How to feel less exhausted and instead celebrate you

Dec 19, 2021Awakening, Spirituality

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Discover how you can avoid feeling depleted, burnt out and exhausted during these busy times and why you are worthy of pausing to celebrate you.

Discover how you can avoid feeling depleted, burnt out and exhausted during these busy times and why you are worthy of pausing to celebrate you. Here in this post I will discuss what it means to celebrate you in this modern world. The importance of embracing your feminine, sensuality essence and resting and pausing to celebrate you you are and how far you have come. Let’s do less and replenish ourselves rather than doing more and feeling depleted. Are you in sister?

What does it mean to celebrate you?

What does it mean to celebrate you in your sensual nature?

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If you have been physically drained and emotionally depleted, especially at the end of year, or at the end of your menstrual cycle, I want you to know that you are not alone, sister.

Life sometimes feels like an never ending uphill especially when we are always trying to achieve and do more.

I want you to do something different. Instead of feeling like you havent achieved enough or done enough, try and reflect on how far you have come and celebrate that you are here today reading this. Sometimes we forget to celebrate the small steps we have taken in our lives. We also forget to celebrate the achievements in our own spiritual or inner healing. Even if they are so small. Life is not meant to move fast. We are meant to savour each moment and know how it feels to be right here in this present moment. And know that there is always beauty and bliss in each moment, even when it feels hard.

If you still can’t bring yourself around to celebrate you this year, this month or today, I want you to know that you have the power to change your experiences, not just for the new year or for the new month but in every path you take in your life.

Reflect on the transformation

This year as I reflect on what was, I am celebrating my transformation and unlayering to discover more of my beautiful, empowered, true, feminine essence. Last year was very much about purging and the emerging of what was previously stagnant. What did the last year bring to you?

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If you feel depleted, defeated, this is very normal, especially coming towards the end of the year and at the beginning of the year. We are so programmed to believe that success and achievement is a tangible and outward thing. And the more we get done, achieve and prove, the more we think we are successful. This is nothing less than an illusion.

I am all for tangible things but what’s more magical and meaningful is what happens within your internal world. The unlayering of your ego, the path that you walk that is full of love, the way you listen and receive people with no judgment, the way you can place boundaries with love, how your relationship flourishes each day. To me these are the most wonderful achievements that should be celebrated every moment. But unfortunately, they are not qualities that are appreciated in this modern world. However, we as women have the power to change this.

Cycles of life: How will you begin yours?

As I speak about the end of the year, I want you to know that this can also apply to any other cycle that comes to an end. Whether it is your menstruation, at full moon, at the winter soltice, or even the end of your mentruating phase going into menopause. These all signify an end of a cycle, and a wonderful opportunity for change and transformation to occur. I will go into another post about this.

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At the end of any cycle, we tend to set this really high standard for ourselves and with alot of pressure. We start the year or we begin our month, with so many expectations and desires, as though we didn’t do enough the previous year, or the previous cycle. In my opinion, I find that really exhausting and depleting. Don’t you?

If you end your year or cycle feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, which is how we tend to go into the next year, due to the Christmas season etc, then you set this tone for how you begin the next year or cycle.

However, if you feel nourished, replenished and rested, you meet your new cycle or new year with grace, enthusiasm, clarity, and a certain glow. Hand up if you want to have that glow that you are deserving of?

Doing more vs feeling replenished

In this overwhelming, patriarchy, modern world, it prioritises doing, moving, achieving, more, more, more. This brings an illusion that the more you do, the more you receive. This also applies to our everyday lives. Basically, we are trying to function the same way that a man can and because we cannot keep up, we may think we have failed or there’s something wrong with us.

But please, let me tell you, this distorted illusion is far from the truth. So please don’t think you have to do more, instead just be more kind to yourself, especially in the busy days you are living.

Women are cyclical beings

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Let me tell you, as a woman, this idea of achieving goals and this constant feeling of moving uphill, does not serve us one bit. We women, encompass this magical energy of the womb space which brings about our cyclical, rhythmic nature. Therefore, when we deny this wonderful aspect of our feminine nature, we feel like we are working against the grind, that we are always walking uphill or overall feeling depleted or even depressed. This doesn’t have to be your norm.

It is like trying to force a plant to grow. Imagine overwatering the plant and then what do you think happens to the plant? It dies or wilts. As women, we are the plant. We are nature.

So what do you think happens when you overwork, when you are in constant movement, in this constant overdoing, overcommitting. You feel this darkness overcome you.

As long as you are in a woman’s body and have the energy of the womb, you cannot force yourself to work against your flowing, rhythmic nature. you will only be left to feel exhausted, depleted and burnt out. Your most thriving state is in your feminine energy that is sensual and in constant flow. This is where you feel most creative and inspired.

Experience sensuality and celebrate you

As women our bodies are innately designed to experience sensuality in every way- in the form of spirituality, emotionally, mentaly, physically.

When I speak about sensuality, I am not talking about the preconcieved or distorted views of sensuality as being sexual. This is again an illusion that has disrupted the real meaning of sensuality in this wounded, masculine, modern world.

What is sensuality?

Sensuality is this beautiful essence of a woman. It is her ability to be in her truth, in her most authentic form. Sensuality is about being really intimate with your sensations of your body. Really intimate with the sense of hearing, movement, touch, emotions etc. So it’s the level of sensitivity to the way your body speaks to you and your willingness to really listen to it.

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This intimate expression occurs in the natural feminine flow. Not the structure, not through the planning, not by using the logical mind. When a woman can connect with her body in this way, she becomes alive. She moves away from numbness.

Sensuality is also her beautiful, magical ability to balance her feminine (this playful, creative, intuitive, pleasurable self) with the masculine (the focused, strong, directive, intentional energy).

So when we engage in sensual practices as part of our daily rituals, such as movement, journaling, singing, breathing, flow, surrender, connecting with your womb centre, we experience freedom, clarity and the natural energy of receiving (which is very much the feminine).

The medicine for our feminine is ritual. I love making rituals part of my daily practice. And when I speak about rituals, I don’t mean some elaborate thing or having to run around the jungle naked. No, it’s carving out space from our fast paced, busy days; space away from distractions, to honor our feminine nature, the senses and our body, which is essentially this wonderful, magical ability to connect with spirit, intuition and Love.

Sacred pause to celebrate you

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So I invite you, if you can, to take some time out in your day today. And just be with yourself to engage in an intimate ritual to be with yourself. You may like to light a candle to invoke the intention. Put some music on. Maybe smell some delicious incense or essential oils. Just be with yourself in this sacred pause. And think about how you are going to celebrate yourself today. Why are you celebrating you? Not because of how much you are doing for everyone else, but just for being you. Your most sensual, feminine, beautiful, loving you.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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