What is Sacred Feminine Awakening?

May 1, 2023Sacred Femininity

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The sacred feminine awakening, I like to call it the LOVE AFFAIR with LIFE. Every woman has this sacred feminine within her, which is the life force energy that lives inside her. And when she is awakened and fully met with this, this is where magic occurs in a woman’s life. Many synchronicities occur and life opens up in the most beautiful ways.

The sacred feminine awakening, I like to call it the LOVE AFFAIR with LIFE.

Every woman has this sacred feminine within her, which is the life force energy that lives inside her. And when she is awakened and fully met with this, this is where magic occurs in a woman’s life. Many synchronicities occur.

We often think that the feminine is talking a certain way. Or dressing a certain way. But it has nothing to do with this. In Fact the feminine is the relationship you have with your internal world. And how you respond to life itself around you. So being in a deep relationship with life and knowing that your body is the temple that bridges heaven on earth.

My work is all about initiating you into this beautiful path of the sacred feminine. And what an empowering and magical journey it is to take. 

How can you come to know your sacred feminine more intimately?

Let’s dive in further. 

What is Sacred Feminine?

Sacred feminine can not be looked at if we have not looked at embodiment. And then exploring your connection with the lower chakras- sacral chakra and root chakra.

Feminine embodiment is a way of life and one that will connect you with your innate feminine  knowings and womb wisdom. The female body is more than what we know it to be. It is a sacred vessel, a beautiful portal to touch the Goddess herself. One that is designed to work in the cycles – of death and rebirth, of emptying and a place of fresh energy and Knowing this cyclical way of being, she knows that she is divinely connected with life itself. And she dances and makes love with life through her senses and the elements- fire, water, air, earth. This is how she dances with her soul.

This is where the beauty of sensuality comes into the great awakening of the sacred feminine. 

Sensuality invites you to become intimate with your life. 

To slow down and taste the sweet honey of your breath, that which life lives through. 

To soften into your sensations and become of what touch you love. 

It is developing a loving relationship with your yoni and seeing her as your very own sacred rose of Life.

So my question is are you inviting and responding to life in any of these ways dear sister?

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Sensuality is the way to Sacred Feminine Awakening

As women we require the tools and remembrance to return to the body, as our minds are usually taking charge of our life. In order for you to come into alignment with your life and know where your medicine is needed in the world, we need to know the medicine of the body, and come into embodiment

So in order to come into communion with spirit and know your purpose in this world, we need to slow down. Invite in sensuality. And cultivate an intimate relationship with life through your presence and devotion.

The sacred feminine knows that she is a self generator of love and she uses her sensual nature to connect with life in this way. She knows her sensuality is her power.

It is the way she interacts with life around her. Like the way she smells a flower,  breathes into it and she for a moment can feel what life is sharing with her. This sweetness, deliciousness of life. She connects with it through her presence, through her senses and through her pleasure. And this is healing. As this is the moment she realises how connected she is with life. And that life is offering her this gift of love and beauty and happiness in each moment.

Sacred feminine requires feminine Healing to be fully activated

Through feminine healing and feminine rituals, the sacred feminine awakens. She closes the door that has kept her in hiding and unheard and she opens the door to infinite potential. Once she opens that door, she fully immerses her into life and she is not turning back. 

Women, or the feminine has been in hiding, in suppression for centuries due to the patriarch. So we have felt the pain and we are still feeling it today. This suppression along with the pain and  trauma of our ancestors lives within your feminine body, especially your womb. Which is why womb healing is essential. When you begin this journey of cultivating your sacred feminine it means we do need to work with the darkness, and the pain that may be sitting there in the darkness. But this is where we blossom into the light as the strength.

It is like digging into the soils and pulling out the weeds, to make space for your seeds to blossom and bloom. And This great cleansing moves in and through your body, so that your vessel can feel open enough for the sacred feminine to awaken. 

This can look like doing somatic healing, embodiment work, breathwork, womb healing- to dismantle all the stories, the shame, guilds, programs that we may be holding from this lifetime and passed down from past generations. So you are never just doing this work for you, this work is the work for your lineage.

