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Apr 4, 2023Sexuality, Spirituality

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Sensuality is at the core of your eros, innocence, your authentic self. It is the sensual practice that connects us to our divine feminine. So, when you think about the word “sensuality,” you should think of the senses. It is everything that you feel. It is bringing the feeling body into your life and into your awareness. That is the core of embodiment. 

Sensuality is much more than what you see on the surface or how you dress to look a certain way.

Sensuality is:

  • connects us to all of the senses in the body
  • all of the things that make us feel alive in the body 
  • connected to your spirituality and the womb through sensuality

Sensuality is at the core of your eros, innocence, your authentic self. It is the sensual practice that connects us to our divine feminine. So, when you think about the word “sensuality,” you should think of the senses. It is everything that you feel. It is bringing the feeling body into your life and into your awareness. That is the core of embodiment. 

We are all born as sensual beings. We are all born with that fire, that life pulse, that exists within us and that lies within our womb. Through your dance, through your music, through drinking coffee or smelling the flowers, you are bringing your sensuality to life. That is at the core of who you are.  

In all of my work this is at the core of what we do, bringing sensuality to its full life force. And to bring all of the pleasures of life into your being. In this way, you become connected to your spirituality, which is also connected to your sexuality. 

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What does it mean to bring sensuality and sexuality together? 

  • Sexuality is the eros, the innocence, that lies in our inner core – the inner child
  • The inner child is completely free within the body.
  • Our body is the powerful vehicle that expresses passion and the pleasures of life.
  • How we express our sexuality differs for everyone and depends on how connected we are to our authenticity. 

I believe that we are all here on this earth, building and making our way onto our own throne in our own empire. This is the place where we can connect the divine spirit with the physical here on earth. 

And we can connect with spirit through our body using the five senses. Whether we are in connection with touch, taste, smell, sight or hearing – there is sensuality in everything – in the words we hear, the words we speak, the way that we touch, or the way that we walk, the things you do with your hands, with your voice and with your movement.  

When you bring all of these senses into play you are basically experiencing all of the pleasures and the sweetness of life. 

The sweetness, that nectar that exists inside of you, lies inside of your womb, and we can express that through our sexuality as well. I think what has happened with sexuality – and there is such distortion around it, especially in this modern world that we live in. We instantly think that  sensuality is connected to sex, and it is really not. 

Sensuality is a pathway into touching the inner Goddess, the divine that you are. To feel the inner child within. It’s that ability to run free with all of your feelings, your emotions and your body.  With no inhibitions. When you look at a child when they play, they are full of life. That is living with abandon. No restrictions, no fear, no judgment, no shaming. It’s an aliveness that comes out. They are not restricted with the conditionings and the limited beliefs about themselves. 

So we unfortunately grow up over time forgetting this aliveness that can be felt within the body and living from space. 

Watch this video to learn about what Sensuality will be your healing medicine to life of disconnection, overwhelm and stress.

The importance of claiming our sensuality and sexual power

The importance of claiming our sensuality and sexual power is that it will allow us to liberate our sacral energy, so that we can start extracting all of the sweetness from our nectar of life. 

We are all born with this sexual life force, this innocence, so let’s start experiencing life with it. When you do, the whole world will open up for you, and you will start experiencing life with others and new activities with more pleasure around them. 

I think it might be surprising for you to realize how much you have been carrying, and how heavy that shame is. We all have it, we are just used to it because everybody else has it too.  

What if you were to release that? What if you were to let that all go and just allow yourself to bloom? 

What if you were to allow your sexual, sensual, beautiful nature just to be free?

That is where being in the body is so vital. 

That is where you can really start to tap into that liberation and feel erotic through your body, not for anyone else, but for yourself. Once you start knowing what your “turn on” in life is, then you may be able to feel more confident with your partner or in your own sexual experiences. 

How do we navigate back to our natural essence and inner life force?

In Your Womanhood and the group program Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself, we really practice come back into the body to experience your  sensations and  your natural life force.

We do this by being in a safe container, and really allowing yourself to be vulnerable. 

We do this by being in our body and exploring our bodies in different ways. Whether it is through touching or through dancing, whatever lights you up, being okay in your vulnerability is necessary. And if it feels uncomfortable at first that’s okay too. It takes practice to really own your sexuality and sensuality. But it is not something that we force, so if anything feels uncomfortable, honor that but stay with it. Stay with it. Hold the hand of your inner child and allow it to be. And through love, it’s all going to release. 

Surrendering to the unknown and the ‘feeling body’

Through your body, as you dance and move in the practices I offer you I want you to surrender. Surrender to the beautiful feeling body and start connecting to what you’re feeling. We do hold a lot of trauma around the sacral chakra, and we actually hold a lot of trauma in our womb area too. But by expressing ourselves through our bodies, we are able to allow the energy to flow through us, and we can feel the erotica come back into our lives.

Give yourself permission to be beautiful and sexy. Give yourself permission to feel good, to enjoy feeling good. You can do this in the privacy of your own home, in your own room. It’s not about anybody else and it must be with ourselves first – within ourselves. We need to find some liberation and freedom. 

Honor your body as a vessel for extracting all of your sweetness

Your body is a beautiful, magical vehicle for tapping into sweetness, pleasures and spirituality.  Aligning with who you really are at the core. Befriend your desires. Allow them to be. Don’t judge them. Don’t shame them. Honor them, they are beautiful. You are beautiful in every way so don’t forget that. Don’t be afraid to own what you have, and really honor your body. Honor your turn ons. Honor your pleasures. Honor the way you communicate and express yourself, and the way you experience life. 

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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