Temple of the Goddess


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Inviting you to a FREE Divine Feminine Practice to Heal and Awaken your Inner Goddess RADIANCE, to CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE, BEAUTY and POWER.

Let’s release the burdens blocking your potential, and activate your desires through your beautiful temple body.

We will harness the Full Moon and Solstice Energy to honour endings and NEW BEGINNINGS.

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Temple of the Goddess is a powerful, transformative sisterhood ritual for EVERY WOMAN wanting to connect with & embody the DIVINE FEMININE. And to celebrate the light, love, beauty and power she really is. Infinitely. 

Be the RADIANCE and remember what lights you up!

A sacred experience of Divine Feminine embodiment and awakening for women, rooted in conscious dance, heart connection and sensuality to celebrate the Full Moon Solstice.

The Temple of the Goddess: Celebrating YOU with the Full Moon Solstice

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When: Friday 21st June,  1pm EST

Approx. 90 min


What you can expect inside the Goddess of the Temple to celebrate Your Goddess Radiance under this Solstice Full Moon

* Non invasive supportive space

*Heart and Womb/Yoni Connection

*Grounding with Mother Earth

Pleasure Tantric Embodiment- Guided and Free Form To Activate Sensual Body

*Embodying your innate power


This ceremony is NOT a dance class.

It is a sensual space that immerses women into a feeling of the “temple” to follow the feminine ancient lineages where the creative, wise, sensual, loving feminine is remembered and activated. 

We also remember that not only do we feel seen, supported and nurtured in sisterhood circles but our manifestations are amplified. 

The feminine within you loves FEMININE RITUAL

Together we will honour your feminine power, wisdom, and your body.

This is the time that we come together to shine the light within, to see what needs to be changed, what requires for renewal, and what needs new manifestation for your dreams/ desires to come into fruition, so you can create a life that feels fulfilling.

Join Jessica Angileri, Feminine Embodiment High Priestess in this sensual, feminine ritual to release  and ignite your radiant power, love, and infinite beauty in this ceremony. 

Together we will remember your divinity, your feminine wisdom and sensual power to manifest your desires. 

Through sensual dance, prayer and journaling we will join to reignite the light of fire within that illuminates your inner Goddess– the forever beauty, forever light, forever love, forever sensual.

In this way, we align to the Queen you are, for creativity, pleasure, love and purpose. 

Ignite your ALIVENESS through the fire that burns bright within you and the grace of love that flows through you. 

The Goddess lives within you.

Ignite her through your heart and sensuality. 

jessica angileri, feminine, embodiment

Jessica Angileri is a Feminine Embodiment and Erotic Love Priestess who has devoted the past 20 years as a student and teacher of Feminine Awakening, Erotic Dance and providing pleasure spaces for conscious women. 

Jessica’s rituals, ceremonies and practices are derived from her delicious integrations of Samba, her conscious dance journey, her experience living in Mexico for 7 years and devotion to embodiment and pleasure.

She devotes her life to revolutionising the feminine and what that means, through providing conscious practices rooted in the teachings of Magdalene, and sacred spaces to guide conscious, spiritual women to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection with the Divine Feminine.

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