Why self nourishment is essential for a woman to feel joy, love and pleasure

Jan 19, 2022Healing, Wellness

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Nourishment and inner healing isn’t just another thing we put on the to do list. It is not another thing you have to do. It is part of your beingness. It is a wonderful, fulfilling journey of self discovery and surrender to love that will always heal you.

Nourishment is something we do very easily when it comes to looking after others, as women. But what we don’t do very often is knowing how to nourish ourselves. We have forgotten how to mother ourselves.

Joy, relaxation and freedom is not possible without feeling nourished within yourself. And I’m not just talking about long baths, facials and eating healthy, yes they are all necessary but im talking about something deeper than that. 

Ladies you’re already doing too much. 

The more you do, doesn’t indicate how much more you are worthy. 

Guess what? You already are worthy.

And nourishment is your birthright. 

My journey to knowing what it means to nourish my mind, body and soul

I come from a place of being completely disconnected from my body. I come from a place of not really knowing what nourishment really means. It has been a really difficult journey because I did not feel safe in my body for a very long time in my past. 

I lived a life that was about making choices that did not meet my own purpose. Instead I was choosing a life that made others happy- being a teacher, going into relationships with a distorted idea that if I don’t get married he doesn’t love me. Etc

I was obsessed with being a high accomplisher. Obsessed with pleasing others. Obsessed with the need for feeling love from the external. So when I look back at my history, alot of my story was surrounded by this idea that the more I do, the more I am successful, or more worthy or more loved or more safe I am. This could have been the way that I received love in my life also.  

I always suffered from burn outs and even burn out in my relationships as I was overgiving. Then to feel better I would go out for dinners, or have facials etc. I love all of this and still do but it was all just a bandaid to my numbness.

What a journey it has been in this path to self nourishment and knowing my worth and palace this world. Self worth just doesn’t occur overnight. Knowing how to nourish your body, soul and mind is not a quick thing we do.

Spiritual journey is more than what you do at the mind level and understanding concepts

When I started my own spiritual practice and my own ascension- a lot of it had to do with the body and how embodied and grounded I was. When you look at a lot of spiritual practices a lot of it has to do with the body like tantra, yoga, hatha yoga etc. However, in today’s world we still tend to focus a lot on the mind. Which is why you may have all this knowledge, or you do all of these meditations and mindfulness work and yet you still feel that there is something missing. What is missing is the deep connection with your body. The integration of this work is in the body. This is how we soothe our nervous system to allow emotions, thoughts and energy move through us. This is nourishment.

When I began dancing samba 10 years ago I realised it was more than just dancing. It was the way I was able to connect with my deepest self. It was me showing up everyday to nourish my soul. It was my way of transcending my sexual energy up through my body and out through my crown chakra. It was me being devoted to feeling everything- the joy, the fear, the resistance. So for me it wasn’t just dancing. It wasn’t just dancing and feeling good in my body or developing self worth and confidence. That was definitely part of it but it was so much more than that. 

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Samba dancing for me became a spiritual healing practice. I just wasn’t aware of it at the time. This was the beginning of my real self healing. 

I was knowing how to be so in my body and using my body as a tool to move all the energies within and through me. It was then, I realised the importance of my sensual body and how it contains everything, intuition, desires, the fire, emotions, passions, the wisdom of our soul. 

For me, it has been all about the journey of recognising my body, my humanness as precious. As something that can take me to deep places within my soul. This is nourishment

Your body can become your tool, your ally, your channel for all those dreams and desires and accomplishments. 

Nourishing your body means being with all that arises within

A belief we may see in our society is usually when we speak about the body, we may not put much emphasis on actually nourishing the body. Because our daily life takes over, or we don’t have time to nurture the body when we’re so busy doing other things in the day. You would rather do things that are quick fixes, such as quick diets. You focus on intense workouts to get an ideal body. We are so addicted to the quick fix. 

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Taking days off or resting is not considered. When we don’t prioritize this and balance this with the doing and action, this can cause burn outs, depressions, anxieties. Further to that, when there’s sudden changes in your life or breakups, or really big things that shake us from our core- we may not know how to be with this energy.  Because we haven’t allowed ourselves to go to the depths of our soul, and learn how to just be, to be with all the arises, without doing more with it. 

We are not equipped to know how to handle this. Instead we may turn to drugs, alcohol, sleep all day, not eat, shopping, or we come up with strategies to distract ourselves from really going within and feeling all that there is. We come up with outcomes and things to do so we don’t have to feel those things anymore.

I believe this happens because we don’t know how to land in our body and nurture the body by offering love and presence to whatever arises.  We don’t know how to deal with all that arises. Instead we choose to fill it up with things. We want to numb ourselves. We want the strategies. The idea of going deep and being with all of our emotions can feel draining and scary.

However, there is a beauty to this when you learn to allow yourself to go there. You open yourself up to so much love. 

Another excuse to not nurture yourself

Another belief I have heard many times from women is that you don’t have time to nurture yourself. You don’t have time to sit there and feel emotions. It is exhausting. Etc. 

You may think you already have so many problems already, you don’t have time to look after your body or yourself. You are too busy for this. And you think that only people who have all the time in the world, those with no kids, no business etc can do that. You think well this is my life, there is nothing I can do. 

The problem with this belief is that you think that this idea of nourishment is not a necessary thing in your life. That you may not even feel you are worthy of giving this attention to yourself. 

It’s like one of those extra things that you have to do. The thought of this is even more stressful to your busy day. This is just another form of avoidance or an internal belief that you are not worthy of feeling ecstatic, vibrant and wonderful.

