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To open and live from your heart is to know and live from truth.  This is true self empowerment.  This is how we are the embodiment of love in the world.  Love that is everything.  This is needed in this world.  Today I wanted to speak about the breast massage as a profound, gentle and […]

To open and live from your heart is to know and live from truth. 

This is true self empowerment. 

This is how we are the embodiment of love in the world. 

Love that is everything. 

This is needed in this world. 

Today I wanted to speak about the breast massage as a profound, gentle and nourishing  embodiment practice to connect and explore your womanhood, pleasure and your sensuality. 

Our breasts are our overt part of our female body. 

This is the portal into embodiment- because it asks us to feel and experience our body in the most nourishing way. 

By really pausing and feeling how your body wants to be touched in an embodiment practice such as the breast massage, this allows you to step aside from the preconceived notions of how you should enjoy pleasure, or enjoy touch or enjoy your lover. It asks us to bring discernment to what it is that you desire in this particular day and moment. 

It allows you to take a moment and really explore how you would love to be cared for and touched by your own lover. In this way, you realize you become your own lover. 

Developing a relationship with your breasts

Most women have complex relationships with their breasts. There are so many preconceived notions of how we should look. We have a lot of weird ideas about what’s expected of our breasts and we take on these ideas, leaving us to feel less than desirable. 

That’s why this embodiment practice, the breast massage is so profound. It offers the opportunity to be present with your own body. And therefore, your own pleasures. 

We rarely see our breasts as something we take ownership and agency around. We often think it is only for our children (such a beautiful gift) and for our partners. But what if you knew that your breasts were this  beautiful opportunity to become more in love with your body  and you.

Every woman has a unique path in relation to her breasts. Whether we have pain from large breasts or we think they are too small. But there are many benefits to a breast massage where you begin to  come into a different relationship with not only your breasts but also in the way you connect and expand into love. 

So, this sacred embodiment practice is not only that for pleasure but by massaging this area, we are actually coming into direct contact with the currents of love and compassion we can gift for ourselves. Something we don’t tend to offer ourselves. 

The reason for this is that our breasts are the direct portal to our breasts. They are an extension of your heart. How beautiful is that?

This is why this embodiment practice of the breast massage is so sacred and so powerful. 

We can bring our love alive through this practice. 

That’s why I love doing this practice. 

We explore the breast massage as a way to deeply connect with your soul through this beautiful, enlivening sacred ritual, inside Feminine Remembrance, Come Home To Yourself group immersion.

Discover more about this beautiful journey into the feminine here.

The heart is the seat your soul

In Spiritual practices,  we consider the heart as the seat to our emotions and seat to our soul. 

And when we directly connect this with our womb space through embodiment practices we ignite a power within us as women.

We begin to feel the ravishment of life become awakened around us and within us. 

We awaken to something profound and magical within. 

So as we indulge our senses through this practice in a sacred and gentle way, we become more connected to this devotion of love. And so if we are doing this every day, even if it is for a couple minutes, we habitually live from this space of love, this place that is EVERYTHING. Instead of living only from our mind.  Focusing on the things that need to get done, and  moving forward, and using all of our resourceful energy in the things that keep us small in the mind. 

The thing is when we abandon our hearts, we carry an armor around our hearts, and we begin to move through life trying to make sense of things. We move through relationships not fully invested in what makes our heart nourished and happy. 

We abandon the truth of our heart, so we pop out of the body and out of the truth of our body.

Your heart is the glue, the balance between the upper spiritual realms. And the lower centers

which is really connected with this primal energy, this earth connection, safety, security, desire, relationships. This is where women are feeling most neglected and that guides all of my work. 

The heart space is the center point. It is where we meld these two energies together. The spirit with our primal animal body comes into connection with the heart space, so we can shine in the world with our deepest truth. 

This is how we know ourselves, our standards, how we know our worth, and speak from power but love at the same time. 

Connect deeper with your love through the breast massage

So yes , the breast massage can be related to sexual experiences but it doesn’t have to be. It can be used with the intention of directly connecting with the love, enhancing and expanding your love, really connecting with that resource within you.  This is so important as we often spend more time neglecting our hearts, leading us to not be truly moving and listening to what is meant for us. 

So when you do this practice regularly, it can be just a few minutes, when you get out of the shower for example, you can simply connect with your breasts and body. 

In my experience, the more you do it, the more benefit you will see. Just like with any embodiment practice and feminine rituals, you won’t see changes in one time you do it. 

The feminine way is about the body. Feeling. Opening slowly bit by bit. 

It’s a subtle unfolding. 

A subtle exploration and revealing. 

