Magnetic Woman


4 day Masterclass training


to discover the gifts of your awakened feminine


For the woman who desires for more, the Feminine way.

Please Note: Due to the nature of this training, it is for biological women ONLY. 

29th Feb – 3rd March 2024





An Activation of Your Soul


Please Note: Due to the nature of this training, it is for biological women ONLY. 

What you will learn and receive in this

 4 day EVENT

29th Feb- 3rd March 2024


manifest, magnetic, feminine energy


  • How to embody feminine energy- the way to feel vibrant and connected to intuition
  • The secret to being magnetic to anything you DESIRE
  • What are your gifts in your womanhood
pleasure, healing, feminine energy


  • Cultivating your sensuality for intimacy, aliveness and passion
  • What is the EROTIC and how it is your GIFT
  • Pleasure as your path of healing pain, anxiousness and worry
conscious relationship, love, self love


  • How your feminine blesses your relationship and Him
  • How neglecting your receptive feminine nature pushes him away
  • “Manifest” him & LOVE through your  natural magnetic radiance

Day 4: March 3rd 2024


RadiancE LIVE CEREMONY with embodiment practice:

  • Nourish your feminine soul through sensuality to expand your receiving abilities.
  • Reconnect with your feminine body for true self love
  • Honour the parts of you that have felt too much and claim it as your gift
  • Sit in sisterhood and witness each other’s beauty through our own radiance
  • A chance for you to sit with me and get a taste of my offerings

You’re invited to join my FREE 4 day MASTERCLASS 

Magnetic Woman:

The Gifts of your Awakened Feminine

This 4 day training to discover the gifts of your awakened feminine is for the WOMAN who is ready to cultivate an intimate relationship with her body, her feminine nature and her sensuality.

The woman who is ready to call in her BIG LOVE. 

The woman ready to know her WORTH. 

So many women settle for less in relationships and in life because they have not yet recognised and embodied their worth.

They have not yet claimed the part of them they have considered as TOO MUCH.

We are infinitely worthy of being held, desired, seen, cherished, and supported in siserhood, in life and in a relationship.

Are you ready to let go of old wounds and embody your feminine magnetism? 

This 4 day Training can help you if you….

  • Are curious about what the feminine is and the gifts that will help you receive

  • Feel Tired & burnt out most of the time, and don’t know how to reconnect with yourself

  • Know being in your hyper masculine is not serving you anymore

  • Want to soften into your feminine heart

  • Over give in a relationship

  • Feel scattered with your emotions and thoughts,  and pay more attention to the needs and desires of others
  • Feel shame in your sensuality and now want to express yourself fully

  • Desire to be with a man who truly cherishes you like a GODDESS

  • Know there is another way than getting stuck in the stories you are not deserving

  • Are ready to receive what matters at your heart level 

  • ​Are done feeling like you don’t matter, and comparing yourself to other women
    • Crave and long for intimacy and passion, and you want to open more deeply to pleasure but don’t know how

    • Are ready to really love yourself in a way that feels authentic

    • Are ready to create a life that feels aligned and where you easily attract what you really want

    • Are ready to feel empowered in a soft, gentle but resilient way

    • Want to embrace your feminine side (in a way that doesn’t put you in a small box)

    • Are ready to step into a guided process, and want to be part of a safe community that can hold and love you unconditionally

    YOUR BODY HOLDS THE KEY TO YOUR SENSUAL POWER, To your own healing medicine AND radiance

    Say YES to Pleasure, Feminine Connection and LOVE

    √  Connect with your feminine expression and essence for a life of ease

    √  Use sensuality and pleasure as a tool for healing

    √  Bless your masculine with your glowing feminine 

    √  Manifestation that feels aligned

    √  Know how your feminine leads in a relationship

    This training is a taste of the Feminine Remembrance Come Home To Yourself 10 Week Group Immersion

    If you desire to go deeper, I invite you to join me in my exquisite, orgasmic, pleasure filled 10 week group immersion

    Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself 

    We begin March 19th 2023

    Learn more about this 10 week group immersion where you will release shame and  cultivate safety within your body to experience deeper connection to pleasure, restored relationship with yourself and your feminine, and awaken to the power and love within to know you are your own medicinal healer and source of beauty, radiance and sensuality.

    In this way you become a magnet to the BIG LOVE. This is the feminine way to really manifest and align to your true heart’s desires.

