10 habits to increase your feminine energy

Aug 10, 2023Awakening, Lifestyle

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When I speak about Feminine energy it's important to know that we all have feminine and masculine energies within us all. It doesn't matter what gender. However, women usually have more dominant feminine energy. And they are usually in their happy place when they are anchored into their feminine energy. 

I speak about wellness for women and femininity alot.

When I speak about Feminine energy it’s important to know that we all have feminine and masculine energies within us all. It doesn’t matter what gender. However, women usually have a more dominant feminine energy. And they are usually in their happy place when they are anchored into their feminine energy. When women are anchored in their feminine energy they create with ease, they embrace the darkness and they feel at home in the body.

Feminine energy is usually related to all things in the body, the feelings, the emotions, the love, the being, the receptivity, the connection to the earth and connection with your womb’s wisdom.

Masculine energy is more focused, it is logical, visionary, doing energy, it is about structure and discipline. So as you can see we embody all of these traits in us.

In today’s society, most women however, have an overdeveloped masculine side. And have learned to repress their feminine side. It makes them feel safe and feel seen. Because in the western world, we often praise those who are working at a linear way. That we need to keep going, that a person who is more aggressive is more valuable and to be feminine is often seen as weak.

The feminine has nothing to do with being more of anything. In Fact, it is about unlayering, untying those chains and threads that have kept us in hiding, kept us small, kept our voices blocked to fit into what everyone else expects from us. The feminine is in hiding.

I am finding that a lot of women are wanting to come back to their feminine side.  And there is a lot out there that can often make us more confused. So it is my mission to ensure that I guide women onto this reclamation and know that this is not about taking on another role, another way, another mask. This is really about you being you. Rested in your heart. Safe in your body. Thriving in your pleasure and radiance. 

Because the truth is, being in your masculine energy all the time can feel exhausting. It feels forced, it feels like they are always walking uphill. It feels unfulfiling. 

So let’s step into our magnetic feminine being you are. I am here to show you that there is a way of ease, love and bliss.

To start reclaiming this beautiful radiant self. 

To start stepping into your true self that feels authentically you. 

I am going to share the 10 habits to start stepping into your feminine energy. I could have written 100 but for today we will start with these 10.

Feel free to watch the full video here:

1. Creativity

Start immersing yourself in things that make you feel good and get your Creative juices going. Make creativity a part of your lifestyle.

The feminine energy is the place to create and she creates not just things, but a life that is aligned. So when immersed in practices that feel good, you become more intuitive, more aligned to your heart. And you create from that space.

The feminine is the creative energy. Look around you, Mother Earth is our biggest teacher. She is always creating life and beauty around her. This is your beautiful power also. You have the power to create a life, and the desires, that you decide. 

The feminine is not meant to be on the go all the time.  The feminine inside of you loves to create, she loves to be in her body to tap into this flow state, this place that brings you back to your inner child. This can be in dance, in painting, in creating your business, writing, cooking, flower arranging, making essential oils. 

When we are in this creative state, we are often in the body. We start to open our heart and through this space, we drop from the mind and hear these subtle messages. Make time to do things that light you up. 

2. Embrace your dark emotions

To create, we also have to allow ourselves to go into the darkness and unknown. We cannot fully create the life that we desire, the relationship that we desire, and the healthy relationship with ourselves, if we haven’t learned to let go of the things that are stopping us from doing so, or that keep us in repeated patterns that block our radiance. 

So this means being with your dark emotions, the emotions that we often push aside, the things we feel fear about or doubt, or shame. We feel a lot of shame as women, it is embedded in our feminine psyche. 

So feel your feelings instead of suppressing them. And if you are not used to this or don’t feel safe to do so, this can feel really overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why bringing touch really helps. Bringing in pleasure, somatic practices can help you space space to go into the unknown and feel what is there.

Our emotions are not weak, or make us weak. If we have learned this, we often stuff our emotions down. And when we repress these emotions or haven’t practised acknowledging our emotions and discerning them, the more we find ourselves feeling blocked in our creativity, in our intuition and we even start to project this into unhealthy ways like frustration or defensiveness. This is not supportive of our feminine energy.

Feeling your feelings is not the same as thinking your feelings. This is where we get stuck in the ego and the mind. This is not about fixing your feelings or finding solutions either. 

So when you feel you your feelings, you can ask…

Where do you feel it in your body? Do you feel it in your heart, your chest, your back, your belly?

What does it feel like? So connecting with your sensations. Maybe airy, open, tight, heavy, dark.

To tap into your feminine, it means knowing how to dive deep into your emotions and not being afraid to go there. There is so much we can learn from them. There is so much that can be birthed from this space. It’s where the growth really occurs, no matter how uncomfortable it might make you feel. 

