Full Moon Ritual Channel your Inner Queen


A moment to reconnect with your body and heart, and love yourself fiercely.

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Please note: Due to the nature of the practices, this circle is open to biological women ONLY. 

Full Moon Ceremony- Channel Your Inner Queen + Lead With LOVE


Full moons are a magical powerful time of illumination. 


This full moon in Leo is the energy of self leadership. I am encouraging each of my sisters to step into this year as a leader of her own heart.  That means owning your unique presence, your radiance  and owning where you are feeling fear to really open and soften.  Although I love choosing words for the New Year, I am passionate about becoming the embodiment of your Goddess Queen GREATness through somatic practices like sacred movement and opening heart practices. 

So we are going to use this moment to energise our QUEENdom through our sensuality, through presence and through opening the heart to allow her to lead our lives. 

We are going to sit in circle and melt away any heaviness around the heart with the medicine of cacao

And energise our love through sensual movement. 

It is a time to liberate and celebrate the wild soul that you are!

It is time to Rise as the Queen of your life!

ROAR and burn away that which has been holding you back, and that which you are reclaiming!  

When you step into your Queen self from the heart level, this is where life grants you every blessing, beauty and element you require to continue shining bright.

Join Jessica in this circle to release the heaviness and numbness  around your body and heart, to open up to the magical opportunities that await for you. 

    leo full moon ritual
    It was such a deep and lovely experience, I am so blessed to have your circles in my life!

    In this Ceremony we will:

    • Journal to face the burdens that are hiding your QUEEN GREATNESS,
    • Melt away heaviness around the heart and return to this frequency of LOVE with CACAO /or Rose Tea
    • Open and soften into your body to BECOME this great woman you were born to be through SACRED MOVEMENT
    • Allow the Full Moon Grace to pour through your body- blessing us as we move through this NEW YEAR

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    Energy Exchange: $15 USD

    It is time to SHINE YOUR LIGHT, Queen

    jessica angileri, feminine, embodiment

    Jessica Angileri is a Feminine Embodiment and Erotic Love Priestess who has devoted the past 20 years as a student and teacher of Feminine Awakening, Erotic Dance and providing pleasure spaces for conscious women. 

    Jessica’s rituals, ceremonies and practices are derived from her delicious integrations of Samba, her conscious dance journey, her experience living in Mexico for 6 years and devotion to embodiment and pleasure.

    She devotes her life to revolutionising the feminine and what that means, through providing conscious practices, and safe, sacred spaces to guide conscious, spiritual women to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection with the Divine Feminine.

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