    This 3 day Training Supports you to…

    • Learn the truth about the feminine way and HER GIFTS
    • Tap into your authentic feminine nature TO RECEIVE
    • Know what blocks you from manifesting your desires and dreams
    • Know you are not alone and it is never too late to transform your relationship with self and others
    • Embrace your sensuality and pleasure as a healing tool
    • Discover what your feminine requires to blossom and flourish in this busy, masculine world
    • Receive more pleasure in a way that is not scary or overwhelming
    • Activate self love through your sensual movement
    • Discover how to expand into a life of  LOVE
    • Invite in a conscious man for a healthy relationship
    jessica angileri, feminine, embodiment

    Jessica Angileri

    Intimacy, Pleasure, Feminine Embodiment Coach

    Founder & CEO of Feminine Remembrance: Come Home To Yourself

    Living and honouring the feminine way is not only about how you look or how you carry yourself into the world. It goes deeper than that.  It is about being in alignment with your cyclical nature, your womb’s wisdom and how you flow within life.  It is about being so intimate with your heart and the love that is pouring out in each moment.  It is about making space for all the things that make you flourish, all the things that bring you pleasure and using that to bless your emotions, your body, your pain and relationships. Including the intimate relationship with yourself.  

    It was over a decade ago when I began to dance the erotic, sensual dance of Brazilian samba that I awakened to my sensuality.  It was more than just a dance for me. It began to awaken sensations in my body. I noticed how life began to move through me. I noticed how my body started to relax and move with ease. I began to feel alive and awaken to my own desires. 

    This inner force of life. 

    For once in my life I felt like me. I awakened to the wild, primal essence that I am. I deepened into my softness and sensuality without feeling threatened by it. 

    I fell in love with me. 

    I began to feel LOVE. 

     I felt enriched by my own presence, within my body. 

    I stopped searching for love, freedom and peace outside of me and in a partner. I reclaimed this power within me, a new awakened woman became alive through me. This was the true essence of me. And I loved her. And I realised this was just the beginning of my beautiful journey of reclaiming my sensual feminine. 

    This is how I began to listen to my intuition. 

    How life began to fall into place. I found my inner sanctuary and it was in the sensuality that was so alive. 

    The place where I retrieve, in order to connect with my passions, tend to my needs and dream my visions. It shaped me from deep within and transformed me into a confident woman who always led with love.

    This is how I magnetised the man of my dreams. He was drawn to my sensual, authentic, heart. 

    My heart became awakened and she was where I deeply intimately connected with my purpose here.

    This is why I created Feminine Remembrance. Come home to yourself, with the intention that all of this can be possible for you too. 

    This is not a path of learning anything new. Instead it is creating this deep intimate, grounding space within you, to be able to go so deep into creating this loving relationship with yourself. 

    When you honour how you feel, when you attune to your BIG Love,  when you connect to your sensations and tap into your sensual self, you become radiant so effortlessly, you show up courageously for your heart, you listen so intently to your womb’s whisper, you immensely enhance the quality of your life and start experiencing those long craved pleasures, freedom, and intimacy

    So let’s say YES to a life of ease. 

    A life full of love. 

    A life full of pleasure. 

    A life where you know your WORTH. 

    A life where you give yourself permission to feel ALL and create space within your darkness to blossom as the blossoming red rose. 

    See you inside the training my beloved love!


    Love Jessica xxx

    Discover your sensual, magneitc potential for that Big Love

    manifestation, jessica angileri, feminine, divine feminine
    jessica angileri, feminine, embodiment

    Receive your FREE 7 Day Program: Erotic Feminine Embodiment

     Jessica Angileri

    Certified Teacher (Masters),  Samba Dancer, Erotic Educator, Sensual Embodied Facilitator, Queen of Love

    Jessica Angileri is a Feminine Embodiment and Erotic Educator who devotes her life into revolutionizing the way women connect with their feminine, love and sensuality. With a Master Degree in Education, Former Brazilian Samba dancer, and devotional studies of the Ancient Tantric Taoist Embodiment Arts, Jessica guides modern day, spiritual women around the world to reclaim their erotic power and place in this world with no apologies.

    Jessica weaves her innate capacity for deep feeling and sensing through the body, her love for exploring the dark feminine such as sexuality and sensuality and she brings healing and reverence around through her sacred work in her ceremonies, programs and Feminine Remembrance Immersion. 

    Through erotic movement, breathwork, meditation and womb connection,  Jessica provides a safe container for women to explore the depths of their denied and repressed aspects of their feminine to tap into their inherent wisdom, pleasure and embodied sexuality, to return to the wholeness and true essence of who they are.

    Jessica desires to see all women relearn  a loving relationship with themselves, to then experience a conscious and thriving relationship with another in the same way she experiences today.

    She stands for a world where women feel safe, alive and free in their bodies, heart, mind, sexuality, spirituality & eroticism, outside the limited and confined constructs of patriarchal femininity that has contorted women out of their innate embodied aliveness. This is why she has founded the Feminine Remembrance Immersion. 

    Discover more.