Temple of a Thousand Roses

Magdalene embodiment Circle


 *A women’s ONLY event


Monday 22nd July

1pm EST/ 6pm Uk


In this TEMPLE OF A THOUSAND ROSES,  we will awaken to your Feminine Magic through embodiment. May this be your moment to activate your womb-heart connection and open to the feminine wisdom of RECEIVING.

Let us receive the gift of LOVE with the guidance of the courageous Mary Magdalene who paved the pathway forward for the feminine consciousness to rise through us.

This is an embodiment circle of connecting with the womb space, to connect with your feminine wisdom. We will ignite our feminine power through sensual movement and visualisation. We will use the guidance from Mary Magdalene and the rose frequency, for purification and expansion into your feminine power.

I was guided to create this journey to experience the transmission of womb connection, to create expansion and embodiment of your sacred feminine power and to receive the GIFT of Magdalene LOVE. 

Let’s create space for new magic and abundance to come in. So much beauty is available for you, Sister! 

The Magdalene invites us to remember:

  • To be devoted to love and our graceful power of compassion to heal ourselves and the world,
  • To be devoted to ourselves to healing our feminine consciousness, and in this way, we awaken the sacred masculine within,
  • Our sexuality is sacred and is used for touching the Goddess within,
  • Our awakening occurs through the heart, womb,
  • To trust the wisdom within that is our truth
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A Magdalene Queen knows she came here to be a conduit for love.

milk, water, flowers, hands, beauty<br />

A Magdalene Queen knows she came here to be a conduit for love.


She honours feminine power, wisdom, and the body as an altar to her light.

She also knows that Love and Soul are ultimately one.

Her very existence is the proof of that.

She exists in the field of duality, and her body is the bridge between heaven and earth.

The more she softens into her heart and womb, the more  her heart shines its radiant light and  she anchors into her truth and soul purpose, unapologetically.

The Magdalene Queen knows her voice matters and she deepens her embodiment of Truth.

Her Path is not only about her. It is about all of us.

This is for the WOMAN who :

🌸Is busy and needs a moment and a sacred space to pause, reconnect, and nurture her body and feminine spirit,
🌸Desires to feel lighter and more relaxed in her body,
🌸Desires to feel more connected to her body wisdom and intuitive guidance,
🌸Is feeling physically or emotionally drained and desires a body, heart, and womb reset to restore her vitality and well-being.
🌸 Is yearning to infuse her life with fresh inspiration, creativity, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Due to the nature of this event and the practices, This is a WOMAN’S ONLY EVENT.

Temple Investment

$22 USD


🌹22nd July 2024, 1pm EST, 90 min Approx.

🌹Virtual via Zoom.

🌹Embodiment Circle to embody the gifts of love through the womb and heart- using movement and visualisation.

🌹You will also receive a REPLAY live transmission about Mary Magdalene’s codes of wisdom to help you feel into the intention of this embodiment circle. 

Although I believe the energies are more potent when we sit in circle to receive, Replays will be available.

Any questions or if you are experiencing difficulties with the payment, email Jessica at jessica@jessicaangileri.com

Jessica Angileri is a Feminine Embodiment and Erotic Love Priestess who has devoted the past 20 years as a student and teacher of Feminine Awakening, Erotic Dance and providing pleasure spaces for conscious women. 

Jessica’s rituals, ceremonies and practices are derived from her delicious integrations of Samba, her conscious dance journey, her experience living in Mexico for 7 years and devotion to embodiment and pleasure.

She devotes her life to revolutionising the feminine and what that means, through providing conscious practices rooted in the teachings of Magdalene, and sacred spaces to guide conscious, spiritual women to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection with the Divine Feminine.

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