20 Beautiful sacred menstruation affirmations

Dec 15, 2021Healing, Spirituality

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Discover menstruation affirmations that you can use during your bleeding time. These are affirmations I love using myself as they help ground me, and more importantly connect me with my womb who requires all your love, especially during your menstruation.

In this post you will discover some menstruation affirmations that you can use during your bleeding time. These are affirmations I love using myself as they help ground me, and more importantly connect me with my womb who needs so much love, especially during your menstrual cycle. I have also included a couple of simple steps to guide you in how you can utilize them during your menstruation also. However, you do what is right for you. There is not right or wrong.

Menstruation is the most sacred time in a woman’s cycle

Menstruation is the most sacred part of you cycle as a woman. It is the space we carve out of our month, to just be. We are so used to being busy in this modern world that sometimes we don’t know or remember how to just rest and be with ourselves fully.

The woman, an empowered woman I must add, thrives the most when she rests, especially during her menstruation or bleeding time. She knows how to savor her energy as she knows that her energy is sacred also. This is the time that she rejuvenates and can transform into the most beautiful, flourishing version of herself. I like to think of it like a butterfly or the cherry blossoms during spring time. They must drop their petals during the autumn/fall for them to revive their beauty again in the spring time.

Your time of menstruation is a beautiful, sacred time to receive, to go within, to surrender and to discover the answers that you may have been pondering about for the past month. The menstrual blood is a sacred symbol of this death, of the old and it’s not only death of the endometrium lining, and the death of the egg but it’s also the death of the energy of the month that was. It is the death of the emotions, challenges we had to face. It is the death and release of what was, where we create space for new life to occur which is your new intention.

As we allow ourselves time and space to ponder, reflect and let go of what does not serve us, we are able to move into the next phase of our menstrual cycle with ease. We even allow flow, and bliss to enter our lives as we are not carrying the burden of what was holding us back.

This is the beautiful work of the womb. Where we are able to thrive as women.

Menstruation Ritual time

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Bleeding time or your moon cycle, is such a special and powerful gift we have been given to as women. Even if you don’t think so. But believe me, it is. This is when you are able to connect with spirit the most and hear your wise womb whispers.

During my menstruation time, my bleeding time or moon cycle we can call it, I love to just be with myself and set aside some time to do a little ritual.

This doesn’t mean we have to do a big thing to make it a ritual. No, a ritual is just you and spirit, connecting.You and your higher self connecting. It is a special time for you to set an intention and receive a blessing from your ancestors, spirit guides, your wisdom keepers, a goddess/mother or of course your higher self. My priestess or Goddess I always connect with during times of my sacred menstruation or when I am especially connecting with my divine feminine, is Mary Magdalene. But there are many others, such as Ixchel, Mother Mary, Lilith etc.

Advice/ tips for honouring your sacred menstruation

So carve out some sacred time for yourself where you know you won’t be disrupted.

Set your space, or altar, in a way that is beautiful and sensual to you during this time. You may like to bring in some flowers, candles, incense and some healing music. See what your womb is asking you to use. She will be drawn to different things with each cycle. It very interesting.

Write and then say the intention that you would like to bring into your next phase of your cycle.

Some of these can be found in the affirmations listed below. You may like to choose all of them or say a couple or just one.

red rose, menstruation, ritual, sacred time

I do suggest choosing one and just focusing on that. And as you say this affirmation that you choose to yourself during your bleeding time, close your eyes.

Take a few slow deep breaths. You may like to place your hands on your womb and heart and breathe into these sacred spaces. And say the affirmation a few times to yourself but out loud. As you repeat the affirmation, I invite you to also visualise yourself as that embodied version of you.

For example, if you choose, “I honour my womb.”

What does that look like to you as you visualise this version of you? What does she do? How does she move? How does she feel? How does she impact others?

When you finish, don’t forget to thank your spirit guides. Thank them for listening to your blessing and intention. And remember they are always there to support and guide you.

Below are the affirmations that I have especially created just for you. As you choose one, choose the first one that resonates with you. This is not about the mind. the mind will want to rationalise and our wise womb is not about rationalising. She will know exactly which one you will need to choose.

Menstruation Affirmations

  1. I take the time to set an intention- something positive that will serve me in my practise

2. I honor my womb like the most beautiful mysterious red rose

3. I choose to surrender and let go of what does not serve me anymore

4. I honour my sacred blood that I shed to prepare for my rebirth

5. The shedding is a reminder to let go of what was

6. I carry the wisdom of my soul through my blood

7. I nurture my body for she is my sacred temple

8. My blood carries the answers to my questions

9. I honor the beautiful creations and transformations that occur in my cycle

10. I honor the seasons that form my cycle

11. I choose to flow with my cycle

12. I offer myself love in this sacred time of menstruation

13. I will not feel guilty for creating space to rest

14. My pain is my message from my womb to pay attention

15. I use this time to reconnect with my essence by retreating and sit in my silence

16. I nurture my lower belly and offer it love

17. I love my womb and how she looks, as she is my magical portal

17. I nurture my cycle and offer it with love by resting and retreating

18. I offer openness to my physical body

19. I embrace organic gestures and feminine movement in my female cycle

20. I receive my sacred moon cycle as a blessing in my life

Happy moon time beautiful soul.

I would love to know in the comments below which ones you love and which ones you end up choosing.

Lots of love,

Jessica xoxo

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As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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