4 challenges around the “divine feminine” trend

Apr 10, 2023Awakening, Sacred Femininity

When we hear the notion around the divine feminine or sacred feminine, a question to ask yourself is, are we are all perpetuating the feminine with this image of it about being soft and flowy, or that we must look a certain way to be more "feminine" and sensual?

We are hearing this idea of self love, self care, and self nourishment a lot.

We are hearing a lot about divine feminine, and then the importance of balancing your feminine and masculine energies.  However, in my opinion, I feel we are being distracted by the very essence of these notions, these principles, and we lose the very reason of what they are here for. 

We have missed the whole point- Which is to help you know embodiment

To help you become aware of how you are moving through life. 

To help you become aware of how your sensuality is leading your life, which is a fundamental part of your healing journey.  To help you know where you may not be listening to your body, or where you are moving from the space of ego aka fear, self doubt, guilt, shame, and then projecting these onto others. 

Or to help you know where you might be pushing through your days, leaving you to feel exhausted. We are taught in society that in order to fit in we need to play safe, small and do things the “right” way. 

When we hear the notion around the divine feminine or sacred feminine, a question to ask yourself is, are we are all perpetuating the feminine with this image of it about being soft and flowy, or that we must look a certain way to be more “feminine” and sensual?

Or that to be feminine we need to fit into this idea of what a “goddess is?”I am seeing it alot more now with “Goddess Yoga,” and Goddess embodiment. We are missing the point again.

What we’re forgetting to really communicate, is that the feminine is you accessing your own authentic expression, however that looks to you and being safe in your body, enough to really feel the full spectrum of our experience as a woman.

The divine feminine is a notion to help you understand how to be open to fully receive pleasure and being connected with all that arises. And that includes the aspects you may not necessarily like or where you may feel uncomfortable. So the divine feminine is not all roses and rainbows. We have to learn to embrace the darkness just as much as the light.

So my question is, are we speaking about the feminine from the perspective of the patriarch still? Which comes from the space of perfection or needing to look a certain way? Needing to take on the “perfect, ideal, sexy woman.” IT just some food for thought really.

So.. I just wanted to share a few challenges, or loose terms around the “divine feminine” that I think it’s time we look into.

Here we are shifting perspectives.

“Follow your heart. Follow your intuition.”

This is a big one and something I speak about often. However, how do you really listen to your heart and hear the voice of your intuition, when there is so much noise around?

How do you know the difference between your mind and your intuition or when it is your intuition speaking or your fear speaking?

How do you listen to your heart when you haven’t deciphered what your desires are completely and what are the desires of society, culture, religion, etc that you’ve been conditioned to listen to for so many years?

And that’s the thing, we may still be holding onto some of the old ways, and conditionings that could indeed be blocking our potential to hear our intuition. 

Your intuition is very much expressed through your body and womb, and when you learn how to connect with this magical aspect of you, it is here you realise and know how to differentiate between fear and the words of your soul, aka intuition or womb’s wisdom.

I did a beautiful talk around this, you can watch it here. I know you are going to love it.

“Surrender to the flow. Surrender and let go.”

Nothing is worse than when you are feeling anger or frustration and you hear…”just surrender,” right?

Yes we must surrender to the outcome and surrender to our own intuitive flow, to our innate knowing, but how do we do this when we don’t have the tools to be in our body to trust this flow?

Most of us are living from our defence mechanisms to feel safe. In no fault of our own. We are living in a world that doesn’t fully support our ability to feel nourished and relaxed and therefore, in order to feel safe, we stay in the place that feels most comfortable for a lot of us. And for most of us, we have learned that it is safer to be in the mind or to defend to have needs met.

This is why surrender and letting it flow, doesn’t come easy for us women especially. This is something we have to relearn and resensitise within the body.

So in order to feel surrender and trust our own flow, we must have the tools and space to feel safe.

Safety is key. It is priority. We can only surrender and flow when we are anchored into the body. When we know how to use sensuality as a tool for soothing out stress or old pains and traumas. This is something we can relearn.

When we use our body as a resource for coming home within, when we feel fully present in the body, this is where alot of healing occurs and true alignment.

Here is a talk I did about surrender that I think you might love as well. Check it out here.

Pretending everything is fine or taking on the “cool girl persona”

My questions is, how are you really when it comes to being vulnerable, intimate and honest with your whole heart.

We are living our life based on image, on the external, on validation. On control. Again..hello patriarch.

We are still holding our own deep, primal life force back in the fear of being really seen for our authenticity. Authenticity which in fact is truth. Your truth. Your beautiful code as a woman.

This intimacy of who we are is missing. And this takes a lot of vulnerability. Which is why again feeling safe and inviting in pleasure practices will guide you into your body to remember how it feels to be vulnerable, open and trusting.

You are truly liberated and free, when you know how to listen, move and speak from the heart space. Along with the beautiful connection of your womb, which holds your desires, your fire, the power that cannot be ignored as a woman.

“Manifestation is all about achieving your desires”

I feel like this idea of manifestation can not always work to our best interest and can leave us feeling more stressed. The way we are told manifestation to be, in my opinion, puts a lot of pressure on us, since a lot of methods for manifestation focus on the end result. And so if things don’t seem to work out as they planned or like we hoped, we can feel defeated or it makes us feel doubt or even shame.

There seems to be a lot of pressure on the outcome and getting something, achieving something, like getting that dream house, or that dream job, or launch your business and earn 10000 each month. Now, does this really mean anything about our worth if none of these actually happen when we say we want them too? Of course not. You are inherently worthy, therefore no outcome can determine that.

The process, the becoming, the transformation is always overlooked than the actual outcome. Again this is something that we have been led to believe in this modern day world.

We are told to manifest from stating affirmations and believe that you are what you attract and want to bring into your life. However, most of us are afraid or not even sure what we desire. A lot of us are afraid to desire and want big things because there is a lot of shame for desiring and being too much. We carry this deep in our cells as women.

crystals, lavender, rocks, stones, manifest

Alot of us women are not sure of what it is we truly desire and want and this is because we are either running around pushing forward, trying to keep up with society and what is expected from us, or what is seen as “cool” and in “trend” and we get lost in the noise of what it is we truly long for.

Or there is a lot of shame for dreaming big and being too much and therefore, we have been conditioned to play small, and continue to live the life that was conditioned for us. This playing small does not benefit you or anyone else around you.

When we bypass our true desires, it gets stored into the body and is manifested in other ways such as fear or jealousy. But your desires are there from your soul. There are truth from your soul. There is no lie in this. It is part of your unique reason why you are here.

So the key to this, is to slow down, and really tune into your feminine essence, as she holds the knowings of your desires in your womb and your heart. This is why sensual, practices that help you connect with the wisdom of your womb will really help you to become present with what it is you truly desire and need.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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