There are many ways to dive into feminine healing and womb healing and inside Feminine Remembrance, this is exactly what we do. This is the work of the womb, body and yoni to connect with their portals of the feminine.

Discover more about Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself here

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Why is womb healing necessary for awakening sacred feminine?

Womb healing is a sacred and safe process of returning inward to this great portal of your feminine energy and discovering all the parts of her that have been in pain and blocked. And in this way we develop this loving relationship with the sacred feminine. 

Inside feminine remembrance we use ancient tantric embodiment tools to cleanse and purify your feminine energy through your womb. This is how we return home. 

This is how we connect with your womb wisdom. 

This is how your feminine awakens.

This is a rite of passage into your grandest version. However you must be willing. As I said, the feminine is a dark path. Beneath the layers, and the suffering and coldness, and stories, within the walls of your sacred feminine vessel, you will awaken the sacred feminine, your life force energy. 

The energy for all of life. 

And here you realize you create your life that serves your heart. You bring your desires into fruition. And life is always working with you in miraculous ways. Through the awakening of your feminine, you know you are not separate. You are one with the Universe, you know your divinity. You remember you and the ancient knowings that is right here in your womb. 

You create a new pathway for your other sisters and daughters to walk this path of life with you.

The core of Sacred feminine awakening is about softening, surrendering as well as trusting. And developing this strong anchor for you to handle anything that comes her way. And through this may even go down into the darkness, to die, to let go in order for her to be reborn again. This is the way of the feminine. 

And through this awakening you open up to new possibilities, to divine beauty, you feel and sense more, and you express life through you in your most unique way.  The sacred feminine is already within you. There is nothing to learn. It is a remembrance of how she wants to be fully expressed through you. This is how we know love. And truth.

This is how you feel into your power, pleasure and purpose of your womanhood and it all is activated in your womb space. 

Check out this blog about the “Ways you can activate your divine feminine through womb work

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Your womb is the portal to the Divine 

Your body is a holy vessel for life to live and move through.

As you embrace the sacred feminine way, you come into this journey of remembrance. Of remembering over and over again. Of feeling and meeting with life through all of her beauty. 

This is how you radiate more. Your scent becomes more heightened in more ways to become a magnet to love and life. Choosing to use pleasure as a way of knowing your self and  trusting the awakening of your Sacred Feminine will bring your home to wholeness.

How to cultivate Sacred Feminine Energy for awakening?

Opening to your sacred womanhood, you begin to cultivate a life that opens, that deepens, that creates more space for your feminine to dance and shine. 

This is where you sacred masculine meets with her. They dance together. Your sacred masculine creates the safety for her to deepen into her authentic essence further and this is how she blossoms. This means she softens and she surrenders to him.

Discover more about the dark and light qualities of feminine and masculine energies here.

So the question is.. 

Is there somewhere in your life that you can let go and bring in softness? Is it in the way you make decisions, in the way you might be trying to control situations?

By inviting in softness, we are inviting in love. This is the medicine to ignite your feminine power. We cannot harness our radiance, vitality and bliss when we are always in control of situations. This works against our life force energy. And the more a woman trusts and cultivates safety within herself, the more she can build this intimate relationship with her sacred feminine which will lead her into the most abundant spaces.

The work of the sacred feminine is power dear sister.

It will change your life and it will create ripple effects, touching the lives of others around you.

The work I offer in my group program Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself, teaches you the ancient rituals and feminine embodiment practices so that you can become embodied in your sacred feminine in a way that feels authentic to you.

If your feminine is calling you to deepen, I generously welcome you to come study with us. You can join the waiting list now for the next round.

The feminine rituals and teachings I share inside Feminine Remembrance are radically transforming the lives of women in our community!!!

You can also be part of the community inside the private facebook group: EROTIC HEART SISTERHOOD

I would love to see how deeply it will touch your life, and the sacred feminine soul that is your truth.

Thankyou for being here and reading this blog beautiful.

Please share with me in the comments what resonated with you and how you are choosing to deepen with your inner sacred feminine! Remember that I am here if you find yourself needing guidance.

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Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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