But let me ask you?

If all of those stories weren’t playing out and you didn’t have all of your commitments, would you want to feel great, vibrant and ecstatic?

When you think of nourishing yourself and your body, you may have a certain image of what that looks like and then you may feel a sense of pressure to achieve the outcome of what that looks like. And then again putting pressure to achieve and live this perfect life of being calm, at peace and nourished. So it’s easier to not do it. 

The work of shadow work or inner work, can be exhausting, especially when you have to feel all the past pain and pain and feel all the emotions, so it’s just easier not to do it. 

This is not healthy as all you are doing here is oppressing the emotions which will be manifested in other ways that can be destructive. . 

Let me tell you, nourishment and inner healing isn’t just another thing we put on the to do list. It is not another thing you have to do. It is part of your beingness. It is a wonderful, fulfilling journey of self discovery and surrender to love that will always heal you. Love will always be there for you.

Pleasure, freedom, self love and success is from the inside out

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We are always borrowing ways in which we think things should be.

We borrow ideas of how our business should look, or how relationships should be, or how you should look, or your body, how we need to be as women. 

In this borrowing and conditioning- we disconnect from our innermost knowing from our soul, our innermost wisdom that we are born with. This place of knowing of what’s really right for us but it only comes from a place when we are actually at ease with ourselves, when we are rested in ourselves. When we are nourished within. Then this is the path of nourishment. 

This has nothing to do with the external. 

This has nothing to do with having a vision, and then once you do that thing,  you will be happy and successful. 

No it’s nothing complicated- it’s just a knowing. It is you putting yourself first and not in an egoic way, but first knowing that your needs matter. When you know how to do that for yourself fullyyyyy, then you can also naturally take care of everyone else. 

You are able to experience full, wholesome love because you are living from a place of fullness and completeness. You are not coming into a relationship with a sense of emptiness. When you are so full from the inside, you start to overflow and the giving becomes so natural. A natural extension of your heart. 

Shifting your perspective around self nourishment

Once we shift this perspective/attitude from the outside to the inside- where we feel the successes of our relationships, our businesses, the joy of how we feel about ourselves that this is not an external thing but internal, it is not something that is provided for us in perfect conditions that we want to be in, it is not when you do something then you will have it. It is not, I have to do this and that first and then feel pleasure and thrive. 

No, when we shift this perspective and see that it is up to us- it is an internal condition that is actually first, then this whole attitude shifts.  Then you know it is time to take care of yourself regardless of what is happening in your life. 

When you understand that how you feel on the inside everything else in your life aligns or not, then the story changes. 

It is like when we hear those words of law of attraction or you attract what you are. 

This shift is so important. This realignment is important.

Nourish yourself first to know how to love others

When we prioritise our nourishment on an energetic, emotional and mental level, when we prioritize our well being, then we have people who are kind naturally in this world.  You become that person who knows how to live with love and with non judgment. Because you know how to offer this to yourself so easily. Love flows to and from you. You are kind to yourself, and caring towards yourself, therefore you know how to be caring and kind towards others. 

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We need to learn to live from this place where we love ourselves unconditionally. This is how we learn to love others. Not just in our relationships but the world around us too. This is how we know how to connect with the earth. How to raise our children. How to associate and empathise with other people’s pain. It’s how we know how to connect with beings around us. 

It’s how we know how to look at strangers with kindness and love and really hold space for them and acknowledge their existence. We don’t feel the need to offer them advice to fix them, we just purely offer love, kindness and understanding. We know that’s enough because we know how to offer that space and live from that in our own lives. 

But.. we can only do this when we know exactly how to do that for ourselves and what that actually means for ourselves when we do that. When we know how precious we are, when we know how much love we encompass and how we hold this true internal power, then we can offer this to someone else. We know how to just be for others.

When we know how to self nourish, we know how to look at our loved ones as a precious soul, who is this sweet, loving, compassionate, kind being of love. And the ways they may approach life that is defensive, from hurt, is only a reaction of their own past suffering. But when we know and feel the love in ourselves, we feel the love of theirs so easily. 

Are you wanting to reclaim pleasure, joy and your sovereignty?

This is what all of my work is all about. Helping women make self care and nourishment a priority so they can feel pleasure and joy in their body. Because every woman is deserving of this. 

Guiding women into the path that is so connected with not only their heart but the womb where our most wonderful, magical wisdom lies.

If you are wanting to  reclaim your true power, to reclaim true joy within yourself, if you want to reclaim joy and intimacy in your relationships, if you want to feel all the good things that life has to offer then it all starts with one place. It is not in the diets, in the working out, in how much you know by reading books, by doing all the courses. No, it starts somewhere even more simple than that. And that place is right here in your heart. It’s inside each of us. It is in your body. It is in your state of being. Not the doing. 

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If you are so yearning for that state of joy and freedom, it is only possible when you allow yourself to be nourished within yourself.  To love and be with all of you. When we are nourished, in this relaxed, loving place within ourselves, then we connect with who we actually are.  We discover our truth and our light. We live from a state of peace and freedom.

When you allow yourself to go all in. You allow shifts to occur. You allow transformation and expansion to occur.

When you nourish and take care of yourself then this is where you attract that care from the world. This is where you magnetise the love your heart so desires. And you know from this radiance that you feel in yourself, this peace, love, you draw that in. You mainfesti and and bring in the things that are on the same frequency towards you. 

You know that when you are a radiant being, just for being you, of light and healing- you feel peace, you feel safe, you feel loved in every way. This is the true essence of nourishment. 

Let me know in the comments below how this is landing for you sister. Would love to hear from you.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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