5 Ways to Activate Pleasure

Jan 30, 2023Healing, Sexuality

5 ways to activate pleasure
Pleasure is a beautiful medicine for all of us women and how lucky we are to be in this body to experience pleasure in so many ways. This is how we see and experience the Goddess within.

Pleasure is a beautiful medicine for all of us women and how lucky we are to be in this body to experience pleasure in so many ways.

However, our brain is not wired for pleasure.

We have not learned how to relax and melt into the body to receive and surrender to a loved one.

We tend to (or our ego does) become more comfortable in staying in the suffering or the pain as opposed to the pleasure that is available to us in EVERY MOMENT.

So guess what?

We need to relearn and remember what pleasure feels like.
We need to do some unlayering to get there.
We need to do a little retraining our nervous system to know it is more than ok to feel amazing, beautiful and fabulous.

Because when you do…

You receive your beloved.
You make decisions that feel like a hell YES.
You create and move through life that feels easy.

When you are consciously open for pleasure, you turn it into a daily situation.

This is how you feel this passion and zest for life. And when you make this part of the way you move and breathe through life, you understand that…

You are in control of your life and what makes you feel good. In this way, you know how to self soothe, you know what feels good in your body and let that lead your life.

Sensuality and pleasure are really informed in my work and when women realise this beautiful gift that is within them all along, they stop settling for less in relationships, they begin to interact with the world differently and they begin to feel alive.

So here I share 5 of my top ways in which you can cultivate and activate your pleasure. Remember this is a matter of practice, relearning, remembering and reconnecting over and over again until it becomes your default way of moving through life.

1. Connect With Your Senses

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Through your senses you experience the Goddess inside of you. She becomes awakened when you slow down to really smell the flowers, when you take those slow juicy bites into your apple, when you watch the ocean’s tides move in and out of the shore, when you listen to your favorite music that transports you to another time and place.

Connecting with your senses is what brings you closest to your sixth sense. The sense we tend to bypass. We know it is there but we tend to ignore them because a lot of the time it doesn’t make sense.

So when you become used to listening and feeling into this message (that does come directly from your highest self), you begin to know and live from this truth always. Instead of listening to the noise around you.

Being really alive with your senses is the first layer to sensuality. This is the truest piece of embodiment because it takes alot of self awareness and slowing down in the process to really. enjoy your connection with life. 

You can see this in a child, to really understand how sensuality moves through people.

When they eat ice cream, they eat with joy and pleasure. 

The way they hug and kiss.

This is sensuality in its truest innocent nature. 

The senses, is the first layer of your sensual expression and it is how we interact with world and experience the world. Your pleasure is that connection with all of this.

We are are always experiencing life in each moment. Its abundant and rich in the way we do this  But what has happened is that we are disconnected from this way of moving through life, because we are stuck in the mind. And this means we are not fully dropped in to the sensations. 

Yes we can do mindfulness work, this helps to be mindful but the next step is the felt sense. 

When we speak about feminine energy, this is is where the work is. In the body. Not as much in the realm of the mind. So it is our job to connect these two- the mind  and body. And a great place to start is through your senses.

2. Process Emotions

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Pleasure will help you practice allowing your emotions or energy to move through you. Every time you don’t, you block this channel of flow of life that moves through you that cultivates your inspiration and vitality. You block your sexual radiance. And then this is where we begin to attract situations that keep us stuck in a cycle of karma.

So how do you move emotions through you in a healthy way?


Sensual embodiment practices.

Hip opening movements are my favourite.

Slow sensual movements that help you connect with the earth and your beautiful skin.

This is exactly what I focus on inside the Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself 10 week Immersion, to guide you in just that. Providing the safe container for you to return home to your body, and connect with your senses all whilst moving through any anger, rage, sadness, grief you may be storing inside your body and move it in a healthy, sensual way- Through movement, Through erotic, expressive, ecstatic, wild movements.

