!⁠

4. Smile into this. Touch this place on your body. Breathe into it. Through your breath invite in love from spirit.

4. Out loud, say some positive affirmations while you look at your body in the mirror. Things like “I am more than a body” or “My stretch marks are beautiful reminders of my growth.” ⁠”My curves are a reflection of my womanhood and femininity.” “My soft belly is the place where I birth my desires.”

5. Repeat this practice daily, and notice the subtle shifts. And how you catch yourself speaking in certain ways to yourself. ⁠

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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