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Jul 23, 2023Lifestyle, Sacred Femininity

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Imagine being embraced through your feminine divinity in a way that allows you to live a life that is heart centered, and completely connected with your own path as a sovereign, self sourced woman. Where you listen to your inner wisdom and know how to use your body as a source of healing. 

As you know my work is devoted to the sacred feminine and helping her thrive in order to listen to your infinite wisdom that is forever present. This is all about revolutionizing and reclaiming the sacred feminine in a way that feels authentic to you. 

You may also know that my work revolves around inviting women to come home to their own body, as a living temple, a gateway to aliveness and pleasure, and as a navigation system that holds your infinite wisdom. And a way we can really tune into this inner navigation system, or inner wisdom, is to embrace yourself in feminine self care practices.

This world was not designed for you to thrive but my intention is to change that.

Imagine you could ignite the vibrancy, aliveness, and enjoyment inside of your body so that you feel very very good. And when you feel so good you take steps to create the world around you that feels good to YOU!

Perhaps, you have never learned how to stay connected to the wisdom and power of your body and sexuality.

Or, maybe, you experienced trauma and living in your body does not feel safe.

Here is where I come in. To hold sacred space for you, to teach you and guide you how to stay connected to the endless supply of bliss, ease, peace and pleasure that comes from inside of you. I can guide you so you feel alive. And when you feel alive, you feel confident, and on purpose.

Imagine this,

You who is full of pleasure, radiance, and self-worth.

You who enjoys your body.

You who trusts your instincts.

You who feels the love for your beautiful body.

You who has whole body orgasms.

You who experiences intimacy with herself and others.

You who takes care of your mind and body.

You who is fulfilled by your connection with yourself and the God(dess).

Imagine being embraced through your feminine divinity in a way that allows you to live a life that is heart centered, and completely connected with your own path as a sovereign, self sourced woman. Where you listen to your inner wisdom and know how to use your body as a source of healing. 

Taking time to nurture yourself is how you empower this embodiment and how your life purpose is expressed.

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Connect with love through feminine self care practices

In order for you to be connected to your channel of love which is infinite, you have to indulge yourself in daily feminine self care practices.

Now… I am not really talking about facials and massages, although they are very nice but I am speaking about feminine ritual and sacred feminine practices to start learning how to be in tune with your body’s signals and to begin feeling present. Presence is the first step to realising your highest potential and for listening to your womb’s wisdom and your yoni’s whispers of truth. 

Your potential is your unique soul’s expression. And your soul is you in this body you were given to express her. Therefore It’s essential to balance taking care of yourself and nourishing your temple, while also making sure that you’re tending to all of the things that life asks of you.

Whether you have only 10 minutes a day or a couple hours for yourself in the evening, devoting yourself to the feminine consciousness will help you understand what is your truth and what is not. It will help you understand and become aware when it is your ego (fear, doubts, negative self talk) is playing out and when it is your truth that is expressed through love.

Feminine self care practices and feminine rituals will help you to live from the space of pleasure as a driving force for your happiness. 

Here are some ways to integrate feminine self care practices and spirituality together to feel more nourished, present and relaxed. 

1. Plan your rejuvenating retreat at-home

Make time and space in your day to get into a nourishment practice. You have to do this for yourself. No one else will. And so often we ignore the body’s signals to slow down and to feel nourished. We push through period pain, or pain during sex because we have not allowed self to know ourselves and our body through slowing down in nourishment practices.

So it is important you begin to carve out this space for you and make it a priority. Pleasure is not only your birthright is necessary for a life of ease. 

So clear out your schedule so that nothing can disrupt this time for yourself. (A lot of that is going to be dependent on what your life looks like.) This might mean you need to set boundaries or have a conversation with your loved ones in your household. Especially if you have children, make space and communicate with someone, Hey, I’m going into retreat, I’m going to turn my phone off. If there’s any emergencies, _______ is where I’ll be.” I can recommend you do this at least once a week. And when you are in this moment of retreat, turn off any distractions and start practicing just being with you, your breath, your presence and that is all.

2 : Wake up gently and sensually

Now what do I mean by waking up sensually?

One of the ways to set the positive mood for the day is to connect with your senses. Sensuality involves slowing down and being with your senses. So maybe that means taking some time when you wake up to ground yourself with some breathing, by looking out at the sunrise, or watching the birds.