I have created a beautiful, pleasure FREE program so you can begin this journey of sensuality, pleasure and safety right now.

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And this leads me to the next point….

3. Retrain your nervous system to feel safe

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Safety is another important piece that informs my work. Without feeling safe in the body, or comfortable we resist, our body closes up as a way to protect herself.

When you feel safe in your body, meaning you feel you can anchor into your body to not only feel the goodness that moves through you but also to feel the pain, or things that trigger you, or things that make you feel less than or unworthy etc, you expand yourself to receiving pleasure, bliss and joy.

When you have a relaxed, regulated nervous system you are more present. You do not get lost with the thoughts and trigger points. You again self soothe and come into sensual recognition. You become a witness of your triggers or emotions without them becoming more than that.

Being present is necessary in order to really feel into the pleasure and aliveness of your body. The more we understand how to soften into the feminine, the more we allow our pleasure to be felt and experienced. And of course embodiment practices can help you do this. My favorite one is self touch.

4. Dismantle the shame

Release the shame and trauma/shame around your sexuality, around your yoni and self expression.

You can read this blog about Healing Shame around your sexuality.

When you do release this shame, you realize how sacred your body is. You realize your body is so much more than what we have been taught to believe, that it is to et you from one place to another. Or that it is used to meet the beauty standards of this culture.

Your body, your sexuality and your yoni are these beautiful sacred aspects of you that carry the life of your Spirit.

It is the temple and gateway to your highest self. This feminine wisdom that moves through you always. However, when we are carrying the shame and moving from the shame about our sexuality and our feminine expression, we prevent ourselves from really understanding what it means to experience life.

Your highest self is the woman inside of you who wants you to experience pleasure and bliss in each moment. But when we are stuck in the stories and limitations of our mind and ego, we block ourselves from really experiencing this bliss. The bliss and goodness that can be found in all moments.

Every time you allow yourself to really feel into your own sacredness, and you allow yourself to experience your sexuality as a sacred act to your higher self, you understand the fullness and richness of LOVE and what that means.

You feel it in your movement. 

You feel it in your breath. 

You feel it in the way you interact with life. 

This is why feminine rituals are so important as they help you to learn how to receive and worship your temple body with the highest form of love and respect.

5. Activate your sexual energy

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Another way to cultivate pleasure is by tuning into your sexual energy. This is the energy inside of you that makes life happen, that connects you to the creative force. Your sexual energy has less to do about sex and more to do with how ALIVE you feel on a regular basis.

It is how you create, how you move through life from this space of knowing.

So when you are connecting to your sexual energy through feminine rituals and feminine practices that I love to immerse women in, you begin to allow this flow, this life force force, this sexual energy to guide your life. There is so much beauty that comes from this.

Rather than allowing your fear, doubts and anger to guide your life.

That feeling of bliss and aliveness is there to guide you.

But it is up to you to awaken to this medicine. Otherwise it just sits there inside of you, and gets lost. It is like all this healing medicine just sitting there for nothing.

So really it is up to you.

You get to choose sister.

Is it a life where pleasure, bliss and love guides you or a life where you continue to spiral down feeling like life is happening to you. Feeling frustrated. Feeling disappointed.

I want to see you shine and thrive!

It starts with you.

And I am here to guide you to that medicine within to help you see and realise this magic that exists within you. That you are your own medicinal healer through PLEASURE.

Remember sister you create the life you desire.

You have the responsibility to nurture this amazing life.

This is freedom.

It is right here in your heart, in your body, in your being.

Not in your head but right here in what makes you feel alive.

So are you ready to know what pleasure feels like sister?

Are you ready to feel FABULOUS?

I invite you into the 7 day Erotic Feminine Embodiment Program- It is FREE. Receive FREE HERE.

To discover more about how you can use sacred movement as a tool for feminine embodiment and for transformative healing that will leave you feeling connected to love and your sensuality, Read more about the Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself 10 week Sisterhood Container.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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