Over time,  our  heart switches on even more. We feel more love in our everyday life. 

And you start to open yourself up to the sweetest moment and crack open to the beauty that is all around. Instead of getting stuck in the pain and suffering. 

In this way we allow the pain to dissipate with our pleasure. Not get rid of it but we can smooth it out with our sweet loving touch. 

We have felt a lot of pain as women, we carry a lot of unresolved emotions within our heat and womb. We are carrying a lot of heaviness.  So you can use this practice to really dissipate the pain. And that’s what we do inside Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself. 

As we allow our heart to open further through our sensual touch, we are reminded that our hearts have this capacity to hold so much safety for us to know we are our own source of power. 

We really can be kissed by our own love if we drop in and reconnect. 

Through this connection of our heart and body we begin to awaken to this magic. We develop this deep  relationship with our intuition. Because it is here that we hear our truth. 

So as you begin to work with this embodiment practice you:

  1. Begin to unwind some of these stickiness, old patterns, trauma storing in the body- when we do this, this creates more space to listen and we create more flow for these aspects of our beingness to be experienced.
  1. Coming more into intimacy and connection with the heart- allowing the heart to speak to us and through us. This is where our intuition and magic happens. We have access to that when we are in communion to this part of us. 

Your intuition becomes louder

Your intuition is this piece inside of you, this message from your soul. A knowing. And here speaking to you always.

Discover more about intuition here.

The thing is we have alot coming at us in this modern world. As a coping mechanism, our bodies go numb to what’s coming so we can manage this busy life. 

So an embodiment practice like this, orientates us more to sensitivity so we can become more aware of these pieces of information coming at us. 

We become more aware. And we know how to move through them with grace. 

We don’t know our answers and our desires from the mind level. 

We don’t know what the thing is that’s right for us. 

Our body is what speaks truth, through our sensations. And if you listen closely enough and begin to speak and understand your own body’s signals, you will understand what is making you feel fear, or making you feel tight or restricted. In this way, you know what makes you feel safe or not. Or where you need to place better boundaries. 

So when we do a practice such as this, we don’t close up and live from that space always. We  begin to practice cultivating relaxation and softness in the body and nervous system, so we can expand and soften to let those things in that are in alignment to our heart. 

We can only receive what is meant for us at soul level when we are softened. 

So embodiment practices such as a breast massage is such a simple and beautiful way to create more space for yourself and cultivate more softness. 

You take back your power around how you want to feel. But you have to make space and give yourself permission and have these devotional practices to invite in softness and cultivate that connection for receptivity. 

This culture does not support the feminine way as I always say, which focuses on going and doing.  So it is up to us as women to create the space in our daily life for these pleasure practices for ourselves. 

It is us who make space for softness in our life and make this a habit. Make it a habit to invite in experiences that cultivate pleasure, and softness so that after time, this becomes the place you live from.  In this way we begin to trust ourselves and our intuition. 

You listen more.

You begin to manifest and magnetize what is truly meant for you. 

An opportunity to move through life from the space of LOVE

When you do the heart breast massage practice, it’s a beautiful opportunity to connect with your heart and not be withheld from this love energy from yourself. 

I have seen in relationships- if something’s not going in our way- slip into withholding love for myself or with my partner- this holding and giving love energy- is very important for us to be in tune with. 

This is the benefit from doing this practice.

We can go in and out of this love when we choose to. 

Remember, self love doesn’t mean having a bubble bath. As this is not bringing love energy in. 

Self love is true acceptance, and ravishment and connection with what is here in this moment. It is being able to feel what’s happening in the body, connected, having this direct experience with your felt sense. 

It is knowing and having the awareness when you are closing and restricting your body and closing your heart out of fear from past experiences. 

And then coming into that space within you to know you are safe to open a little more. 

Knowing you have the choice to choose how you want to move in life. 

Knowing how to move through difficult situations with grace and fluency to be able to move back and forth between the two energies of boundaries and love. 

It’s coming into contact with the truth of the body, this is where the juice is. 

This Is true self love. 

 It is all about awareness and this is what we are cultivating here with beautiful embodiment practices such as the breast massage. All women need to be taught this practice. 


Hello my love,

My name is Jessica and I devote my life to bringing beauty and love to this world. 

I invite all women to live freely and the closest to their soul through embracing the power of their heart, womb and sensuality in unity with spirituality.  As I believe these are all one.

With my samba dancing background, work around womb and yoni healing and a life dedicated to my spiritual path, I am now here to bring this way of life to all women. To guide you into a life of empowerment, flow and bliss.

As I believe self worth, love and sensuality is every woman’s birthright.

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