Let’s wake up to the power of the menstrual cycle

Jan 6, 2022Healing, Wellness

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A woman her embraces her menstrual cycle, her menstruation, knows that this special time is her medicine. It is magic for not only her but everyone in her energetic field. As a woman softens and embraces this time, she becomes a priestess to her own throne. She ignites her divine feminine energy which is creativity, playfulness, flow and surrender. She steps into her worth and lives from integrity. She knows how to set boundaries and understands her desires. 

Let’s wake up to the power of the menstrual cycle, your menstruation, your bleeding time.

Before we begin this discussion around the importance of our bleeding time, moon time or menstruation, I would love to ask these questions.

How many of you out there either try to hide the fact that you have your period by hiding your tampons/pads. Or perhaps you go by your day pushing harder than ever, moving through the pain. How many of you feel exhausted constantly and find having your period is a constant struggle?

And how many of you men uphold this idea / belief that women are crazy and should not be approached during her period. 

How many times do you hear women and men make jokes about the “crazy time.” Or remarks that “she just has her period.” I have even heard women speak about it being a form of weakness, that is, to slow down or to use this time to rest and go inward. In fact, I have even heard women speak about other women, as just overreacting or just creating nonsense drama.

I am even sure that when I have spoken about resting during this time, I have been judged or thought to be overreacting as it’s something we just have to push through. And even comments regarding me not being a feminist as this is just going backwards in evoluton. 

Feminine Empowerment is embracing our menstrual cycle

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This idea of pushing through our menstrual cycle and even just dealing with menstrual pain does not have to be our norm.

In fact, I think that by not embracing and honoring this time of the menstrual cycle, is really a step backward in evolution. To me this is the opposite to what feminine empowerment is. As feminine empowerment is embracing more of your soft, divine feminine, rather than taking more of a role in this patriarchal society to prove to men that we are tough and strong. Or to prove to other women that we are not weak and can make it in this world. But whose world is this really?

Maybe we need to stop and actually think, what is the actual purpose of this menstrual cycle other than just for reproducing. It is time we take a step back and ask, what is the point for those having a menstrual cycle even when not planning on having children. We may need to really reflect on this question because when you do, you will be surprised to know how vital it is to honor this time, regardless if you choose to have children or not.

It is so important to know that by embracing the menstrual cycle and working with it, will mean you will bring more rest, more flow, more creativity, more inspiration in your every day life.

The taboos and challenges around menstruation

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When a woman embraces her menstruation as a time to be soft, tender and space to retreat in the void, embracing all of her emotions, this is when she steps into her power as a priestess, her power into knowing exactly who she is.. This is her strength.

Women, it is time we step it up. And the only way we can have men embrace this time with us, is if we show them how to. Otherwise, we are all just feeding into this really distorted and destructive layered story that we need to bypass this very vital and powerful time of our month. However, there are so many taboos and stories created around the menstrual cycle because of this world that we live in which does not support the feminine and therefore, acknoledging and embracing our menstrual cycle can be a difficult thing. But it has to start somewhere. We can start now.

Growing up in a really Catholic upbringing, where the church creates a sense of disgust around this topic, I really felt this conditioning. I was in a family of 4 women. And to me this was the perfect opportunity for us to all come together and cherish one another at this time. This was the perfect opportunity for creating resonance and connecting, as we shared this powerful time together.  However, the opposite occurred. We did not talk about this time, in fact I recall not even being allowed to speak about it. This is why I believe this has been my greatest calling, as it was one that was the most challenging for me. As they say, your deepest darkest moment in life is where your truest light shines and vibrates in this world.

When a woman embraces her menstruation she creates magic around her

A woman on her menstruation is her medicine. It is magic for not only her but everyone in her energetic field. As a woman softens and embraces this time, she becomes a priestess to her own throne. She ignites her divine feminine energy which is creativity, playfulness, flow and surrender. She steps into her worth and lives from integrity. She knows how to set boundaries and understands her desires. 

She understands how to reset and recharge. She knows how to savour her energy as it is sacred and important for her own creations and for tapping into her intuitive power. She knows how to rest in all of this. And because she knows all of this, she stops feeling so burnt out all the time. Something us women tend to feel very often.

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What the feminine can teach the sacred mascluine

What happens when a woman starts to live with her flow and in a relationship?

When this woman who embraces her menstrual cycle is in a relationship and she is mirrored with a man who is insecure or acting from his immature mascluine, which is not rooted in his authenticity and consciousness, he could potentially consider this woman in her strong feminine, as a threat. A threat to his ego because it means he must learn how to also be fragile, vulnerable and soft. He must learn how to adapt to her, which can leave these men feeling out of control. 

This is what the feminine teaches him.

This tender time of menstruation encourages a woman to go deep within and connect with all of her emotions, her layers and even past pain. But this requires an open and truthful heart. It requires authenticity and rootedness in her purity. 

This can be terrifying to a man who is not aligned with his truth and mature, sacred masculine. He will want to see this as a weakness because if he doesn’t, it means he will have no choice but to open his heart also. This can be the scariest place for someone who is always trying to run from their own truth. This will seem scary when he is acting from the little boy inside who is afraid of his own emotions and own fears.

This woman is all about connecting with the feeling within her body. Her feeling body, ironically, is the safest place she can be. This is where she thrives. It is not the mind. But in her body. 

It is about connecting with and allowing whatever it is to arise. This requires acceptance, patience and the ability to hold all of these in the safe container (by the man and even woman). And if he cannot, this will be scary for him. As it requires him to step it up you can say. 

Empowering other women to embrace their menstruation

It is the same with women. It can go two ways. When a woman is so embraced in her own cycle of life, her feminine energy is amplified, therefore, a woman who is not secure in her own skin, will consider this a threat to her ego also. I feel this is such a shame and so sad, because she misses the beautiful magic that occurs when she really does connect with her blood, her womb, her yoni. She will also not realise the disconnection that is occuring between her and her body.

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It CAN work the other way around however. A way to empower another woman, is to show her that she too can have the courage to speak her truth- that is the truth of her heart and womb. When one woman leads and is not afraid of being judged or misunderstood by society, she might shake the ground but she will lead the way for another woman who is ready to step into her power also.

For the women out there who have been living and moving from the masculine and holding their heart with a ton of bricks to protect their heart, this acceptance of really going into the feeling body can be terrifying also. Because it requires truth and looking at the depths of the soul. This is something I love about my period coming. It will take courage, yes, it will take acceptance, it will take you needing to take baby steps to loving and embracing your bleeding time. But let me tell you, there is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. Instead, excited for the potential it will bring you.

Your Menstruation is sacred and a beautiful time to connect with yourself

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Your menstruation is a wonderful time to nurture and care for yourself. A wonderful time to tap into your desires and emotions. Your period of menstruation is a wonderful time to retreat and put yourself first no matter what. This is why I always say ladies you always have the power in your life and in your relationships. 

Believe it or not, your menstruation is your biggest blessing. It is your medicine to your soul. It is your gift to heal what has not been attended to. It is where you are able to listen to the whispers of your intuition. As she is always speaking to you. 

It is time we work harder on empowering one another and teaching our men about this beautiful time. Collectively we have done a poor job and it is time we move forward with grace and knowledge on this topic. Who’s with me?

Who is ready to live a life that doesn’t feel like a constant uphill or a battle?

Who is ready to stop feeling so exhausted?

Who is ready to live a life that is inspired with creativity?

Who is ready to live a life that flows?

Are you with me? Place in the comments below. I’d love to hear form you.

Check out the affirmations that will help you during your bleeding time.

Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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