The best place to start working with your dark feminine energy is through working with the womb and yoni. Check out this blog How well do you know your yoni?

3. Soften to embody your feminine energy

 In order to soften we need to drop into the body.  So often we don’t realize that our body is asking us to soften. To soften the breath, soften your yoni, soften your belly. This is so important. In order for us to receive love, an intuition message, to receive pleasure, we need to soften. Our body cannot feel open and receptive, the feminine is receptive, if our body is contracted all the time. And so often we are contracted because this may have been our default way of moving through life. It might have felt safer to be here. 

But we can take leadership in our life and choose a way that feels gentle and soft. 

So how can I soften or how can I be more gentle with myself? How can I offer myself some loving attention right now?

When I say soft. I don’t mean being a pushover or having no boundaries,  this is about being soft, free, joyful . 

Usually when living in masculine energy all the time, your body will get used to being tense. Because the masculine is usually about the mind. So if we are in the mind all the time and neglecting our feeling body we are not becoming aware as the body. 

So when we soften, it is becoming aware of the sensations in the body. 

This can mean softening your breath. Or maybe softening your voice. When you soften your voice, you can even see where your breath resides. 

How can you bring ease and this softness into the things you do?

4. Embrace your masculine energy

Your Feminine cannot exist without masculine energy because if we are constantly in our feminine flowy energetic state, she has nowhere to go. She will be chaotic. She is just this force, this being moving with nowhere to go, no direction, just floating around. 

The masculine part of you will allow you to thrive.  This is how your feminine part of you shines because she has a structured, a grounding, safe container that can allow her to continue shining. In order to feel this in another person, your partner, we need to know how this safe container feels within ourselves. What does groundedness and safety feel like?

Usually in a relationship, because there is an entity, it usually requires the masculine to take lead and her to relax in her feminine. And these qualities exist within you too. 

When we learn how to be in these two energies and know how to move from one to the other, the masculine energy within you will allow the feminine part of you to feel relaxed, to feel at ease in your voice, to trust your intuition and then take action, to be the integrity of your heart. These two energies work and weave together.

So when you move from your feminine essence and then meet with the masculine part of you, this looks like you being comfortable in your own skin, you showing up in devotion and being committed to this part of you that is flowy and speaks from love. This means knowing your worth and standing and speaking from the place of your heart but with integrity also.

5. Structure

This relates to the previous one. Your feminine will need structure. She needs devotion. She needs some sort of structure that she can feel supported in. 

This might look like a routine. 

It might look like setting out your goals for the week. 

This might mean ensuring that you make time for you, for nourishment. 

Maybe cleaning your house on a certain day. 

Light structure and discipline is important to allow the feminine part of you to feel supported and that she can relax into this part of her that is flowy. And this will also balance the masculine part of you because you also know that it is ok to let go a little, that although you have this structure, you also know that life is not linear and that you can let go. You know how to soften. 

So it’s important to also know yourself, know your cycle, know your energies. And also be flowy and free with that. Otherwise, we can often have these routines and structures and not allow room for flexibility and adaptability which can then feel suffocating to the feminine creative essence in you. 

You might also need to organise your home, so your feminine doesn’t feel like she’s running around trying to find things. 

Your feminine needs to feel calm and supported, and not stressed. She needs a sensual environment that supports her energy to feel comfortable. Do what you need to do to feel fully comfortable to be seen in your radiant feminine.

6. know your menstrual cycle

To be connected with your feminine energy, means connecting with the rhythm of the earth, of nature, of the seasons, of being aligned with the moon as well as your unique rhythm. When we know our menstrual cycle, and our unique rhythm, we also know ourselves. We start to trust ourselves. We listen to our needs. We know when we are feeling more tender, so it is time to be soft, and retreat into the void, 

You also know when to be more outward, when to be more social.  Or even when you are more creative. 

So when we start to know ourselves in this way, we start to embody a strength, a power. Because we stop listening to the outside world and we become more attuned to the messages and signals of our body. 

As we know we are different from men. But we walk through life thinking that to be successful, we have to show up the same each day. And there must be something wrong with us if we feel a dip in our energy levels. We believe that we have to produce consistent results no matter what what we’re feeling and going through in our life

Instead, we believe that we are more powerful if we power through pain, through tiredness. Therefore, this proves that we are a strong fierce woman. And if we are not pushing through, we are shamed and judged for not being consistent, or strong or we are seen as lazy and weak. 

We are not machines like robots. And you are not weak if you can’t keep up with everyone around you every day. The more we think we are weak, the more we shame ourselves and then compete with other women. 

This way of being does not serve women, our feminine one bit. 

It is time to start recognising this natural part of ourselves and learn to be in our body fully. 

Because we are cyclical. 

