Why is it important to create a safe space for yourself

Apr 27, 2023Awakening, Spirituality

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When you are coming into that safe space, you are intentionally creating a safe container for you to come into direct communion with your soul. This requires presence and love by you. Read more inside this blog.

Energy is all around us. Other people carry their own energy. The environment has its own energy. Especially for empaths and sensitive people, it becomes hard to tell the difference between what’s ours and what’s someone else’s. 

Which is why it is important to know how to anchor into the body, regulate the nervous system with different healing tools and modalities to really honestly look at our own energy, our own feelings, and communicate directly with our own bodies and our spiritual ascended souls. 

So, when you are coming into that safe space, you are intentionally creating a safe container for you to come into direct communion with your soul. This requires presence and love by you.

A safe space is much more than just setting up a pretty altar or a beautiful space. It goes deeper than that. Keep reading on.

Why is it necessary to create and hold a safe space?

Creating safe space does require to be in a grounded space and anchored. This is where you are able to go within and create that safety within to then be the observer of what is really going on inside of you. 

When we are rooted and grounded in the body, this is where we feel the most safe. When we are creating that safe space, we are giving ourselves permission to feel and allow our feelings and emotions to run through the body rather than keeping them stagnant, which is what we are used to doing because we are afraid of that stillness.

We tend to be afraid of being vulnerable. And this fear leads us to wear a mask or to wear a facade as a way for protection.

It is the full acceptance of yourself.

What are the benefits of creating a safe space within the body when exploring emotions and feelings?

A lot of people feel uncomfortable in that quiet and in that stillness. One reason for that is because we are raised in a society where we just pay attention to the mind.

It’s all about our thoughts, and we try to use our mind to analyze and control everything else. But we cannot feel safe when we are in complete control and always trying to make sense of everything that moves through you.

So, it’s very important to have a dialogue with your body directly, without the mind interfering, because the mind typically takes us to the place of the ego. So the idea is t not get rid of the place of the mind but to use the mind as a way for processing. But to come into embodiment and attunement to how the body, heart speaks to you as a way to express the words of the spirit. You are the temple for spirit. 

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Offering space and permission for feelings

When you are coming into this safe space, you are giving yourself permission. You are consciously allowing all of the repression, the things that are hidden in the shadows, to come out and be felt by you and move them in a healthy way- whether it’s in your meditation, in your journaling, or in your dancing.

We are so used to being so hyper vigilant, we are always so in the mind that we forget what is happening within the body. 

Our body can also give us a lot of information about things that we love, not just our repressed traumas and negative things. When you begin to listen to your body, it will also tell you things that it likes, feelings that it likes, things that make you feel safe within your body. So it’s all about checking in, checking in with yourself within that space that you have created.

Find your inner sanctuary

This is all about making decisions and taking action from an authentic neutral place.From this space we can:

  • set healthy and effective boundaries and limits.
  • recognize what upsets you, triggers you, throws off your place of energetic equilibrium.
  • differentiate the voices of the mind, emotions, and intuition.
  • Know when you are making a decision from a place of fear, or guilt, or shame, which are not in alignment with your true self

It is very important for us to be able to go into this space and be honest with ourselves. And we can only do this when we are anchored into our body. In this way we can understand:

“What are my needs really? What is it that I really want?” Rather than worrying about what other people might think or say about it and making choices from there.

This is why authenticity, which is the voice of your heart is important.

That authenticity as well that neutral place that you come to, this is your safe space.

Then from here is where you are able to make decisions about what feels good for you and what doesn’t feel good for you, rather than being impacted or affected by others, emotions and triggers.

You know in yourself – in that state of groundedness, when you check in – what it is that you require. This is where you are checking into your heart space, which is your authenticity.

So it’s about checking in with the sensation that you feel in your body. Then you ask yourself what is the emotion or this trigger being experienced right now, what is it telling me?

\What is it sharing with me?

There is always a message or leaning to be discerned from that emotion. And then you can choose what you desire to feel. 

Always know that with a no, we back this up with a whole body yes. And it is here we place better boundaries, or tune into the choices we need to make that better serve your heart and womb.  

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Setting healthy boundaries

Feel confident saying yes or no from a neutral place

Always Communicate your needs in a neutral or positive way

We can’t set those boundaries and those limits unless we have gone to that place of authenticity in our heart as well as the knowings of our womb space. And from there, you integrate the mind, the thoughts, with the emotions and how you are really feeling, and communicate from there, rather than from that state of anger.

It can happen the other way around as well. For example, when we lack boundaries or we are overgivers, then sometimes we may tend to say “oh that’s ok.” We sugarcoat things to keep the peace out of the fear of not being loved or accepted.

Our mind tells us one thing but our body and our emotions are telling us something else. I know I used to just listen to the mind, I’d want to do the “right” thing. I want to be a good person and be fair and see both sides. And that is very analytical. That’s very mind centered, which is great, except when you disregard what your heart is saying. The heart will always know. Your womb will always know. And this is where the truth really lies.

When we disregard what your body is saying, you develop an internal conflict and then you either react in a way that is not serving your highest essence because its too aggressive and not from a place of love or you allow things to continue that really are not ok with you. And then we don’t set the boundaries that we should be setting. We are not in service of our highest self.

So either way, it is so important to have the sacred space where we can go to reflect and be really honest with ourselves. To come to our conclusions and regulate the nervous system and then act from there.

Avoiding powerlessness and victim mentality by enforcing honest boundaries

When we lack boundaries or accept responsibilities that are not our burdens to carry, we are giving away our power. We are accepting powerlessness.

Avoid victim mode which comes from an idea of owing something to people. We do not owe people anything.

Instead we need tomMake the decisions from the safe space to prioritize your needs.

I love the idea of always coming back home into my heart and womb. That is the place where I feel the most powerful, the most empowered and the most in my neutral state. I am not a victim. I am just me. This is what I feel. 

These are what my needs are and in this sacred place that I have created for myself, I can feel ok to express them to whoever, whether it is your partner or your friend. You are giving yourself honor, you are honoring what is important to you, and you are prioritizing your needs and your expectations. And this can only be felt from the place of a regulated nervous system. And when you connect with your womb and heart.

Usually if we are speaking always from the place of truth from your womb and heart usually there will be no wrong in this. 

It takes a lot of self acceptance, self awareness and self recognition in your embodiment to know if you are giving your power away is something we ned to practice.

When you really understand the reactions, your responses, your feelings and your thought process, you become an observer. Then you start to understand what is mine and what is someone else’s. 

For me, I feel it in my stomach. I get this like little adrenalin, tingling feeling in my stomach, and then realize “Oh that has just triggered something!” It’s time to bring my awareness to that and listen without judgement, without any finger pointing.

Our bodies communicate with us all the time. And this is the idea of embodiment.

The energies, the emotions, the feelings, the thoughts and using your bodies as a vehicle to really observe all of it is the key here.

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