Watch this video on From Fear to Pleasure

Begin your morning slowly, stepping in your own energy. Taking your time to get out of bed, even brushing your hair, or washing your face – let it be slow, and nourishing. If you drink your coffee in the morning, drink it slowly. Connecting with the deliciousness that life has to offer you.

You might be thinking, I am a busy mother and have so much to do. But here is the hard truth…If you don’t have at least 10 min for you, for yourself dear beloved, then why are we even living? Why are we all even living if we can’t allow ourselves some time to enjoy a little pleasure in our life that is our birthright.

You can cleanse your body with a shower or a bath, washing away anything that no longer serves you. And this is a beautiful way to start the day fresh. And as you get ready, you want to dress up and put on an outfit that makes you feel lovely and beautiful. This is such an important step and one I really encourage in my offerings and programs with women.

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Discover more about Feminine Remembrance here

 We have to set the stage for our beautiful Goddess who here is to thrive and be seen in your natural beauty.

In my Free Program, Erotic Feminine Embodiment. I have a gorgeous pleasure practice that you can do in the shower with your naked body and begin this journey of connecting with your body in a sacred, loving way.

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3: Create a nourishing feminine ritual or sacred morning practice

By having a simple morning ritual you begin your day from pleasure rather than from that rushed, “busy” feeling.

Begin your day with some sort of devotional practice that gets you connected with pleasure and your womb space which is the beholder of your wisdom and creative ideas. In this way, you begin your day from the feminine essence of love and ease rather than getting right in the rush of things.

Sacred morning practices are a foundational element to feeling well connected to yourself, and leading your day from the space of connection and pleasure. It is a simple yet powerful act that allows your peace of mind to be met before you go out and serve the world. You can only be in complete service to others when you are there for yourself. This is a practice of just being. Being with yourself and allowing the softness to settle in…nothing to read, nothing to talk about, nothing to do other than just coming back to your own body, being with yourself and enjoying this act of self love.

A sacred morning practice is designed to allow you to FEEL yourself! Remember inside the FREE program Erotic Feminine, it is filled with practices for you to begin this journey of nourishment, connection and slowing down.

Other feminine rituals and sacred morning practices

Here are a few other ideas to try / add into your sacred morning practice, to begin embracing the divine feminine. In this way, when you do go into your sacred masculine energy which is about the doing, the direction, planning, getting things done… you will be doing this not from that place of scatteredness, or desperation or even exhaustion because you would have already honoured your heart and body. And you would have walked through your “busy” day from that place of centeredness, presence and connection to your wisdom through your feeling body.

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Morning Ritual Ideas: 

  • Cleanse your space using incense. In this way, you clear out any energy from the day before and begin renewed. I do this every morning.
  • Free Journaling ~ this means getting all your thoughts down onto paper. And whatever comes out may surprise you
  • Sensual Movement ~ This is one of my favourites. Inside Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself you will not only immerse yourself in pleasure practices like a yoni massage but you will also embody your sensuality through erotic movement. This is a beautiful way to get in your body and allow your sacral chakra to cleanse, activate, & ultimately guide you through your day feeling more alive and connected. This is how we tap into our natural magnetisim and radiance and turn on our creative powers.
  • Gratitude- Gratitude is helpful to shifting things that are challenging and bringing in a whole new awareness into your being. Gratitude is the most simple and more effective way to move from negative into a positive mindset. Receive your gratitude journal prompts to help you start your day

  • Sacred Ask ~ Adding prayer or using a sacred ask, to your morning practice will help you feel supported by the divine. Prayer is a simple way to ask for the things you want in your life to create ease and peace. And a beautiful reminder that we are always connected with our soul tribe and divine guides. This will lift the stress off your shoulders at the start of your day.
  • Breast Massage- this is not something that has to be invasive or complicated. This is something that I share inside ceremony in Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself. This has been my favorite practice of all to help me practice and start my day from my heart rather than from my thoughts. Your life will never be the same after practicing this beautiful, magical heart massage practice.
  • Drink your tea mindfully. As you make your tea, play some music you love that makes you feel grounded and give thanks to the beautiful herbs/flowers gifted from Mother Earth. This is such a simple and beautiful ceremony to bring you closer to your body and the Earth.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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