Nature is cyclical 

The moon is cyclical. 

We are cyclical. 

The divine feminine is cyclical 

Check out this video I created about the power of your menstrual cycle

7. Connect with nature

This leads me to the next point- Be in the presence of Mother Earth. She is the ultimate divine feminine. We live in a world that values production, a linear way of doing things, perfection, and of output, over beauty, joy, connection, resting, and flow. So we can be reminded of these beautiful qualities within ourselves when we connect with Mother Nature. 

It also means we slow down.  She reminds you of this feeling of connection. Of that feeling of groundedness. She helps you to be connected with your senses and to live from that space and see the blessings that are so available to us.

She reminds us of the rhythms, of our inner rhythms and our connection to her cycles as we are water emotional beings. And when we feel down, she will offer you her abundance, her gifts, her natural healing qualities. In this way, our mood changes, we feel lighter, and we feel connected to ourselves again.

This can also mean you create an environment that incorporates her qualities, this is how we support our feminine as well. When we create a sensual environment that connects us to the earth and our senses, we start to feel supported and connected to ourselves.

We have to start making our connection to the earth a priority. We are not meant to be living in disconnect as this depletes us. We are nature after all, we are meant to be one with her.

8. EmbracE sensuality

Start doing a sensuality check in.

Why? Because sensuality feeds your feminine, your life-force energy, Your radiance, Your Goddess to shine. 

Think about the times when you were having a bad day and then something uplifted you. Maybe it was a hug from your lover, you noticed your flowers on your table and smelled the deliciousness of them. You tasted the hot food that you made, you looked outside your window and felt the sun’s heat touch your face, or you put on your favorite lipstick that just brought so much color to your beautiful face. 

Within seconds, you are instantly shifted out of stress and into softness and connection. In this connection, you became present with what was there. You become open to receiving new perspectives, you become more intuitive, and your heart smiles. You relax your body’s stress and need to hold tight. This was all because you embraced sensuality.

As you can see sensuality is more than what we have been taught.

It’s about surrounding yourself with beauty that fills up and explodes your senses. It is about being open to the wonderful experience of drinking that beauty in!

Tasting all that life has to offer.  Welcome and being in all of that. 

When we miss out on this presence, we miss out on pleasure, and we get stuck in that hamster wheel, burning your beautiful radiance out. You are beautiful and radiant in your sensual nature.

9. Embrace your wild woman for joy

This society values the pretty good girl. Or even the put together mother. 

We don’t value the messy, the darkness, the unknown of the feminine energy. So we have to bring this in our lives to start taking this power back. To start knowing that there is so much power, so much wisdom in these spaces of unknown, in letting go.

A great way to do this is to practice moving, and dancing in a non linear way. Remember the feminine is moving and flowing, and the masculine energy is stillness, silence, structure. 

So how can I dance that allows me to let go of how this looks and instead practice being in the wild woman? The wild woman who is messy, she is imperfect. This wild woman is what society fears. Because it’s unknown and yes imperfect.

So conscious intuitive movement is a great way to start practicing being in your body and following your rhythm. This helps you connect to your heart, which connects you with the wild part of you. A movement that makes you feel sensual and connected. This is not about following steps perfectly, It’s about connecting with your pleasure, with the part of you that feels good and that supports the connection of your heart.

When you dance in a way that is conscious we can also move emotions that often get stuck in the body.

Through this wild nature, we also start to tap into our feminine intelligence which is directly connected to spirit, to the childlike wonder, and we start to see the world differently.

The feminine within you will thrive in this space of wildness, of letting your body go, of rolling around on the floor. We rise in our worth when we can feel comfortable being here. It may feel strange at first but from this space is where we remember that little girl who loved to open her legs and be free in her body. This embodied presence brings so much joy to our lives.

Make space for this. Be devoted to this. This is where we grow. Where we start really stepping into our bigger self, the feminine has been in hiding, she has been playing small for far too long.

10 . Practice receiving

Take time to do you, to be with yourself. And be intentional. The feminine needs this.

Let yourself receive. The feminine is the receiving energy. And in this receiving energy, we learn to tap into our Innate magnetic quality. We are often sold this idea that the more we do the more we receive, or we won’t receive or manifest unless we hustle and have it all together. 

When you embrace your sensual nature, your softness, your creative essence, when you are connected to your heart and body, you begin to feel open to receive with EASE.

The universe loves to offer and you receive. 

Now this doesn’t mean we just take a step back and let the universe do everything or that in a relationship we just sit back and he does all the work. Now, remember the feminine requires the masculine energy of the action piece to take place, but our doing is felt and done in alignment with joy, ease and love.

By you showing up for your heart, you showing up in your energy, in your love, in your sensual nature, in you doing the work to feel into you, you receive.


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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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