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These journaling prompts will guide you to tune into and manifest your higher self!

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Journal Prompts for Connecting with your Highest Self (which is YOU)

So why do we journal?

 Journaling exercises can give us insight and clarity around our own values, emotions, and goals. This journal guide will help you think about and dive into some of the qualities of your highest self and purpose. 

Not only is journaling a great habit to get into but it connects you to your highest self through subtle communication of your soul. Journaling is a great way to clear the mind and access the piece of you beneath all the clutter. And here is where you tap into your highest self, or the woman that you desire to be. 

When you connect with your highest self, things start to open for you, you start to realise the synchronicities. You feel more connected to your intuition. You make better decisions because you feel more confident with your choices and aligned actions. 

Your highest self is right here and through these journaling practices you can start to see and honour her just as she is. 

 May these prompts journey alongside you throughout every new season of your self-evolution!

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